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Side Effects of Methadone

a person sweats possibly dealing with side effects of methadone

For individuals struggling with opioid addiction, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can be an effective tool in their recovery journey. Methadone is one of the medications used in MAT, but like any medication, it comes with potential side effects. It’s essential to understand what methadone is used for and the side effects of methadone before starting treatment.

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What Is Methadone Used For?

Methadone is a synthetic opioid medication that is primarily used to treat moderate to severe pain and opioid addiction. When taken as prescribed, it can reduce withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings, allowing individuals to focus on recovery without the overwhelming need to use opioids.

Methadone is taken orally, usually as a liquid, and is available in various doses. A healthcare professional will determine the appropriate dosage based on an individual’s opioid use history and other factors.

Side Effects of Methadone

Like any medication, methadone can cause side effects. The severity of side effects can vary based on the individual and their dosage. Some of the most common side effects of methadone include:

  • Nausea and vomiting – This can be severe in some cases and lead to dehydration and other health issues if not properly managed.
  • Constipation – Opioid medications can slow down the digestive system, leading to constipation. Methadone is no exception, and individuals taking this medication may experience constipation, which can cause discomfort and even pain.
  • Respiratory depression – Methadone, like other opioids, can cause respiratory depression. This means that breathing can become slow and shallow.
  • Dizziness and drowsiness – Methadone can cause dizziness and drowsiness, which can impair an individual’s ability to drive or operate machinery. It’s essential to avoid these activities until you know how methadone affects you.
  • Reduced libido – Methadone can reduce sex drive or cause erectile dysfunction in men. It’s essential to speak with a healthcare professional if this side effect is persistent or bothersome.
  • Sweating – Methadone can cause excessive sweating, which can be bothersome for some individuals.
  • Skin rash – Some individuals may experience a skin rash while taking methadone. It’s essential to speak with a healthcare professional if you experience a rash, as it can be a sign of an allergic reaction.

It’s essential to note that not everyone experiences side effects while taking methadone. However, if you experience any of the above symptoms, it’s essential to speak with a healthcare professional. They may adjust your dosage or recommend other treatment options.

Vivitrol: An Alternative Treatment at Northpoint Washington

Methadone is a valuable tool in the treatment of opioid addiction. Still, it’s not the only option available. At Northpoint Washington, we offer a range of addiction treatment programs, including medication-assisted treatment with Vivitrol.

Vivitrol is an injectable medication that works similarly to methadone, reducing drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms. However, unlike methadone, Vivitrol is not an opioid and has a lower risk of abuse or dependence.

Some individuals may prefer Vivitrol to methadone because it does not cause the same side effects, such as respiratory depression or constipation. However, it’s essential to speak with a healthcare professional to determine the best treatment option for your unique needs.

At Northpoint Washington, we offer a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Our team of healthcare professionals works with each patient to develop an individualized treatment plan that includes a range of therapies and services, such as group therapy, one-on-one counseling, and strength-based therapy. We understand that addiction is a complex disease that requires personalized care, and we’re committed to providing high-quality care in a safe and supportive environment.

We understand that addiction treatment is just the first step in the recovery journey. That’s why we offer a variety of services to ensure that our patients have the support they need after leaving our facility. We believe in providing a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment, and we’re committed to helping our patients achieve a full and lasting recovery. Contact us at 888.450.2153 today.