Addiction Treatment Programs

addiction treatment programsA substance use disorder, an addiction to drugs or alcohol, is something people can rarely overcome on their own. At Northpoint Washington, we use evidence-based therapies and collaborative care to help patients heal from behavioral health issues, substance abuse problems, and co-occurring difficulties. We made every effort to create a secure atmosphere to overcome behavioral health issues, drug addiction, and co-occurring conditions.

We have a team of professionals ready to help with your drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our well-known treatment program is staffed with psychiatrists, nurses, licensed therapists, and recovery technicians to deliver care at any stage of therapy. We can reduce the impact of substance use illness in Idaho by working together, allowing those suffering from addiction to heal and recover.

Detox and Rehab for Addiction at Northpoint Washington

Everyone’s addiction history is different, which is why Northpoint Washington understands how important it is to listen carefully to every individual’s story. For successful recovery, we use evidence-based therapy and customized care.

Individuals will find we offer comprehensive detox and rehab programs covering both alcohol addiction and drug dependency. At Northpoint Washington, we help patients overcome alcohol dependency. We focus on helping them through their withdrawal symptoms during the early stages of detox and their more deep-seated issues springing from and contributing to their alcohol use disorder during rehab.

Similarly, our drug rehab programs help patients with opioids, marijuana, meth, and cocaine addiction. We use dual diagnosis treatment to address underlying mood disorders for a holistic recovery. We also offer Vivitrol as a part of a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program and a continuing care program to support individuals after rehab.

Our Unique Addiction Treatment Offerings

What distinguishes Northpoint Washington from other rehabilitation centers? We provide free assessments and same-day admission for individuals who require medical treatment. Our studies show that people who complete detox and therapy are less likely to relapse and stay sober longer if they do it simultaneously. It’s also vital to have an aftercare strategy in place once you’ve completed treatment, as well as a plan for when you resume your routine.

Some of our unique offerings include:

  • Medication-assisted detox and Vivitrol services
  • Evidence-based treatment philosophy
  • A safe, therapeutic environment
  • Highly qualified, licensed clinical staff
  • A strong reputation for clinical excellence and healthcare quality
  • Strong alumni community with local events and online social media groups
Our inpatient or residential treatment ensures that individuals get the round-the-clock attention they need. It is a way to monitor progress and health during the emotionally and physically stressful detox period. Also, our inpatient treatment ensures that individuals learn the techniques they’ll need to identify, avoid, and ultimately overcome triggers in a controlled, focused environment during rehab.

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It’s possible to get yourself in a lot of trouble if you attempt to quit using drugs or alcohol at home. Many individuals try to give up on their own, often without the aid of a professional. This can result in relapse, further drug use, self-harm behaviors, and death. Unfortunately, overdose is far more common than many people realize. The best option for detoxing and recovering from addiction is drug therapy.

Northpoint Washington offers extensive addiction treatment programs to help anyone struggling with a substance use disorder (and addiction to drugs or alcohol) heal and recover. We provide a variety of adaptable services to assist you in achieving sobriety. Northpoint Washington can help you or someone you care about overcome drugs or alcohol addiction. We offer same-day enrollment and free screenings for our inpatient programs, as well as most insurance coverage.

Don’t let drugs or alcohol control your life. Call us at 888.450.2153 to get started with a free assessment.