Northpoint Washington Staff

Learn more about the staff at our amazing drug and alcohol recovery facility in Washington State.

Executive Team

Photo of John Flanagan
John Flanagan


Photo of TJ Sturges, CPA, MA
TJ Sturges, CPA, MA

Vice President of Finance

Photo of Autumn Hornsby
Autumn Hornsby

Vice President of Human Resources

Photo of Bill Snyder
Bill Snyder

Vice President, Colorado Market

Management Team

Photo of Evan B
Evan B

Corporate Director of Admissions

Photo of Amy H
Amy H

Corporate Director of Utilization Review

Photo of Brian S, MD
Brian S, MD

Medical Director, Washington

Photo of Daniel L
Daniel L

Washington Program Administrator

Photo of Jamie B
Jamie B

Director of Human Resources Washington Market

Photo of Cooper Lyons
Cooper Lyons

Corporate Director of Alumni Services

Photo of Bret Q
Bret Q

Patient Account Supervisor

Photo of Bree L
Bree L

Billing Supervisor

Photo of Haley R
Haley R

Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy

Photo of Hannah R
Hannah R

Corporate Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Clinical and Medical Staff

Photo of Dak W, CDP
Dak W, CDP


Photo of John C, CDP
John C, CDP

Primary Counselor

Photo of Kathleen S, LMHC
Kathleen S, LMHC

Primary Counselor

Photo of Loud S, CDP
Loud S, CDP

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Photo of Julie P
Julie P


Photo of Liz O
Liz O


Photo of Lani K
Lani K


Photo of Toni L
Toni L

Director of Nursing

Photo of Adrienne M, RN
Adrienne M, RN

Nursing Staff

Photo of Christian R, RN
Christian R, RN

Nursing Staff

Photo of Laura H, RN
Laura H, RN

Charge Nurse

Photo of Lisa G, RN
Lisa G, RN

Nursing Staff

Photo of Joanne W, RN
Joanne W, RN

Nursing Staff

Photo of Michelle C, RN
Michelle C, RN

Nursing Staff

Photo of Asu G, ARNP

Nursing Staff

Photo of Mary W, ARNP
Mary W, ARNP

Nursing Staff

Photo of Power C, ARNP
Power C, ARNP

Nursing Staff

Photo of Melissa B
Melissa B

Nursing Staff

Photo of Luke V
Luke V

Nursing Staff

Photo of Luis R
Luis R

Recovery Tech

Photo of Napoleon F
Napoleon F

Recovery Tech

Photo of Rose H
Rose H

Recovery Tech

Photo of Amber O
Amber O

Recovery Tech

Photo of Becky H
Becky H

Recovery Tech

Photo of Karen D
Karen D

Recovery Tech

Photo of James D
James D

Recovery Tech

Photo of Autumn H
Autumn H

Recovery Tech

Photo of Brenda B
Brenda B

Clinical Supervisor

Office and Administrative Staff

Photo of Montez V
Montez V

Alumni Coordinator

Photo of Levi S
Levi S


Photo of Sean M
Sean M


Photo of Zach P
Zach P


Photo of Mike S
Mike S


Photo of Michael C
Michael C

Admissions Supervisor

Photo of Lauren H
Lauren H

Talent Acquisition Manager

Photo of Susan C
Susan C

Clinical Outreach Specialist

Photo of Erika P
Erika P

Clinical Outreach Specialist

Photo of Whitney M
Whitney M

Assistant Director of Operations & HIPAA Compliance Officer

Photo of Stevie O
Stevie O

Client Coordinator

Photo of Tanner S
Tanner S


Photo of Jenny L
Jenny L

Health Unit Coordinator

Photo of Linnea O
Linnea O

Administrative Supervisor