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Addiction Quizzes

Do you need help recovering from addiction? Many people who are battling drug or alcohol dependence don't even realize that they need help. Northpoint Washington is here to help you find out whether your drug use requires rehab.

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This is not a medical diagnosis. These tools are provided to help you think about your addiction. If you have any questions or would like more information, please call one of our addiction specialists at (888) 663-7106 today.

Am I Addicted Quiz

When you first started using drugs or alcohol, you probably did so just to relieve some stress, or socialize with your friends.

Is My Family Member Addicted Quiz

It can be so disheartening to have a loved one whom you believe may have an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Am I an Alcoholic Quiz

This alcoholism quiz will help you understand whether your alcohol intake and behaviors mean you're an alcoholic.

Cocaine Addiction Quiz

Do you have a cocaine addiction? Taking a cocaine addiction quiz can help you to determine what your relationship with this drug is.

Stimulants Addiction Quiz

If you think you might have a stimulants addiction, it can be helpful to take our informative stimulants addiction quiz.

Prescription Drug Addiction Quiz

Taking our prescription medication addiction quiz will give you excellent insight into your prescription drug use.

Opiate Addiction Quiz

If you think you might have an opiate addiction, taking an opiate addiction quiz can help you.

Meth Addiction Quiz

When people first start using meth, they're usually doing it out of curiosity. They may wonder what the high is like, and how it compares to other drugs they've used in the past.

Marijuana Addiction Quiz

If you think you might have a marijuana addiction, a marijuana addiction quiz can help you.

Heroin Addiction Quiz

If you are concerned that you might have a heroin addiction, taking a heroin addiction quiz can help you.

Binge Drinking Quiz

Perhaps you've been binge drinking, and started to wonder if it has led you into alcoholism.

Functional Alcoholic Quiz

Taking a functional alcoholic quiz can help you understand whether or not you're an alcoholic in need of treatment.

Am I an Enabler Quiz

Am I an enabler? That may be the question you frequently ask yourself if you have an addicted loved one.

Co-Occurring Disorder Quiz

Do you have a co-occurring disorder or a dual diagnosis? Take a quiz to learn more about your condition. Find out if you need specialized treatment.

Northpoint Washington: Opening April 2019

Our facilities currently open for services:

Ashwood Recovery at Northpoint

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab and addiction counseling located in Boise, Idaho.

Northpoint Recovery

Our National Medical Detox and Inpatient Addiction Facility.

The Evergreen at Northpoint

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab and addiction counseling located in Washington State.