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The Best Drug Rehab Centers in Washington State

If you live in the State of Washington and you are finally ready to seek professional help for a substance abuse problem such as alcoholism, illicit drug addiction, or the misuse of prescription medications, one of the first things you will probably do is start to search for a drug rehab center. But as soon as you start that search, you will find that there are so many options that it may seem to be overwhelming. With so many choices before you, how do you know how to pick the Washington drug rehab center that is best for YOU? When you need drug or alcohol help, time is of the essence, so here are some tips that will help you decide upon the Washington drug rehab center that can best fit your needs.

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Tip #1 – Make Sure They Accept Your Insurance

Thanks to the Affordable Health Care Act, insurance carriers are now required by law to extend coverage for substance abuse treatment. But individual drug rehab centers are NOT required to accept every type of insurance. You can save yourself a lot of time and frustration if you verify insurance at the onset.


Tip #2 –Look for a Program That Is Empirically-Based

Addiction in any form is a disease, but you would be shocked to learn how many drug rehab centers in Washington still use outdated treatment approaches. When it comes to getting better, you don’t want to place your trust in a program that is based on someone’s personal theory. The best Washington state alcohol and drug rehab centers now employ treatment strategies that are empirically-based, backed firmly by the latest scientific evidence. This means your entire plan of recovery will be formulated to maximize your chances of successful, long-lasting sobriety.

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Tip #3 – Look for a Program That Has a Comprehensive Approach to Treatment

Addiction is a disease that has many causal factors – genetics, environment, trauma, personal habits, etc. for that reason, every treatment plan must be tailored to the individual. The best Washington state addiction recovery centers combat the disease of addiction on several levels simultaneously:

  • Mental/Emotional – Psychiatrists, psychologists, addictionologists, and other mental health professionals who provide individual psychotherapy, peer group counseling, and family sessions
  • Medical – Access to medical doctors, nurses, and specialists
  • Medication-assistance – To stabilize moods and ease withdrawal symptoms
  • Nutritional – To repair the damage done by addiction and ease cravings
  • Educational – So you can learn how best to manage your disease of addiction
  • Recreational – Offering you healthy social activities and alternative to dysfunctional behaviors
  • Continual – Addiction is a lifelong disease, so you will want to use a program that provides aftercare and support.


Tip #4 – Look for a Program That Can Treat MORE Than Your Addiction

People who abuse alcohol or drugs are much more likely than the rest of the general population to also suffer from other co-occurring psychiatric conditions, such as PTSD, anxiety, or depression. The best Washington State drug and alcohol rehab centers will specialize in the treatment of such a dual diagnosis. Getting help for both conditions in the ONLY way to move forward.

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Tip #5 – Try to Tour the Facility Beforehand

Depending on where you live, it may or may not be practical, but if it IS, it is well worth your time to visit the Washington drug rehab center that you are considering. Why? It gives you a chance to:

  • Tour the facility – This will be where you spend the next few weeks or months. You want to be sure that the place is clean, inviting, and has the amenities to make you comfortable.
  • Meet the staff – Your connection and comfort level with your service providers can be crucial to the successful completion of your treatment plan.
  • Meet other clients – The best Washington State alcohol and drug rehab centers are like close-knit communities where everyone is working toward a common goal. Seeing others who are successful at various stages of their own recovery can inspire you as you begin your own sober journey.

One last thing – If possible, also look for a rehab center that can help you detoxify from the drugs and/or alcohol that you have been abusing. Although detox is not actually part of recovery, it is an important way to prepare to get clean and sober – once you are physically free from the worst of your withdrawal symptoms, you can be mentally clear-headed enough to receive the message of recovery. Not every alcohol or drug rehab center in Washington State offers detox services, so when you find one that does, that is a very desirable added bonus.