Making the Decision to go to Drug Detox in Washington State

There's no denying that Washington State is one of the most magnificent states in the nation.

It spans the beautiful Cascade Mountains and it's home to the incredible islands of Puget Sound. The state is home to a growing technology industry, and the culture is known as being centered around music, coffeehouses and beautiful hiking trails.

Drug Detox in Washington

Of course, deep within the depths of any state lies a community of people who are struggling with addiction. The State of Washington is no different.

In 2014, there was a reported 7.062 million people living in Washington, and many of these people have been hanging onto lives of drug addiction for years and years. Perhaps you're one of these individuals, and you can relate to feeling trapped and isolated in a life of addiction. Here at Northpoint Washington, we want you to know that we understand the challenges you're facing. It can be so disheartening to feel as though you're constantly spinning your wheels in a cycle of quitting drugs and then starting them again because the withdrawal symptoms you're experiencing are too much for you. There is a way out, and drug detox in Washington State could be the answer you're looking for.

A Closer Look at What Washington State Drug Detox Centers are Like

It's possible that while you knew about various types of addiction treatment, you've never really thought about a drug detox center as being something you should consider. Experts have found that going through the detoxification process actually helps people through the worst parts of their quit. Withdrawal can be quite difficult, and at can actually be medically dangerous for some people.

In addition to general withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, insomnia, depression and anxiety, it's normal for people to also experience significant medical issues, such as:

  • Heart attacks, heart palpitations or other changes in heart rate
  • Grand mal seizures that occur on a regular basis
  • Instances of stroke (which are caused by bleeding in the brain)
  • Visual or auditory hallucinations
  • Delirium tremens (which are characterized by shaking, high levels of confusion, and other symptoms)

Drug detox guards you against these dangerous withdrawal symptoms because you're being treated for the toxins, but you're also being monitored by professional staff who are quick to intervene if there is a serious medical issue.

In general, drug detox in Washington will involve one of two approaches - a medical approach or a holistic approach. Here at Northpoint Washington, we rely on a holistic approach to drug detox because we believe it contributes to your overall sense of health and wellbeing. Holistic drug detox will involve utilizing a program that addresses your nutritional needs as well as your need for regular, physical exercise.

There are several factors that contribute to how long your drug detox will be. It will depend on:

  • How long you have been using drugs
  • The types of drugs you have been using
  • How often you use drugs
  • Whether or not you have been using a combination of drugs
  • Whether or not you have tried to quit on your own in the past
  • Your determination to be successful with your quit

The nutritional approach to drug detox involves working on a meal plan that will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to promote optimal functionality on a daily basis. In general, most people don't get all the vitamins and minerals they need in the United States. Changing your diet can provide your body with the additional stamina it needs to not only move those dangerous toxins out quicker, but also to help you feel much better sooner.

Daily exercise is so essential to being healthy, but it's even more important when you've been suffering with a drug addiction.

When you get your body moving, you're improving your circulation, strengthening your heart and relieving stress. Not to mention, you're also flushing toxins out of your body because you're sweating. For these reasons, physical exercise is such an important component of a healthy, holistic drug detox program.

Nutrition in Detox

The Role of Nutrition During Drug Detox in WA

If you look back over your history of drug addiction, it's possible that you recognize the fact that you weren't eating enough food. It's also possible that when you did eat, you didn't eat the right types of foods. Quite often, those who are addicted to drugs will mistake feelings of hunger for cravings for drugs, and so they tend to use drugs instead of filling their body with the nutritious food its actually calling for. This can be a big problem, and it's caused a lot of people to dive deeper and deeper into their addictions.

For that reason, the first major step you'll work on is recognizing hunger pains as your body's desire to eat. When you're giving your body the fuel it needs - fruits, vegetables, lean meats and grains - you'll find that you satisfy those cravings you were once mistaking for cravings. You may even be amazed by how often you eat during drug detox, and that's because your body really does need energy in order for it to do the most essential day-to-day tasks. Having healthy snacks on hand will curb your desire for unhealthy foods, and as you nourish your body with all the nutrients it needs, you'll find that it feels so much better to be healthy. Also, toxins will be able to leave your body so much faster, which will lessen your withdrawal symptoms and help them to pass much more quickly.

Finding Affordable Drug Detox in Washington State

One of the key factors that usually deters people from finding out more information about drug detox in WA state is the costs associated with this type of treatment. Up until a few years ago, not every insurance plan offered payment for any type of drug treatment. However, The Affordable Care Act has changed that significantly. Thanks to this new law, all insurance companies are now required to provide at least partial coverage for addiction treatment, and in many cases, that includes drug detox.

The fact is that more and more physicians are realizing that drug detox is so crucial to recovering from a drug addiction.

The individuals who have received the most participated in this type of treatment are generally the ones who go on to avoid relapsing in the future. This realization has spread, and now insurance companies recognize the value in providing benefits for it.

Of course, everyone's insurance company is going to be different. Some insurance companies offer full coverage for drug detox, while others may offer only partial coverage. Even so, co-payments are generally not very large. These changes have made getting affordable drug detox in Washington State so much easier, and that means more people can finally get the help they need to overcome addiction.

Which Insurance Covers Drug Detox Programs in WA?

All insurance companies offer some type of coverage for drug detox programs in WA. That means that as long as you have health insurance, you should have benefits available to you to use. Perhaps you're not sure what those benefits are, and you're not even really sure how to find out. If that is the case, the best way to get that information is to contact Northpoint Washington to talk about your options for treatment. The person you speak with will be able to listen to your history, and based on that, he or she will recommend a course of treatment for you. It will most likely include a recommendation for drug detox. Once you receive a recommendation, the addiction specialist will contact your insurance company on your behalf to determine what your benefits are. This is great because you will not be left with any questions as to what your coverage is, and you can plan accordingly for any out of pocket costs you might incur when you get to drug detox.

It's important to remember that every insurance company is different, but you can get the information you need to know about your individual plan when you talk with the specialist.


What Does Northpoint Washington Have to Offer for Drug Detox Programs in Washington?

Here at Northpoint Washington, we're excited to have the opportunity to work with the people of the State of Washington. Our drug detox program will take place in a beautiful facility that's set in a very relaxing atmosphere. It's our goal to keep our numbers small, which is why we will only offer a 35-bed center for addiction treatment. We want you to be able to get the attention you need when you're with us, and keeping a small population is the best way to ensure that each person is given a personalized treatment plan that addresses their unique needs.

If you have questions about drug detox, or if you would like to talk with us about what your insurance covers, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us today to get more information.

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