Drug and Alcohol Recovery Resources for the Central Business District, Seattle

Central Business District, Seattle Rehab Resources

This rehab resource guide is for those who live in or near the Central Business District in Seattle.

Why is this necessary? There have been many recent problems with substance abuse because of the opioid epidemic. Doctors have been over prescribing pain medications for the past decade. Opioids are in the same family as heroin and are highly addictive. Not only did doctors over prescribe, they also mismanaged the doses. This lead to excessive amount of US residents abusing the drug and ultimately becoming depending on them.

Eventually, governing bodies realized the problem and created change in laws and regulations. This created a situation where patients, who could once easily obtain the medication, to not have access. Nobody managed the tapering process for these patients. Many would seek out addiction rehab but others would keep on seeking out any opioids they could get. The easiest opioid drug to obtain is heroin. Now that Fentanyl is being used to manufacture drugs like heroin and cocaine, it’s become increasingly more dangerous to abuse street drugs. There has been an increase in opioid overdose deaths as a result.

Addiction in the District

The opioid epidemic is one problem but there have always been substance abuse problems in general. Millions of people abuse alcohol and there is also cocaine and meth abuse in the Central Business District of Seattle. Being a large city, it is easy to come by these kinds of substance on the streets. Washington is one of the states that is known for substance abuse problems. 

This might all sound bleek but the good news is, there is a lot of addiction help in the Central Business District in Seattle. If an addict is unwilling to get the help they need, you can stage an intervention to get them the help they need.   

Addiction help is readily available through detox, rehab, and aftercare plans. It’s important to get professional help. The percentage of people who overcome addiction on their own is very low. The detox process itself is challenging for those doing it at home. There are strong cravings as part of the withdrawal symptoms as well as flu like symptoms. Addiction is a treatable disease but you need to gain the knowledge and tools a rehab can give you successfully get past it. 

We have created this resource guide so you have all the information you need. Rehab options in the Central Business District of Seattle can help you stay sober for good. We walk you through what your options are and the steps you should take them in.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Options in Central Business District, Seattle

If you’re suffering from addiction, these rehab resources for the Central Business District of Seattle can help. You have a lot of programs to choose from. First, you have to decide whether you want to go to inpatient or outpatient treatments. The costs and quality are all different so do your research on what will work best for you. With every program, you will take part in various treatments. These treatments and activities are all to help you get past addiction. Here are you rehab options in the Central Business District of Seattle.

You have many options for inpatient treatment programs in the Central Business District of Seattle. The residential treatment programs require you to stay in a campus setting. This allows you to immerse yourself into recovery. You avoid triggers that may occur in your daily life while you are at your most vulnerable. 

It will begin with detox, an important part of the process. This is the first step where you’ll be eliminating the substance from your body completely. Depending on the substance, this can take 5-7 days. You’ll be getting multiple treatments every day. Every day, you’ll work through the cause of your addiction. Therapy will help you to change behaviors that will help prevent a chance of relapse. An inpatient program usually lasts 28 days but some patients may need to immerse for longer.

These programs are good for those who have already been through rehab. It’s not a program for those starting from the beginning. Also known as sober living, you’ll live in a setting where your peers are also recovering from addiction. You attend the sessions you want so you have flexibility. 

This program is a transition from rehab to going back to your home and to normal life. You will spend 30 hours a week on treatments and meetings. These programs usually last 90 days. There are a few sober living programs near the Central Business District of Seattle. There are a few options too. There are government funded, low-cost programs. There are also luxury options that include a full gym, spa, and gourmet meals.  

Outpatient treatment programs in the Central Business District of Seattle are the most common. They can be government funded or there are private facilities. These offer the most flexibility and cost the least amount. The quality of treatment might not be there and the freedom may be too much for some. It can cause relapse for those who have a lot of triggers in their day to day life. This program isn’t recommended for those with long term addictions or for those with dual diagnosis

Another option is an Intensive Outpatient Program. You can still stay in your home while getting the help you need (and reducing your costs). These programs usually entail you committing 3 hours of your day, 5 days a week. The treatments you’ll receive are similar to inpatient programs. This allows you more support and recovery than a traditional outpatient program.

You have many options for detox centers in the Central Business District of Seattle. This is an important step as you rid the body of the toxins. It takes about a week for the substance to fully leave the body. This can cause an upheaval in the body and mind because you’ve become dependent on the substance of abuse. Without it, you can’t function. 

Doing detox at home is risky because the withdrawal symptoms can cause health problems. Also, it’s highly likely you’ll relapse. When you stop using the drug, you’re going to experience uncomfortable symptoms. When you enter a detox center, you can do a holistic or medical detox. Whatever you choose, staff at a detox center will help you reduce your symptoms and prevents any risks that occur from withdrawal. 

Once the substance has fully left your body, detox has been a success and you’ll begin the rehab portion of recovery. This is where psychological reasons for your addiction will be addressed. This process lasts longer and you’ll be involved in therapy sessions. Getting into why you began abusing substances can take some time. You’ll have one on one therapy sessions and group therapy meetings. All of these things are designed to heal emotional and mental wounds. This reduces the need to use drugs and alcohol any further.

Recovery Meetings Near Central Business District, Seattle

Once you’ve gone through rehab and you’re ready to go home, you’ll want to have an aftercare plan. This is because you’ll want continued support. Going home isn’t always easy. Even if you have a really supportive family, it’s important to be around others who understand what it’s like to have an addiction. 

There are NA and AA meetings in the Central Business District of Seattle. There is also groups that support family members such as Al-Anon, Nar Anon and Alateen. If you don’t like the way the 12-step groups are run, you can always attend SMART recovery meetings. With all of these groups, there are online meetings if you can’t make it to a live meeting.

Here are some meetings available in Central Business District, Seattle.


10:30 am
Donut Dunkers
Cherry Fellowship Hall
2701 E Cherry St
Central District, Seattle, WA


6:00 pm
Donut Dunkers
Cherry Fellowship Hall
2701 E Cherry St
Central District, Seattle, WA


7:00 pm
R.I.P. In The C.D.
Unity on Union Bookstore
2420 E Union St
Central District, Seattle, WA


7:00 pm
Lovin Spoonful
St John's Lutheran Church
5515 Phinney Ave N
Seattle, WA


7:45 pm
Freedom Group
Seattle First Baptist Church (use alley entrance)
1111 Harvard Ave,
Seattle, WA


6:00 pm
Grateful On Greenwood
Salvation Army
9501 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle, WA


7:00 am
OPENING OUR HEARTS AFG Unity on Union Books,
2420 E Union St,
Seattle, WA


8:00 pm
2400 8th Ave W
Seattle, WA


6:00 pm
Seattle Public Library - Capitol Hill Branch
2nd Floor Meeting Room (near elevator)
425 Harvard Ave. E.
Seattle, WA

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Is Inpatient Rehab in Central Business District, Seattle Right For You?

It’s been found that inpatient rehab is one of the best options for your addiction recovery. Everyday, you get high quality treatments that have been proven to help people recover from addiction. Also, being in a residential setting prevents you from relapsing when you have moments of weakness. 

All that said, inpatient rehab in the Central Business District of Seattle might not be right for you. You might not be able to take the time away from your life. Perhaps the cost of inpatient programs are too high for what you can afford. If this is what is holding you back, verify your insurance to see what you’re entitled to. 

There are also other options available to you. There are many different kinds of outpatient programs near the Central Business District of Seattle. If you’re working in this area, it might be convenient for you to go to a facility or meeting during your lunch hour. You have the freedom to choose while still getting the support you need. If it’s not working for you, you can always opt to do an inpatient program. 

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