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Get Help for Addiction in Washington Park, Seattle

Addiction Resources in Washington Park, Seattle

Drug overdose deaths in Seattle are higher than ever before. Northpoint Washington wants to help local drug addicts and alcoholics find treatment.

Washington Park is one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Seattle, Washington. It’s home to the world-famous Space Needle. It’s also home to the beautiful Washington Park Arboretum. And, renowned institutions like the University of Washington in in the neighborhood, too.

But, the neighborhood also has its problems. Its addiction issue, for example, is a cause of concern for many.

Like the rest of Seattle, the neighborhood is feeling the effects of Washington State’s ongoing addiction epidemic. Throughout the city, more than 250 residents die from an overdose each year. And this doesn’t even include the number of folks who suffer from non-fatal overdoses or alcohol poisoning.

So, it’s clear that Seattle residents need help. We much connect them with the resources that can support them into sobriety.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources in the area. There are detox programs, rehab centers, and Twelve Step groups. all within walking distance of Washington Park, that provide various forms of treatment.

We’ve outlined this resource in hopes that it helps addicts find the treatment they need.

Are you struggling with a substance abuse habit? Our drug rehab program or alcohol rehab program could help you get back on the right path.

Drug and Alcohol Detox in Washington Park, Seattle

There’s a wide range of detox options in the area. Each detox program around Washington Park can help addicts get drugs out of their system. 

When someone wants to get sober, this is the first step. They must rid their body of drugs before they can move forward with recovery. 

Sometimes, this process is uncomfortable. When an addict stops using their drug of choice, they go into withdrawal. Most of the time, withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant. In certain cases, they are painful. In rare cases, they can be fatal

Professional detox programs make the process easier and safer. These programs use a medical detox method that ensures the addict’s safety and comfort. Addicts are strongly advised to check into a professional facility instead of trying to quit on their own. 

Worried about the cost of detox? Your health insurance provider may pay for it. Click here to find out if your plan covers the cost of addiction treatment.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Washington Park, Seattle

Rehab facilities are also valuable for recovering addicts. These programs give addicts the time and space to focus on getting sober. They are a great place for individuals to attend after they’ve detoxed. 

In rehab, addicts spend their days going to therapy sessions and group support meetings. They talk with counselors, addiction specialists, and other addicts. Each of these conversations helps them to get a better understanding of why they are an addict and how they can avoid relapsing in the future. 

Many rehab programs are inpatient-based. This means that patients live on-campus at the treatment center for the duration of their stay. 

However, there are also intensive outpatient programs. This type of rehab allows patients to leave after they’ve finished their therapy for the day. That way, they can attend school, go to work, or spend time with family. 

Both types of rehab are valuable. Each works well for different types of people. 

Let us help you get sober. Learn more about our drug addiction treatment and alcoholism treatment programs.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most popular addiction support groups in the entire world. The organization holds meetings all over Seattle (and in nearly every other city) every day of the year. These meetings help people overcome their alcohol addictions

In AA meetings, addicts from all walks of life come together to bond over the common experience of addiction. Each member spends time sharing their story with the group and listening to the stories of others. The group offers support and does their best to help one another stay sober. 

There are no requirements for membership. Everyone is invited. Some members have been sober for years while others are on their first day of sobriety. The organization does not privilege any type of member over another. Their ultimate goal is to help each and every individual live a sober life. 

The group welcomes everyone who shows a desire to get sober. Members can attend as many or as few meetings as they’d like. Some people pop into one each week. Others attend several meetings every day. 

There are several AA meetings in Seattle’s Washington Park neighborhood. If you or a loved one is struggling with a drinking habit, these meetings could be the perfect resource for you!

Looking for a local meeting? You may want to start with one of these:

Sundays @10:00 AM
Sun Of Madison
Madison Park Bath House
1900 43rd Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98112
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Tuesdays @7:30 PM
By the Grace of God
St. Joseph Parish
732 18th Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98112
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Saturday 9:00 AM
Saturday Promises Women’s Meeting
Park Shore Senior Living
1630 43rd Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98112
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Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is another popular support group. It’s similar to AA but was developed for drug addicts as opposed to alcoholics. This organization welcomes people who are addicted to all kinds of drugs: heroincrystal methcocaineprescription drugs, etc. 

The group does not privilege one drug over another. If an individual is willing to admit that they have some kind of addiction, they are welcomed in NA meetings. The group’s members want to help everyone get sober, no matter which drug they’re addicted to. 

NA meetings operate similarly to AA meetings. Members get together to talk with the group and update everyone on the progress of their recovery. They listen to stories from people who’ve been sober for decades and offer support to people who’ve just finished detox. No one is considered better off than anyone else, as everyone recognizes that it just takes a simple slip-up to relapse. 

Both NA and AA operate around the Twelve Steps. This is a system developed to help people overcome addictive behavior. Many people think that the Steps are the key to getting sober. 

The NA Meetings in Washington Park are popular within the recovery community. Any addict who suffers from addiction should give them a shot.

If you’re looking for support from fellow addicts, you should try out one of these meetings:

Tuesdays @12:00 AM
It’s Your Day
115 15th Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98112
Suite #201
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Wednesdays @6:00 PM
So Fresh & So Clean
Denny Park Lutheran Church
766 John Street
Seattle, WA 98109
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Fridays @8:00 PM
Dope Free in the CD
Cherry Fellowship Hall
2701 East Cherry Street
Seattle, WA 98122
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Saturdays @10:00 AM
Breakfast of Champions
Recovery Cafe
2022 Boren Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121
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Washington Park, WA Treatment Options for Addiction and Alcoholism

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is another addiction support program. It welcomes alcoholics, drug addicts, and others who are addicted to dangerous behaviors. 

This is one of the most popular alternatives to Twelve Step programs

While the Twelve Steps work for a lot of people, not everyone stands by them. Some people believe that the Steps are a religious organization. This is mostly because they ask participants to find a “higher power”. Thus, many non-religious people are hesitant to join AA or NA. 

SMART offers a non-spiritual alternative to such programs. These conversations are devoid of any talk around higher powers. But, they still provide the compassion and support that addicts need throughout recovery. 

There aren’t as many SMART meetings as there are AA and NA meetings. But, there is still a handful of them in the area. If you’ve tried an Anonymous program but found that it didn’t work, you may enjoy SMART Recovery.

Here are a couple of local meetings:

Mondays @6:00 PM
Sacred Heart SMART
Sacred Heart Church
205 2nd Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109
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Tuesdays @5:30 PM
Seattle SMART
Seattle Public Library Capitol Hill Branch
Meeting Room
425 Harvard Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98102
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Wednesdays @8:00 PM
Mercer Island SMART Recovery
Mercer Island Martial Arts
2630 77th Avenue Southeast
Mercer Island, WA 98040
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Al-Anon is a support group designed for the people whose lives are impacted by someone else's addiction. Members are mostly the children, parents, spouses, and siblings of addiction. Some people attend Al-Anon because a close friend is struggling with drug abuse or alcoholism. 

Much like other support groups, this program holds free, daily meetings. In these meetings, friends and family members get together to talk about the experience of loving an addict. This situation is overwhelming, so members benefit from having a place they can go to discuss their emotions. 

Anyone who loves an addict is welcome. If your life is being affected by the drug habit of another person, Al-Anon meetings could be a good outlet for you.

Seeking an Al-Anon meeting in your neighborhood? Here are a few you might like:

Sundays @12:00 PM
Pathways to Recovery AFG
Seattle University Student Center
901 12th Avenue #122
Seattle, WA 98122
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Mondays @7:00 PM
Magnolia Monday Night Fireside AFG
United Church of Christ
3555 West McGraw Street
Seattle, WA 98199
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Thursdays @7:30 PM
Madison Madrona AFG
Epiphany Church
1805 38th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122
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Northpoint Washington: Helping Seattle Addicts Start Over

No one should have to overcome a substance abuse habit alone. The more support an addict receives, the better off they’ll be. 

At Northpoint Washington, we provide the resources addicts need to get back on the right track. We offer detox and rehab services that help people get the drugs out of their system and back into a healthy, productive lifestyle. 

If you’re struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism, we may be able to help. Give us a call today and let us know what we can do for you.

All of the content on this site is intended purely for informative purposes. Northpoint Washington does not promote products, professionals, services, or procedures. We cannot recommend a meeting, group, or organization. Readers should not privilege the information presented here over professional advice. If you have questions concerning a medical problem, call a doctor. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911. Use the information above at your own risk.

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