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Dabs Abuse, Addiction, Treatment and Recovery

Dabs Addiction and Abuse: What People Need to Know About This Drug and Getting Treatment

Dabs abuse and addiction are fairly new substance abuse problems that are plaguing our country. Getting off this drug may require a person to get professional treatment. This may depend on a number of different factors, including how severe their dependence is. But stopping this drug on one’s own can be extremely difficult.

Because dabs is made from marijuana, people tend to think of it as safe. But because it is highly concentrate, it has the potential to be extremely addictive. Stopping it can lead to withdrawal symptoms, which can make quitting much more difficult than recovering from a weed addiction.

We want people to be more aware of the dangers of using dabs. We also want them to know what to expect during the recovery process, and where to find the best treatment. That is what we would like to cover here today.

What are Dabs?

Dabs is a highly concentrated form of marijuana that produces an almost immediate high, and it is actually about four times as strong as a typical marijuana joint.

Dabs is quickly growing in popularity because its use can produce a high that mimics what was experienced the first time the user smoked marijuana.

Dabs goes by a number of different names on the street. It’s known as:

  • Butane Hash Oil (BHO)
  • Amber
  • Honey
  • Glass
  • Wax
  • Shatter

Dabs can contain as much as 90% THC, and when you compare it to even high-grade marijuana, which only contains about 20% THC, it’s easy to see why drug users are gravitating to it when marijuana no longer gives them the desired effects.

Dabs abuse is a serious problem, and it can quickly and easily lead to a dabs addiction. If you feel that you might be a dabs addict, regardless of the reasons behind your addiction, it’s so important to get the right dabs information so that you’re able to become knowledgeable about your drug use.

Dabs Addiction Information

Dabs Abuse Facts: Knowing the Dabs Abuse Definition

What is dabs abuse? What is dabs addiction? These two questions are often on everyone’s mind when it comes to this drug because they are both often confused with each other. Dabs abuse refers to the use of this drug without feeling as though you have to use it to feel more like yourself. Dabs abuse always precedes a dabs addiction, and an addiction can be formed very quickly.

Some of the more common dabs addiction symptoms might include:

  • Having short-term memory loss
  • Having problems with coordination
  • Having trouble thinking clearly
  • Impairments in your judgment
  • Feeling drowsy

If you notice any of these dabs addiction signs, and you thought you weren’t addicted to this drug, chances are pretty good that you are.

The Effects of Dabs: Short-Term and Long-Term

Dabs abuse statistics tell us that about 158.8 million people in the world use some form of cannabis. In 2014, almost 4.2 million of these people lived in the United States. Clearly, this is a very popular classification of drugs, and dabs use is on the rise as it gains in popularity.

Continuing to use dabs can have a profound effect on your body and mind, and you might experience:
  • Sensations of malaise
  • Feeling as though you don’t care about anything at all
  • No motivation to complete daily tasks
  • Problems with learning
  • A lowering of your inhibitions
  • Experiencing severe anxiety
  • Becoming increasingly paranoid
  • Becoming very depressed
  • Having psychotic breaks
  • Experiencing odd tactile sensations

Also, dabs users will frequently turn to other types of drugs as they develop a tolerance to it, which is a major cause for concern.

Quitting Dabs and What to Expect During Withdrawal

People often think that when it comes to dabs, they do not have to worry about withdrawal because it is “only” marijuana. But what they do not realize is that it is extremely concentrated. Its effects are much more potent than weed, and it can lead to withdrawal symptoms when it is stopped.

There are both physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal when a person quits using dabs. They include:

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety or feeling worried
  • Depression
  • Restlessness
  • Symptoms of insomnia
  • Feeling tired during the day
  • Decreased appetite
  • Possible weight loss
  • Stomach pain
  • Fever and chills
  • Headaches
  • Feeling shaky
  • Excessive sweating
  • People are also likely to experience cravings when they stop using dabs. Those cravings can become severe and they can make it extremely hard for people to stop using without help.

    Why is Inpatient Treatment the Best Option for Recovery?

    Inpatient rehab is often recommended as being the best form of treatment for people with addictions to dabs. This is because they are guaranteed to get the support they need to be successful in recovery.

    Inpatient programs usually encompass both detox and rehab, which is important. It is critical to address both sides of the addiction. Otherwise, the treatment is not likely to be effective.

    The best inpatient programs are personalized according to each individual patients’ needs. Every patient gets their own treatment plan and it is filled with therapies that will work best for them. With that type of targeted treatment, more people will have a better chance of experiencing positive long-term results.

    Of course, there are other ways to get treatment for dabs addiction as well. There are many excellent outpatient programs, and sometimes people do well in intensive outpatient treatment.

    What matters most is for people to get the type of help that will work best for them. That way, they know they will be able to remain compliant and have a better chance of reaching their goals.

    Northpoint Washington’s Inpatient Addiction Recovery Program

    At Northpoint Washington, we have worked with a number of people who are addicted to dabs. We know the challenges they face during recovery, and we have treatment methods that have proven to be effective. Our detox and rehab program is considered to be among the best in the region.

    Not every patient who comes to us for help will need to go through the detoxification process. But we do have drug detox available for those who need it. These patients will undergo different types of treatment to help with their withdrawal symptoms. This is a process that can take as long as a week.

    From there, our patients will move on to our rehab program, which is done under the same roof. Rehabilitation involves receiving many different types of therapy. Our patients work with a therapist on an individual basis. They also have group therapy and family therapy sessions.

    We are located in Edmonds, Washington and our program lasts for 28 days.

    A lot of people who are addicted to dabs are battling co-occurring disorders. This term refers to mental health conditions that can make it very difficult to recover from an addiction. In fact, people will often use substances as a way to self-medicate their symptoms from conditions like depression or anxiety.

    Dual diagnosis treatment is a must for anyone with a co-occurring disorder. Both the mental health condition and the addiction must be treated at the same time. This allows the patient to connect them, and it gives them a better chance of reaching their recovery goals.

    Cross addictions are extremely common for people who are addicted to dabs. This simply means that they are also addicted to another drug; for example, alcohol is a common option.

    All addictions must be addressed and treated in order for rehab to work. If one is ignored, people usually find that it is much too easy for them to return to using. We make it a point to treat all cross addictions.

    Does Health Insurance Cover the Cost of Addiction Treatment?

    Yes, health insurance companies are required by law to provide benefits for people seeking addiction treatment. This goes for both detox and rehab.

    At Northpoint Washington, we have made it a priority to work with as many health insurance providers as we can. This allows us to help more people and provide them with the services they need.

    Dabs Addiction Treatment

    Learn More About Dabs Addiction, Abuse and Treatment in WA State

    At Northpoint Washington, we know that recovering from a dabs addiction can be difficult. So many people try to do it on their own, but they struggle because this is such a powerful drug. We want them to know that all hope is not lost, and we can provide them with the support they need.

    Do you have questions about dabs addiction and abuse? Would you like to know more about your options for treatment and recovery? Please contact us right away.