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26 12, 2018

Amanda Bynes: 4 Years Sober!

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DISCLAIMER: Amanda Bynes’ history of odd behavior and personal struggles have been well-documented, both in the media and her own social media accounts. Now, for the first time, the former teen star is talking about the real reasons why she lost control over her own life. Almost a decade ago, actress Amanda Bynes suffered an extremely public meltdown.  She [...]

25 12, 2018

The Challenges of Recovery During the Holidays

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"Though the holiday season is a festive time, and alcohol can be an ever-present element of the festivities, it can also be an emotionally painful time for many." ~ Robert Castan, co-founder of Northpoint Recovery featured in Idaho Statesman Recently, Robert shared an article he wrote about how holiday stress can affect and trigger addiction. Through his own personal experiences, [...]

26 09, 2018

The Dark Night Of The Soul: A Survival Guide

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“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” ~ Robert Frost Are You Going Through The Dark Night Of The Soul? If you have found your way to this article, it is probably because you think you might be going through what is often referred [...]

25 09, 2018

Guns N’ Roses Slash on Overcoming Addiction

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DISCLAIMER: As a member of the “most dangerous band in the world”, Slash and the other members of Guns N’ Roses lived a well-documented rock & roll lifestyle that included heavy drinking and drug use. This is an effort to use what we know about Slash’s substance abuse struggles and eventual recovery to help other people who are fighting [...]

18 08, 2018

The Power of Positive Thinking in Recovery

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Positive thinking can enhance the effectiveness of addiction treatment. It can also increase your chances of getting sober and staying abstinent. After all, addiction recovery is a battle of wits, patience and perseverance. Your mental frame and state will make a huge difference in your results. A change in mood and mindset can affect your behavior. It'll factor into [...]

22 12, 2017

10 Tips to Stay Sober On New Year’s Eve

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November and December could easily be considered the most alcohol-infused pair of months for the entire year. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve all nearly within the same month, the holiday season makes for an alcohol-heavy time of year. TIME Magazine, among many others, report New Year’s Eve as one of the most booze-fueled holidays of the year. [...]

14 12, 2017

DTR: Addressing Addiction in Your Closest Relationships

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Directly addressing addiction in our closest relationships can often seem overwhelming. But if you are in a close relationship with someone struggling with alcoholics or drug addiction, you should know that you are not alone. In fact, both alcoholism and drug addiction are extremely prevalent within the United States. Over 23 million people need treatment for alcohol or drug [...]

4 12, 2017

Meditation – A Necessary Ingredient In The Recipe Of Recovery

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The Eleventh Step – Seeking A Conscious Contact With God Through Prayer And Meditation If you are working a 12-Step program, even if you’re an agnostic or atheist, you know what is required of the Eleventh Step. It states, “We sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, praying only for knowledge of His will [...]

27 11, 2017

Study compares Vivitrol and Suboxone

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Has the time come for Vivitrol to become the “go-to” addiction treatment of choice? According to a brand-new study published just this month in The Lancet, Vivitrol is even better at preventing relapse than buprenorphine-based Suboxone. After a six-month study, results showed that compared to patients receiving Suboxone, patients given Vivitrol relapsed at a lower rate – 52% to [...]

21 11, 2017

How Suboxone Treatment Works

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If you’re addicted to opioids – whether you’re hooked on heroin or legal prescription opioids like Hydrocodone or Oxycontin – you know how devastating this addiction can be. Opioid addiction causes major health problems and makes managing the basic responsibilities that come with everyday living almost impossible. Chances are, you’ve tried just about everything to kick your addiction to [...]