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Opening December 2018


The Alcohol Detox and Rehab program at Northpoint Washington is a highly personalized, all-encompassing solution for alcohol addiction that offers a wide range of diagnostic, medical, and therapeutic treatments. From detox and withdrawal to psychological rehabilitation and outpatient aftercare, our program offers some of the most rigorous medical intervention and therapeutic treatment plans in the country, helping even severely addicted patients to achieve long-lasting recovery.

Program Summary

This 28-day inpatient program is intended for adults over the age of 18 with Alcohol Use Disorder. Northpoint Washington provides a unique program that features both medical intervention and holistic therapies, as well as the best research-supported traditional alcohol rehabilitation treatments.


Program Length

28 days of inpatient treatment plus weeks or months of outpatient care, depending on the patient.


Personalized Treatment Plans

Our medical staff is certified to provide dual diagnosis, analyzing any underlying causes of alcohol addiction such as mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, or depression.


Dual Diagnosis

We offer dual diagnosis treatment for patients with underlying issues such as anxiety, mood disorders, depression, and trauma.



Can last anywhere from 5 days to a few weeks. The patient will be supported with medical intervention as the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal pass, slowly transitioning into the rehab phase.



Each room is equipped to comfortably accommodate two patients for the duration of the program.



Fees and payment plans will differ according the insurance coverage of the patient. For those who do not have insurance, cash payments are also accepted.

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What Sets Northpoint Washington Apart?

Northpoint Washington is unmatched for personalized medical intervention and rigorous 56-hour per week programs that provide a wide range of proven therapeutic treatments. This methodology helps patients to overcome the difficult detox stage in the gentlest way possible, followed by an increasingly intensive rehabilitation process that features holistic and traditional treatments as well as local community assimilation activities.

Integrating local outings into the program allows each patient to come into contact with the addiction triggers and cravings of daily life in an unprotected environment. In this way, the patients and the counselors who accompany them can identify and analyze those challenges in day-to-day life that would otherwise cause relapse. Community outings are a unique part of the program that help patients to prepare for a functional, sober lifestyle after discharge.

What's Your Day One?

Are you considering inpatient alcohol addiction treatment at Northpoint Washington? If so, admission day will be one of the most important days of your life moving forward. When you're ready to leave behind the degradations of addiction and take back your life, this could be your Day One:

  • Upon arriving at the facility, your admission process will begin with the standard paperwork - insurance forms, medical background records, and payment processing. Once you are in the system, your recovery can begin.
  • First, you'll be introduced to your Greeter - another patient at the facility who has already become familiar with the way things work, where things are, and the schedule. The Greeter will give you a tour of the facility, show you where to find your accommodations, explain the general schedule, and let you know what to expect in the coming days.
  • Once you've settled in, a comprehensive medical exam will be in order. On-site doctors will examine your physical health, biosocial attitudes, and psychiatric condition. A psychiatrist will need to perform a full mental and emotional examination to determine the best medications for your current condition. After the state of your health has been ascertained, medical staff will formulate an initial personalized treatment plan and go over it with you and your counselors.
  • From Day One, your medical providers and counselors will be considering the most effective discharge plan for your case. After-care programs and the way you integrate back into your daily life will be key to achieving recovery; this important factor will remain in discussion from your very first day.

Day 1-7: Detox

The process of alcohol detox is often considered the most formidable stage of recovery. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be severe and extremely painful, often leading to relapse in an unprotected environment. Northpoint Washington offers a medical intervention program with prescription medications that can make the process easier to bear.

While detox can last anywhere from five days to two weeks, on average it is a seven-day process. During this interval, you will be evaluated every four hours to monitor the nature and strength of your withdrawal symptoms. A doctor's visit each day will help the medical staff to adjust the medications and dosage needed for your specific case. As the symptoms become less severe each day, more rehabilitative therapies will be incorporated into the process. Here are some of the treatments offered during detox:

  • Prescription medications that soothe withdrawal symptoms
  • Meditation
  • Art therapy
  • Physical workouts with a personal trainer
  • Yoga

Day 7-28: Rehab

Alcohol rehabilitation, also known as residential care, is the process of treating and healing the psychological and social factors that are linked to your dependence on alcohol. The process begins during the detox phase, but slowly transitions to 56 hours each week of intensive therapy. Your personalized treatment plan will include a wide range of activities, therapeutic practices, regular evaluations, and traditional addiction approaches. Here are some of the treatments you can expect at Northpoint Washington:

  • One-on-one counseling
  • Gender-based process groups
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Educational classes
  • Therapeutic storytelling (bibliotherapy)
  • Assimilation activities in the local community
  • Art therapy
  • Strength-based therapy

Beyond Day 28: Outpatient Therapy

Since your outpatient treatment plan has been in development since Day One, you should be familiar with the plan by the time discharge rolls around. You will already know what to expect and have your upcoming appointments scheduled in the calendar.

Like all of Northpoint's treatments, outpatient therapy is highly individualized according to your specific needs as a patient. With the help of medical personnel and counselors, you will formulate the outpatient treatment plan that has the most chance of long-lasting success for the unique nature of your personality and lifestyle. Some of the options are:

  • PHP - Partial hospitalization provides up to six hours per day, five days per week of on-site treatment at our facility. This is the highest level of outpatient care.
  • IOP - Intensive outpatient therapy is a rigorous treatment plan of nine hours or more each week of continued addiction therapy.
  • OP - Standard outpatient therapy is a step-down from IOP, incorporating a few hours each week of therapeutic treatments to help you gently transition back into a regular schedule.

Even after outpatient therapy is complete, you will not be left without support. Northpoint Washington will recommend local support groups and therapy programs to keep you grounded as you become accustomed to a newly sober lifestyle, free from the confusion and suffering brought on by addiction.

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Patients are free to bring personal items into the facility when they check in. There are some items that are prohibited however, in the interest of promoting a safe and healing environment. Below find a list of permitted items, as well as those that are not allowed.

Permissible Items

  • Most types of clothing
  • Store-bought food or drink
  • Non-narcotic prescriptions
  • Photos of family members
  • Most personal items that are not included in the "prohibited" list below

Prohibited Items

  • Personal care products that contain alcohol as one of the first three ingredients
  • Aerosol cans
  • Straight razors, glass, or any other item that may possibly be used as a weapon
  • Homemade food or drink
  • Electronic devices
  • Narcotic prescriptions
  • Porn, violent literature, or otherwise inappropriate reading material
  • Clothing that alludes to illegal substances, alcohol, sex, violence, or anything else that may be considered offensive
Northpoint Washington: Opening December 2018

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