Stimulants Detox in Washington

Stimulants Detox and Withdrawal Symptoms: Stopping them Safely

Stimulants are medications that affect your body’s central nervous system. They increase neurotransmitter activity inside your brain, and they’re often prescribed to treat ADD and ADHD in both children and adults. There are different types of stimulants on the market, and they’re sold under brand names such as:

  • Adderall
  • Focalin
  • Ritalin
  • Vyvanse
  • Concerta

Some types of stimulants are milder than other types, and the doses that are given by doctors are rarely big enough to make addiction a concern. However, when more than the prescribed dosage is taken, when the medication is taken too frequently, or when it’s taken when it’s not prescribed, stimulants can become very addictive. Quite often, college students will borrow their friends’ stimulants to help them stay awake and focus while they study. In cases like these, stimulant addiction is imminent.

If you have a stimulant addiction, it’s important for you to know what you should do next. The last thing you should attempt is to quit using them on your own. Doing so can lead to many harmful side effects and stimulant withdrawal symptoms. Stimulant detox is available for you to assist you as you seek recovery.

Learn More About Stimulant Withdrawal Symptoms

Stimulant withdrawal looks different in everyone. That’s because there are a lot of factors that determine what your withdrawal experience will be like. It all depends on your metabolism, how much of the drug you were using, how often, and for how long.

Some of the most common stimulant withdrawal symptoms include:

  • An overwhelming feeling of sadness
  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Feeling jittery inside
  • Hallucinations or delusions
  • Impairments in your memory
  • Either hypersomnia or insomnia
  • A slower heart rate

Sometimes when stimulants are stopped abruptly, people can have even more severe reactions during stimulant withdrawal. Almost constant cravings for drugs are generally present, and you may become depressed to the point of being suicidal, or you may become paranoid and act out on your paranoia.

Choosing to stop your use of stimulants is absolutely the best thing you could do for your health and your future. However, it’s really important to stop using them the right way by going through stimulant detox, which can minimize these symptoms.

How Long Does Stimulant Withdrawal Last?

If you choose to stop using stimulants on your own, the stimulant withdrawal timeline can look as though it’s very long to you. It takes quite some time for these drugs to get out of your system, and their continued presence is what prolongs stimulant withdrawal.

Some people find that they feel better faster than others. Your stimulant withdrawal timeline might look similar to this:

  • During the first three days: Withdrawal symptoms can begin, and include fatigue and body achiness, as well as a general feeling of unhappiness.
  • During days four through ten: Your stimulant withdrawal symptoms are likely to peak during the middle of this time, after which point you should start to get some relief from the physical symptoms. You might still experience some occasional spikes in their severity.
  • Days eleven through seventeen: Symptoms continue to lessen, and insomnia may be persistent, and lead to hypersomnia or chronic fatigue.
  • Days eighteen through thirty: Mild symptoms may be present, but should be fading. Depression and cravings may continue, along with insomnia.
  • Month two and beyond: It is not uncommon for depression and cravings to get much better, and then show up unexpectedly. This may randomly occur for the next several weeks or months.

Stopping your use of stimulants on your own can be so hard, which is why many people end up relapsing. The safest way to stop is to choose a stimulant detox center to help you.

Does Rapid Drug Detox Work for Stimulant Addiction?

If you have a stimulant addiction, rapid drug detox is actually the preferred method of quitting. You can choose from medical detox and natural or holistic drug detox. Different centers hold different views on medical detox and its effectiveness for long-term success in recovery.

During medical detox, patients take detox medicine that is used to aid in their withdrawal symptoms. The drug detox pills are very effective, and almost all patients feel relief almost right away. However, the effects of them don’t last long, and they can cause withdrawal symptoms of their own once they’ve been stopped.

Natural drug detox is becoming the method of choice for so many stimulant detox centers because it has a higher rate of success. When using natural drug detox, you’re allowing your body to do what it was designed to do, and purge toxins naturally. This is done through diet and exercise, and the results are much more promising than medical detox.

Quitting on Your Own with At Home Detox or Drug Detox Kits

At home detox or drug detox kits are some ways that many people choose to stop using stimulants. Drug detox kits are found in a lot of pharmacies, and at home detox can be done using many different methods available online. However, both of these have a number of problems associated with them.

When you choose these at home detox methods, you’re not able to have access to the medical care you may need in case of an emergency. You’re also very likely to not receive additional addiction treatment, and so your chances of recovering successfully are very small.


Choosing the Best Stimulant Detox at Northpoint Washington

Here at Northpoint Washington, we want you to know that we understand how serious your addiction is to these powerful drugs. A stimulant addiction is a serious problem for you, and you’re eager to do what you need to do to get off these drugs so you can get your life back.

It’s not easy to admit to being addicted to drugs like stimulants. If you’re ready to talk with someone in more detail about how stimulant detox can assist you in the recovery process, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us.