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6 Degrees Health Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

6 Degrees Health Insurance for Addiction Recovery

People who have 6 Degrees health insurance often wonder whether or not their plan will cover treatment for addiction recovery. The answer is a resounding yes. Because of this company’s determined efforts to provide their customers with the best in services, they actually reimburse much more than people think. This alone is often encouraging enough to get people to seek out the treatment they need.

Unlike other Oregon health insurance companies, 6 Degrees Health offers their customers technological solutions that are much different. Because of their strong commitment to excellence in customer service, their customers enjoy a wide variety of benefits. Of course, this includes drug and alcohol treatment.

A lot of people do not realize that they can go to rehab and their insurance company will pay for it. Let’s talk in more detail about how this is made possible.

The Affordable Care Act and Coverage for Addiction Treatment With 6 Degrees Health Insurance

Like every insurance company, 6 Degrees Health offers their customers a variety of plans to meet their unique needs. Drug and alcohol treatment coverage is included in these plans; and this is the case even when someone has a pre-existing condition.

The Affordable Care Act is what makes this possible. The ACA is a law that has been in effect since 2010. It covers a lot of different areas, but for people with addictions, it requires insurance companies to help cover the cost of treatment. This comes as a surprise to a lot of people who may have had to cover these costs themselves in the past. Many do not realize their policies include this important benefit.

Now more than ever, people have the ability to get the help they need to recover from their addictions. What is more, they can do so without having to pay a lot of money out of their own pockets.

The terms in-network and out of network frequently come up when it comes to health insurance. But for someone who does not understand them, they can make their policy seem even more confusing.

When someone is a customer of 6 Degrees Health, it is best for them to choose an in-network provider. This means that the company has made an agreement to partner with the provider. They have set reimbursement rates, and the insurance company pays the provider directly.

When a provider is out of network, it means that they do not have this same type of agreement. The insurance company will not send payments directly to the provider. Instead, the patient typically has to cover the costs on their own. The provider can give the patient statements to send to the insurance company for reimbursement, but the rates are much different.

Working with an out of network provider can be extremely expensive for someone who is seeking addiction treatment. In fact, it can become so expensive that most people really just cannot afford it. Instead, they will continue to use, or try to find other ways to quit that do not involve getting professional help.

Working with an in-network provider simply makes the most sense. For those who have 6 Degrees Health as their insurance provider, reimbursement rates are excellent.

This is a question that is difficult to answer because there are so many different types of insurance policies. There are those who will find that 6 Degrees Health covers the entire cost of their treatment. Others may find that they will need to pay a co-pay, or a co-insurance amount. These are usually quite low because this insurance company knows how important it is for people to get the help they need. They want to do everything they can to ensure that addicts and alcoholics can still get professional treatment.

People are often confused about what their policies state when it comes to their benefits and coverage. We will talk in more detail about how to understand it, and how to maximize the benefits in just a moment.

Types of Addictions That Can be Treated With Their Plans

It can be challenging for people to believe that their health insurance company will pay for them to get treatment based on the type of addiction they have. For instance, people may assume that they can go to rehab for alcoholism or opioid addiction. But when it comes to something like getting marijuana treatment, they worry that their insurance company will refuse to pay. This is not the case at all.

The people at 6 Degrees Health are not concerned about what type of addiction someone has. According to NIDA, addiction is a complex disease, and quitting the use of drugs or alcohol usually takes a lot more than just willpower. Because of this, the problem of addiction is viewed as a whole, and there is no discrimination based on the substance of choice.

6 Degrees Health will cover all types of addiction treatment, including:

In a lot of cases, these and other types of addictions are treated very similarly. The goal is to treat withdrawal symptoms and help people heal from the root cause of the issue.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are not a one-size-fits-all situation. Every addiction is different, and likewise, the people who suffer from them are all different as well. They have their own needs with regards to treatment, and this is something that insurance companies need to keep in mind.

For the customers of 6 Degrees Health, they will find that they offer a wide variety of treatment options. They are all based on what the individual needs in order to recover. Their policies have benefits in place to help cover the cost of:

This is a great relief to most people. Some may assume that they only have coverage for outpatient programs when they know they need a higher level of care. This is not a concern at all for someone who is a customer at 6 Degrees Health.

Does 6 Degrees Health Insurance Pay for Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Another question people often have is regarding detoxification services. They want to know if 6 Degrees Health insurance will pay for them to go through drug and alcohol detox. The answer is, yes.

At 6 Degrees Health, they understand how important it is for people to detox prior to going to rehab. With all of the research that has been done on the topic, it is clear that detoxing makes a big difference in long-term outcomes. People who go through the detoxification process have a much better chance of staying clean and sober long-term. Those who do not are much more likely to suffer from a relapse.

Detox is something that should always be done on an inpatient basis. While there are outpatient detoxification programs, they carry significant risks. Any number of complications can occur once someone stops using drugs or alcohol. Detoxing can lower that risk, but it also ensures that if something does happen, help is readily available.

Doctors always carefully screen their patients before they decide which form of detox is right for them. But more often than not, they will be recommended for medical detox. This means that they will be given medications to help them recover and get through their withdrawal symptoms.

There are many different types of medications that are typically prescribed for people during medical detox. For example, people battling alcoholism and/or opioid addiction are likely to be recommended for this form of treatment. Some of the medications they may be prescribed include:

The right medications can make such a big difference. They can adequately address withdrawal symptoms and give people the best chance of recovering successfully.

6 Degrees Health Insurance Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

6 Degrees Health also offers coverage for drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, as we discussed previously. This is such an important part of the recovery process, and yet, it is a part that people are likely to skip.

Please note that unless the underlying cause of the addiction is discovered and treated, recovery is not likely. It is very important for people to get ongoing help for their substance abuse problems if they want to be successful.

People often assume that if they are alcoholics, they simply need to go to an AA meeting to get help. While this can be important at the right time in the recovery process, it is usually not where people need to start.

6 Degrees Health does offer coverage for alcoholism treatment. That includes spending some time in detox, as well as in rehab. There may even be some cases in which all forms of treatment are covered in full without the need to pay a co-pay.

Likewise, going to drug rehab is just as important. 6 Degrees Health offers excellent coverage to those who are in need of substance abuse treatment because they are addicted to any number of drugs.

During treatment, patients undergo different types of therapy. The key is to understand what caused the addiction. Once that is known, the next step is to treat the cause. For many people, this means addressing one of many co-occurring disorders. This type of treatment is also included under health insurance plans with 6 Degrees Health.

Once the drug or alcohol treatment program is over, following up with the proper type of aftercare is critical. This will also be covered for people who have 6 Degrees Health as their insurance provider.

Sometimes people wrongly assume that if they go to rehab, they will have to cover the cost of outpatient treatment themselves. This simply is not true. Continuing to follow up with all scheduled appointments is vital. For many, it is the only way they are able to stay clean and sober.

6 Degrees Health Insurance Treatment Options for Addiction and Alcoholism

Starting the Process of Getting Into Treatment

The best way to begin the process of getting treatment is to take advantage of the free phone assessments many programs offer. This allows people to talk with professionals and explain more about their addictions in greater detail. Once they do, they can get a recommendation for the type of treatment that will be right for them.

After the recommendation has been given, the insurance company can be contacted to inquire about benefits. This is best left up to the provider because they know how to maximize patients’ coverage to leave them as little to pay out of pocket as possible. Once the insurance has been verified, a date can be set up for admission.

It is very easy to get in touch with someone at 6 Degrees Health.

They can be reached by phone at: (888) 615-6398 or (503) 640-9933. Their mailing address is 5800 NE Pinefarm Ct., Suite 200, Hillsboro, OR 97124. They can also be reached by email at:

Crack Cocaine Addiction and Treatment

Recovering From an Addiction is Possible With 6 Degrees Health Insurance

It may be difficult to recover from an addiction, but it is not impossible. Insurance companies like 6 Degrees Health have gone above and beyond to ensure that the right type of treatment is accessible to everyone who needs it.

At Northpoint Washington, we want people to know that we are here to help them get this process started. Please contact us.

All of the information presented on this website is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to take the place of medical advice from a doctor, and it should be substituted for medical advice, a diagnosis or treatment. Relying upon anything discussed here is done at your own risk. Do not disregard medical advice you have received or put off getting help because of something you have read on this website. Please call 911 in the event of a medical emergency right away.

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