Dexedrine Addiction: What is Dexedrine and What is Dexedrine Addiction?

On the street, Dexedrine often goes by a number of different street names. These might include:

  • Uppers
  • Speed
  • Black Beauty

Dexedrine is a drug that’s used to increase focus and concentration for people who suffer from ADHD, although it’s also used to treat narcolepsy as well. When Dexedrine is used as it was intended to be used, it’s actually quite effective, and it’s been used for more than half a century. However, just like other drugs in this classification of prescription medications, Dexedrine abuse is a continual problem that plagues more and more people every year, according to some of the more recent Dexedrine abuse statistics.

You may feel as though your Dexedrine use was once within your control, but now, you just don’t feel that way anymore. If you’re in search of Dexedrine information that you can use to help you understand whether or not you’re a Dexedrine addict, this is the right place to get what you need.

Dexedrine Addiction Information

Dexedrine Abuse Facts: Learn the Dexedrine Abuse Definition

What is Dexedrine abuse? That is the question that is on almost everyone’s mind once they start feeling as though their Dexedrine use might be becoming a problem for them. Dexedrine abuse refers to the use of Dexedrine outside of a doctor’s prescription. For some people, this means using the drug without any type of prescription. For others, it means taking more of their prescribed drug than they should. Both are problematic, and both behaviors can lead to an addiction.

It’s important to recognize that the abuse window of Dexedrine use doesn’t have to be very long. This is a very potent drug, and it’s one that can cause an addiction relatively quickly once abuse has started.

Dexedrine Addiction Facts: What are Some Common Dexedrine Addiction Symptoms?

After you’ve been abusing Dexedrine for a period of time, you’re very likely to become addicted to it. It takes a different length of time for everyone because each person is unique. Some of the signs of Dexedrine addiction might be:
  • Borrowing Dexedrine pills from someone you know who has a prescription
  • Stealing Dexedrine pills
  • Altering how you take them, such as by chopping the pills into a fine powder to snort them
  • Developing a tolerance for your usual dosage of Dexedrine
  • Adding alcohol or other drugs to your Dexedrine use to change its effectiveness
  • Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal once you try to stop taking Dexedrine, or you miss a dose
  • Finding that you’re not able to stop taking Dexedrine on your own
  • Suffering with issues at work or at school because of your Dexedrine use

Have you noticed any of these common Dexedrine addiction signs in yourself? Whether you have noticed one of them, or quite a few more, if you’re showing any of the signs of a Dexedrine addiction, chances are pretty good that you’re addicted to it, and in need of professional help.

Dexedrine Addiction Treatment

Get Help Today: Dexedrine Addiction Treatment Centers in WA State

Both the short and long-term effects of Dexedrine should not be overlooked. If you feel as though you have developed an addiction to this drug, getting professional help should be your very first course of action. So many Dexedrine addicts don’t understand how addictive this drug really is, and as a result, they end up using it for a very long period of time.

Are you noticing some of the Dexedrine addiction signs in your own life? If you are, help is available here at Northpoint Recovery. We’ve been able to help so many others to overcome their addictions, and we’ve worked with several people who have suffered from Dexedrine addiction. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us today.

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