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Opiate Addiction Treatment

opiate rehab centerGetting professional opioid treatment is the key to recovering from this all-consuming and dangerous addiction. A quality detox and rehab program can change everything for someone addicted to these types of drugs.
Far too often, people believe that opioids are relatively safe. They may be aware that many of them are similar to drugs like heroin. But because they are prescribed, they assume they will not get addicted. This, of course, is not true at all.

While it is very difficult to recover from opioid addiction, it can be done with the right support. In most cases, that means going to a drug rehab program that addresses all aspects of the substance abuse problem. Northpoint Washington offers a comprehensive opiate rehab center where individuals can get the support and care they need to heal.

What Is Opioid Detox?

The first stage when they enter our opiate rehab center is detox for many. Opioid detox is removing toxins in the body that are connected to substance abuse. There are various methods that doctors can use to treat the physical part of the addiction, which is what detoxing does.
If the individual is using a prescription opioid like Vicodin or Oxycodone, the first step is to do a medical taper. The treatment team will put together a schedule to wean the person off their medications. This should be done slowly to allow the body time to adjust and, hopefully, minimize withdrawal effects.

Every person is different about what type of detox will work best for them and their situations. But when it comes to opioids – whether they are prescription or not – this is a vital part of the recovery process.

Types of Opioid Rehabilitation Programs

Going to drug rehab is not the same for everyone because people have very different needs. Every individual should feel encouraged to seek out the type of treatment that will work the best for them.

There are many different ways that a person can “go to rehab.” A lot of programs exist to meet specific needs, such as:

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient drug rehab is the most popular way a person can treat addiction. It typically involves a 28-day stay in a facility, during which the patient receives treatment. Many of these programs include detoxification services before starting rehab. An inpatient program is often one of the best ways to recover from an addiction. They get all the support they need, and there is no opportunity for them to relapse.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient rehab is another method that someone can utilize to treat opioid addiction. But this type of program might not be right for a person who is new to recovery. Typically, this involves meeting with a therapist regularly, and it may be weekly, at first. The problem with outpatient rehab is that it does not provide the level of support needed right after quitting the use of opioids. But it can be an excellent form of follow-up care.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs

IOP may work well for someone who needs an outpatient treatment option but who needs a higher level of care. IOPs, or intensive outpatient treatment programs, are very effective for people with addictions. They get the flexibility they need because they can live at home, go to work, and care for their daily responsibilities. They attend the program during the evening hours.

Residential or Long-Term Treatment

Long-term treatment may be necessary for someone who has a history of addiction or relapse. This is especially true for those who have not done well in inpatient programs. Residential treatment is sometimes referred to as sober living. They effectively remove people from potentially dangerous home lives and place them in a facility where they can get the help they need. Some offer their in-house treatment, and others require people to attend IOPs.

Discover How Northpoint Washington’s Inpatient Opiate Rehab Center Can Help

While an opioid addiction can be hard to beat, it is not impossible. At Northpoint Washington, we have worked with many people who battled this substance abuse problem. We know how difficult it is to be successful and have developed the right tools to make it possible for those who want to recover.

Are you interested in learning more about opioid addiction recovery through inpatient rehab? We are here to help. Please contact us by calling 888.450.2153