Addiction Rehab Resources for Chewelah, WA

Chewelah, WA Addiction Rehab Resources

Chewelah addiction rehab resources are there when you need them.

There are addiction problems all over Washington. The opioid epidemic hit Washington harder than other states and there has been a lot of effort to fight against it. If you are suffering from an addiction, there are many options available to you. It doesn’t matter what your financial situation is or what your availability is, there’s a program that’s right for you.

Recovery Meetings In Chewelah, WA

When you get through rehab, you’ll want to have a maintenance plan. This can includes finding an addiction counselor in Chewelah to work with from time to time. There are also group meetings. AA and NA meetings in Chewelah give you the opportunity to step into a welcoming community of recovering addicts. There is also family support with groups like Al-Anon.

Here are just some of the meetings available in Chewelah, WA.


7:00 pm
Serenity in Recovery
United Church of Christ
10 E Webster Ave
Chewelah, WA


7:00 pm
Garden Homes Clinic
143 Garden Homes Drive
Colville, WA


7:00 pm
Education Center Of Saint Joseph's Hospital
500 E Webster Ave
Chewelah, WA 99109

Addiction in Chewelah, WA

Addiction problems in Chewelah exist just as much as anywhere else. Throughout the state of Washington, there is an opioid abuse and addiction problem. There is also a high amount of cocaine, heroin, and alcohol abuse. The prescription opioid epidemic caused a different type of person to start abusing heroin.

When the government introduced new regulations to how opioid painkiller prescriptions were administered, many people stopped getting their medications. The addiction to opioids is intense and there really was no help for people. Many people would decide to go into rehab to get the help they needed but others turned to the streets. Heroin has a similar effect on the body as Vicodin or OxyContin as they are all part of the opioid family. What was once a “junkie” drug has become a very common drug of abuse.

Addiction help in Chewelah improves your chances of a full recovery by up to 60%. Trying to manage your addiction on your own comes with challenges. The tools you learn at a rehab program really set you up for success. You are aware of what is happening in your mind and body and understand that it will pass. You also get the necessary support that helps you to keep on striving to maintain sobriety. These programs, along with 12-step meetings give you valid reasons to stay motivated and keep pushing forward.

There are many different kinds of rehab programs that you can choose from.This includes inpatient and outpatient options. Rehab is for everyone. Even if you don’t have any money or insurance coverage, you can get the help you need. We have put together this rehab resource page for Chewelah so you know what your options are. This includes all the important steps towards recovery such as detox, rehab, and a long term maintenance plan.

Rehab Recovery Options in Chewelah, WA

Addiction programs are variable because everyone has different needs. These rehab programs in Chewelah are important if you want to fully recover from addiction.

Here are some of the most common Chewelah, WA addiction rehab programs:

This program is residential so you’ll be staying at an addiction facility. This allows you to get 24/7 care and fully immerse yourself in the process of discovery without distractions. When cravings occur, there’s no possibility of getting your drug of choice. Instead, it becomes an opportunity to work with a therapist through the discomfort. There are daily therapy sessions you’ll attend. This includes one on one therapy as well as group therapy.

There is a full spectrum of treatment you receive with inpatient rehab. Upon admission, you’ll have an assessment with a psychiatrist. They then tailor an addiction recovery program based on your needs. They will integrate detox into the beginning of your program. The total length of time for the whole process of inpatient rehab is about 28 days.

Private Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHP in Chewelah shouldn’t be the first form of rehab you choose. It’s best as a transition program after you’ve gone through inpatient rehab. Sometimes, you’re just not ready to go home. Also, for those who have complex medical issues like dual diagnosis, these programs can be invaluable. Usually, more time is needed to go through the mental illness and addiction problems that are associated with dual diagnosis.

The program is also effective if you don’t want to go home because you don’t feel the support is there. PHP’s are flexible and you can come and go as you please. There are up to 6 hours of treatment daily, 5 days a week. You can stay in a sober living house while you’re taking this program. They last anywhere from one to six months.

An outpatient rehab program in Chewelah, WA is your most common type of rehab. There are many different kinds available. They might be run through your church or a local government organization. You get to stay at home while going through rehabilitation which is helpful for those who still need to work or otherwise manage their life. They are a low cost rehab option and in some cases might even be free of charge. These programs are good as a step down from a more intensive program.

Intensive Outpatient Programs offer the best of inpatient and outpatient rehab. You have greater flexibility and the program can work treatments around your schedule. You’ll be staying at home and there will be family therapy to ensure your family understands how they can best support you. With IOP, your home environment is essential to the effectiveness so there’s a big emphasis on that. The treatments are done at a facility for up to three hours daily and you’ll attend three to five days per week. This is a good program to step down into for those with dual diagnosis. You’re getting more quality treatment for a longer period of time. These programs traditionally last for up to 90 days.

Detox is your first step towards recovery. There are a few ways you can go about this, depending on what program you’re choosing. If you go into an inpatient rehab, there will be a detox program included at the beginning. If you’re doing an outpatient program, you may have to seek out your own detox center in Chewelah.

Detox works by ridding the body of the substance. If you have an addiction, the body and mind have become to depend on the substance in order to function properly. Withdrawal symptoms occur and can range from mildly uncomfortable to potentially deadly. There is holistic and medical detox available which makes it safer and more comfortable. With professional detox, you’re constantly monitored to ensure your health isn’t at risk.

Chewelah, WA Treatment Options for Addiction and Alcoholism

Our Addiction Treatment Facility

Our alcohol and drug rehab treatment facility is located in Edmonds, Wa. It’s a 5.5 hour drive from Chewelah to Northpoint Washington in Edmonds. There are many flights that go from Spokane daily. The flight is a little over an hour and whatever travel costs are incurred will usually be partly or fully covered by your insurance company.

Crack Cocaine Addiction and Treatment

Is Inpatient Rehab in Chewelah, WA Right For You?

It’s clear that inpatient rehab comes with many benefits but that doesn’t make it right for everyone. Immersing into an inpatient rehab program might be helpful in your recovery but you might not have the time for it. There is also the issue of finances. The inpatient programs are the most expensive. However, you may be fully covered through your insurance company. To know for sure, you can verify your insurance.

There are other options to choose from that might work better for you. The outpatient programs might be your best choice for the moment. This includes the Intensive Outpatient Program and PHP. The most important point is that you do get addiction help.

At Northpoint Washington, we want to make sure you get the help that is available so you can fully recovery and enjoy a better quality of life. We have helped thousands of addicts do this. We offer the most up-to-date addiction recovery methods. We offer support from the very beginning and into the aftercare plan. Our facility is welcoming, our professional staff is compassionate and caring towards your needs. Call us today and we can get you started on your recovery journey.

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