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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources in Queen Anne, Seattle

Get a Better Idea of the Various Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources in Queen Anne, Seattle

Queen Anne has a few drug and alcohol rehab resources. It is an affluent neighborhood in Seattle. Unlike other more densely populated and multicultural neighborhoods, Queen Anne residents do not see as many petty street crime and thefts. Nonetheless, the negative impacts of the drug epidemic affect families just as much.

With affluence comes a greater level of secrecy when it comes to drug use, as users may fear the blow to their reputation if others discovered their addiction. However, the greatest task that users should be concerned with is recovering from their addiction. Plus, rehabilitation centers offer 100% anonymity.

With that said, family members in Queen Anne should seek help if they see any signs of addiction being exhibited. Take a look at the following Queen Anne drug and alcohol addiction resources.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Queen Anne, Seattle

There are many different types of professional alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs out there. They mostly differ in the level of care that they can provide. The level of care refers to the intensity of the program. The various substance abuse treatment programs available can be categorized into two main levels. They include: 

  • Inpatient care. This level of care is the most intense. This type of rehab program is often the first type of program that addicts are exposed to. Inpatient treatment programs take 28 to 90 days to complete and will require clients to move into the rehab facility. There, they will be under constant supervision. Clients get to enjoy all of the amenities and services provided by the drug and alcohol rehab center, and they also can reach out to medical staff at any time.
  • Outpatient care. There are many different types of outpatient treatment programs. Some of the more popular ones include Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs). Each treatment program will require a different amount of commitment. These programs are usually reserved for those with a mild or moderate substance use disorder (SUD). Some clients will also transition into an outpatient program after completing an inpatient one. 

There aren’t any specific drug or alcohol rehabs in Queen Anne. With that said, there are two hospitals in the area that offer some type of outpatient care. These hospitals will help patient detox and get through some of the most difficult withdrawal symptoms.

Queen Anne, Seattle Recovery Meetings and Support Groups

A solid relapse prevention plan should always include some type of mutual support group. Various addiction studies show that peer support plays an integral role in addiction recovery. There are various types of recovery meetings that can help solidify one’s motivation to stay sober. Check out some of the options below.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Established in 1935 by two recovering alcoholics in Akron, Ohio, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has become an international fellowship of men and women who want to quit drinking. This type of mutual support group is faith-based, as members learn how to put their faith in recovery in a power greater than themselves. It is a 12-step program, and members learn to master twelve different steps along the way. 

AA offers recovering alcoholics a place where they can safely talk about their struggles and frustrations. Members can always find a sympathetic ear at these meetings.

Queen Anne Methodist
Time: Sunday @ 7:00 PM
Group name: Queen Anne Study
Location: 1606 5th Ave W

Queen Anne Lutheran Church
Time: Wednesday @ 8:00 PM
Group name: Counterbalance
Location: 414 W Howe St

Queen Anne Presbyterian
Time: Saturday @ 10:30 PM
Group name: The Full Monty
(For Men Only)
Location: 2414 31st Ave W

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Addiction recovery does not end when the addict completes an addiction treatment program. The truth of the matter is that cravings can pop up from time to time. Recovering drug users who are under a lot of stress may succumb to their temptations. Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a mutual support group that’s available worldwide. This 12-step program helps members stay on the right track, as they help them learn how to stay committed to their own recovery. Members lean on one another for support. They share what they’re going through and how they’re feeling with the knowledge that anything that they share will never leave the room. 

There is no cost involved with attending an NA meeting. There is also no obligation to go to another one. Those who go to these meetings do so voluntarily.

New Horizons Ministries
Time: Monday @ 7:30 PM
Location: 2709 3rd Avenue., Seattle
1.1  miles away

Matt Talbot Center
Time: Wednesday @ 12:15 PM; Saturday @ 6:30 PM and 8:00 PM
Location: 2313 3rd Avenue., Seattle
1.31 miles away

Fremont Baptist Church
Time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 12:00 PM; Tuesday @ 8:00 PM; Saturday @ 7:00 PM; Friday and Saturday @ 11:00 PM
Location: 717 North 36th Street., Seattle
1.35 miles away

Southeast Magnolia, WA Treatment Options for Addiction and Alcoholism

Al-Anon Meetings

Live a life that is free from the influence of an alcoholic by going to Al-Anon meetings. This is a type of 12-step treatment that follows the same regime and routine as AA and NA. The only difference is that those who attend these meetings do not struggle with any addiction at all. Instead, they know someone who does. Alcoholism affects everyone around the addict. Family and friends often have an equally difficult time struggling with the addiction. 

Al-Anon meetings offer loved ones the support they need to get through difficult times. They help loved ones learn how to come to terms with the addiction. Members can also discuss their concerns and struggles at these mutual support groups.

Queen Anne Lutheran Church
Time: Saturday @ 10:30 AM; Wednesday @ 8:00 PM
Group name: How Important Is It Women AFG; Queen Anne AFG
Location: 2400 8th Ave W, Seattle
(How Important Is It Women AFG Is For Women Only)
1.1 km away

Edgewood Services
Time: Tuesday @ 7:30 AM
Group name: Morning Serenity AFG
Location: 1200 Westlake Ave N # 508, Seattle
1.3 km away

First Free Methodist Church
Time: Tuesday @ 7:30 PM
Group name: Denny Park Family AFG
Location: 766 John St, Seattle
1.8 km away

Nar Anon Meetings

Similar to Al-Anon, Nar Anon meetings are designed for family and friends of drug abusers. These meetings help loved ones learn how to redefine their relationship with the drug addict and how to draw strict boundaries. Many loved ones often end up developing an unhealthy codependent relationship with the drug addict. They may end up trying to shield him or her from having to face the consequences of his or her actions. Nar Anon helps loved ones see the errors in their ways. 

These recovery meetings are also part of the 12-step program, so members learn the same faith-based twelve steps as those in Al-Anon, AA and NA. Nar Anon meetings are also free to join, and anything shared in these meetings will be kept confidential.

St. Paul's Church
Time: Thursday @ 7:00 PM
Group name: Ballard Nar-Anon
Location: 6512 12th Ave. NW., Seattle
3.1 miles away

Luther Memorial Lutheran Church
Time: Wednesday @ 7:00 PM
Group name: Hope Lives Here
Location: 13047 Greenwood Ave. North., Seattle
6.4 miles away

St. Margaret's Episcopal Church
Time: Thursday @ 7:00 PM
Group name: Serenity Trail
Location: 4228 Factoria Blvd., Bellevue
9.8 miles away

Alateen Meetings

While Al-Anon is for anyone whose life has been impacted by an alcoholic, many teenagers often hesitate to go to these meetings. The reason behind this is that these meetings are mostly made up of adults. Alateen meetings may be more appropriate for this age group. These recovery meetings help teens learn how to build a healthy relationship with the addict in their lives. The addict is often a parent or someone of authority. They also learn how not to let the alcoholic’s action control their lives. 

Alateen meetings are part of the 12-step program family. Teenagers who go to these meetings will learn the same faith-based twelve steps and philosophies as those who go to Al-Anon. The age requirement for Alateen meetings will vary. Most meetings are for teens under the age of 19.

Queen Anne Lutheran Church
Time: Wednesday @ 8:00 PM
Group name: Courage To Be Me Alateen
Location: 2400 8th Ave W, Seattle
(For ages between 12 to 20)
1.1 km away

Tibbets United Methodist Church
Time: Monday @ 7:00 PM
Group name: West Seattle Alateen
Location: 3940 41st Avenue SW, Seattle
(For ages between 13 to 18)
7.4 km away

Bainbridge Public Library
Time: Wednesday @ 3:30 PM
Group name: Rock Solid Choices Alateeen Alateen
Location: 1270 Madison Ave N, Bainbridge Island
(For ages between 12 to 18)
12.3 km away

SMART Recovery Meetings

As more research is poured into addiction recovery, addiction experts have realized that faith-based meetings are not for everyone. Some people may react more positively to practical approaches to recovery. Science-based meetings like Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) meetings teach members how to manage addictive behaviors. These meetings follow a 4-point program, and teach members skills like the ABCs of REBT for emotional upsets and urge coping. These meetings also teach members how to stay positive in recovery. A positive mindset may contribute to higher success rates when it comes to long-term sobriety.

Sacred Heart Church
Time: Monday @ 6:00 PM
Location: 205 2nd Ave. North, Seattle, Washington, 98109, USA

Seattle Public Library - Capitol Hill Branch
Time: Thursday @ 6:00 PM
Location: 425 Harvard Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98102 USA

Good Shepherd Center
Time: 1st and 3rd Thursday @ 12:00 PM
Location: 4649 Sunnyside Ave. North, Suite 347, Seattle, WA 98103 USA

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