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Why You Might Want to Think Twice before Going to Free Detox or Rehab Centers in Washington State

Free Addiction Treatment in Washington State – A Blessing for Some

Free addiction treatment for drugs and alcohol in Washington State have become available for all. This is largely thanks to the Affordable Care Act, which makes it possible for anyone to recover from drug and alcohol abuse. The medical industry realized that addiction treatment saves the high costs of medical treatment for physical conditions relating to alcohol and drug abuse down the road. Free drug rehabilitation that is sponsored by the state of Washington like Sea Mar Community Health Services specifically target those living in poverty or with lower incomes. It’s also an option for those with low-quality health insurance that doesn’t cover private clinics. If you don’t have insurance or are unable to pay for the cost of addiction treatment, there are free detox options for you in the state of Washington. The food, level of service, or accommodations may not be as high quality as private recovery facilities have but when you need help, it’s good to have an option. There is free drug detox and alcohol rehabilitation that is provided through public mental health or substance abuse treatment centers even if you can’t afford it. There are problems within the program for free assistance so if you do have the financial capacity to seek out a private clinic, it will be to your advantage. Here are some of the reasons you may want to avoid free detox or rehab in Washington if you have other options.

Types of Free Addiction Treatment in Washington State

Sliding Scale Treatment – Fees will be based on everybody’s individual ability to pay. This is dependent on how much money any given person has. It isn’t necessarily based on a person’s wage because your expenses are also a factor when deciding how much you can manage financially. Non-Profit Treatment – Based on a non-profit organization’s status, they may offer free addiction treatment programs or charge significantly less. Faith-Based Treatment – Religious organizations often offer free drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment which is included in their ministry services. There are even those who lend out a hand with payment assistance if you qualify. Payment Assistance – A large group of treatment centers are willing to offer payment assistance based on your situation. It’s highly variable so you would need to call around to rehab clinics and centers near you in Washington.

Admissions into Addiction Treatment Centers that are Free

When you’re able to go to a private detox or rehabilitation center, the admissions process is simple. You call, you answer some questions, prove you can pay for treatment, and enroll. You can be admitted based on your needs and schedule. The free drug detox or rehab admission is much more complex. State-run programs require you to contact a center, find out what kind of drug addiction treatment is offered, check out qualification criteria for admission and proof that you don’t have money to pay for recovery. Once you’ve done all of this, you wait.

The Long Waiting List for Free Addiction Treatment in WA

It can take up to six months to get the help you need if you must rely on free drug or alcohol detox. Ironically, while you wait, there are some patients who take up places ina free drug rehab that don’t need to be there. While you wait, someone is being over treated essentially. A major issue with free treatment in Washington and other states in the U.S. is the waiting to manage your addiction. Sitting on a waiting list to get detox and rehabilitation treatment is a major hole in the system. This is especially true if you’ve had a problem with substance abuse for a long time. Deciding to make the big change is the first step and those moments don’t last forever. When the moment strikes to overcome drug addiction, being held back can cause a backlash you may never recover from. While you wait for addiction treatment, your life will likely continue to fall apart. Your close relationships will continue to deteriorate. Your financial situation will likely worsen as you get fired from your job or spend money on substance abuse, from an inability to manage your life will worsen. If your health is not optimum, it can get worse as you keep abusing substance while waiting for the day you get admitted into free detox or rehab.

Free Detox and Rehab in Washington Doesn’t Offer Desirable Comforts

Surveys have been conducted that interviewed individuals who went to addiction treatment in WA state. The individuals were asked what they valued during their time at the clinic or center they were in. The most important values reported was the monetary policies like payment options, the acceptance of their insurance, and financial support. Other values they appreciated was the quality of food and housing. Free drug rehabilitation covers costs, or makes it manageable to seek recovery, but comforts are lacking. Often, you will not have privacy and being that funding is low for these programs, the quality of service may not be at an optimum. While the caregivers are professionals, they are often overworked with many patients to deal with at any given time. The tight budgets and issues with how a free clinic is run can sometimes make for difficult circumstances. The food will not be as high quality as that of a private clinic either. Food has shown to be an important aspect in the aid of recovery.

Free Addiction Treatment in Washington State Expulsion

The programs are usually designed to last 30-90 days but sometimes, they get cut short. Because free detox for drugs or alcohol doesn’t receive a lot of funding, it’s limited. This can lead to programs being cut off abruptly. There is a common complaint from patients that they’re released before they’re ready. The reality of free addiction treatment in Washington is that there is limited capacity and not a lot of money to run the centers. This can lead to early expulsion before completing the treatment in full. Psychologically, it can set you back. The negative experience of being pulled out of treatment amid breakthroughs can cause a loss of hope. The next time the opportunity to seek treatment comes up, you may opt out even if you need it.

Free Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in WA Covers Basic Techniques

While free addiction treatment for drug and alcohol problems in Washington are good for basic support in recovery, they don’t have the new techniques and methods. Science is ever evolving and coming up with new, effective ideas to make recovery more seamless. New developments are not implemented as much in the free programs. They simply don’t have the budget to branch out and look for better options. They must keep costs down which usually means that decade old methods are still being used. While they do work, programs like the AA 12 Step program may not be as effective as the new developments today. New research of alcohol or drug abuse has allowed the medical field to create more tailored programs for everyone. You may not be getting the best treatment based on a program that was designed long ago.

Free Alcohol or Drug Detox in WA State Doesn’t Offer Medically Supervised Detox

It’s not necessary in all cases of detox to have medical supervision. In extreme cases of severe drug or alcohol abuse, a medically managed detox is necessary. With free detox in Washington, medication won’t be prescribed to take away whatever pain and suffering you go through as you withdraw. If there is a medical danger associated with your withdrawal, free alcohol or drug detox centers will refer you to a hospital prior to managing your case.

Certain Groups Take Precedence with Free Detox and Rehab in Washington State

When the Affordable Care Act was implemented, it was created for citizens that were low income or living without insurance. There are groups that will take precedence over your needs if you happen to be above the poverty line. You must apply for free detox or rehab and wait to be accepted based on your qualifications. Demonstrating that you can’t pay is a big factor. Even if you get accepted, there are groups of individuals that will get priority treatment over you. Social qualifiers like being pregnant, being a veteran, or a member of a church that runs a free rehab. For free rehab through the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, priorities for state-funded treatments are:

  • Pregnant women who are addicted to IV drugs
  • Pregnant women with general addiction
  • Anyone else addicted to IV drugs

The free drug and alcohol detox in the State of Washington is helpful for those with low incomes and nowhere else to turn. The sad part is that funding is low so services to manage individuals may not create an effective outcome. While private detox and rehabilitation in Washington may come at a cost, you can get immediate help and stop the destructive behavior in a supportive environment with every advantage.