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Inspire CEU Training


Continuing Education & Professional Development Events

Presented by Northpoint Recovery



Northpoint Recovery is an accredited recovery center with multiple inpatient & outpatient locations accross the Northwest. Northpoint offers a full continuum of care for the treatment and rehabilitation of substance use disorder and outpatient level care for mental health disorders while living the 4 Core Values of: Humility, Heart, Inspiration and Conviction. Northpoint staff and Inspire! contributers share a partnership in fulfilling the Northpoint mission to Save Lives & Restore Relationships for a vulnerable, yet resilient population.


Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm (Mountain Standard Time) Place: Zoom Meeting (Calendar Invitation Provided) Credit: 1 CEU/Session (CMEs Approve by State) Join us for monthly online CEU sessions delivered by Northpoint Staff and community partners that will leave you refreshed and INSPIRED!


05.21 – Adolescent Mental Health

Amy O, RN & Derek A, PA Discuss challenges and successes in treating the adolescent population.

06.18 – Culture Sensitivity: Part 2

Cassie & Jessica explore the topic of culture sensitivity in the 2nd installment of this two part series.

07.16 – Opiates & Pain Management

Dr. Rick Y and Dan S, RN dive into the highly charged topic of opiate addiction and pain management.

08.20 – Spiritual & Religious Ethics

Daniel G, LMSW & Stephanie explore key ethical issues in working with spiritual and religious values in counseling.

09.17 – Suicide Risk

Gaylee & Dakotah present a comprehensive primer on assessing and managing suicide risk

10.15 – DBT Skills

Heidi and Chelsea will teach effective instruction & implementation skills for DBT.

11.05 – Working with Veterans

Dan A & Erika L discuss the challenges and benefits of working with younger veterans between the ages of 18 – 50.


Visit to learn more about Northpoint Recovery and their core values. For questions about Inspire CEU training events please call: Susan Cherry, BA, SUDP – Clinical Outreach Specialist Cell: 206-678-5919