Sleep Aid Rehab in Washington

Sleep Aid Rehab in Washington: The Treatment You Need for Addiction

When you consider that you spend about a third of your life asleep, you can see how important it is for you to get a good night’s rest each night. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a lot of different problems, including health issues and even disciplinary action if you fall asleep while you’re at school or work. It’s safe to say that sleep is vital to our existence, and this is why sleep aids are so popular. When asked, most people will admit that they don’t believe they get the amount of sleep they need. As a result, they turn to over the counter sleep aids to help them fall asleep faster, and sleep longer.

When sleeping aids are used on an occasional basis, as they were intended to be used, they can be very helpful. However, when they are abused, they can cause a great deal of problems. Sleeping aids are never supposed to be used on a long-term basis, and when they are, or when they’re taken in higher dosages, an addiction can result.

Do you think you may be addicted to sleep aids? If so, please be advised that this is such a dangerous addiction, and it can have devastating consequences for your health and well-being. Sleep aid rehabilitation can provide you with the help and support you need to overcome this addiction, and sleep aid addiction help is highly recommended if you have not been able to stop using these drugs on your own.

Sleep Aid Rehab Centers in Washington: Signs that You’re Addicted

It’s possible that you regularly use sleep aids, but you’re not really sure you’d call yourself addicted. This is a common thought for those who actually are addicted to sleep aids. To them, it doesn’t seem as though it’s an addiction because the medications are purchased without a prescription, and the thought is that they must be relatively safe if they’re available without a prescription.

This is the perception, but unfortunately, it’s false. You may be addicted to sleep aids if you:

  • Have had problems being able to keep up with your normal responsibilities at home or at school
  • Have used sleep aids when you were going to do something dangerous, like drive your car
  • Have used sleep aids and gotten into legal trouble as a result
  • Have noticed that your sleep aids use is impacting your relationships
  • Have had to increase how much of your sleep aids you’re using because the current dosage is no longer as effective

Sleep Aid Rehabs in WA: Can You Try to Quit Without Sleep Aid Addiction Treatment?

You can try to stop using sleep aids on your own without help from sleep aid rehabs, but this practice is highly discouraged for a number of reasons. For one, you are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking sleep aids, and these can be devastating to you. The severity of your symptoms will depend on which drugs you’ve been using, and how much you’ve been taking. However, you might experience:

  • Intense cravings for sleep aids that cause you to go back to using
  • Becoming very irritable and angry
  • Feeling nervous or anxious
  • Having bouts of insomnia
  • Experiencing convulsions or seizures
  • Onset of delirium

Sleep aid rehabs are equipped to help you cope with these withdrawal symptoms, and even minimize their effects.

Sleep Aid Rehab Facilities in Washington State: How Much Does Sleep Aid Rehab Cost?

It is a common thought that it must be really expensive to go to sleep aid rehab, which is why so many people fail to even inquire about going. This idea is false, and it really isn’t expensive at all to get professional help for a sleep aid addiction. In fact, if you have health insurance, you’re likely to find that it is covered in full. At the very least, you may have to pay a small copayment amount, but this should be minimal.

You may be thinking that this is quite a change from what you thought you knew about sleep aid rehab, but it’s because of the Affordable Care Act, which requires all health insurance companies to provide coverage for addiction treatment.

Choosing Inpatient Sleep Aid Rehab in WA State

Inpatient sleep aid rehab is your best option when it comes to getting help for your addiction to these dangerous medications. When you go to inpatient sleep aid rehab, you’re able to take advantage of the various treatment methods they have to offer their patients, and these might include:

  • Individual counseling sessions to help you understand why you became addicted
  • Group therapy sessions to allow for peer input and sharing
  • Therapeutic activities that help you build important skills
  • Relapse prevention that will help you stay on the path to recovery
  • Family sessions so that your family can be involved in your recovery as much as possible

Northpoint Washington: Offering Sleep Aid Treatment Centers in WA

A sleep aid addiction is really hard to overcome when you try to do it on your own. That’s because of how severe your withdrawal symptoms are likely to be. You’ve come to depend on sleep aids for your survival, and this is not a good way to live your life. Recovery might seem to be impossible for you at this point, but please be assured that with the right professional support through sleep aid rehab programs, it is very possible, indeed.

At Northpoint Washington, we’ve worked with so many people who have suffered from addictions to sleep aids. They felt as helpless and hopeless as you do right now. For them, they thought that they would be stuck using them forever, and we were able to help them quit successfully. Sleep aid treatment programs can work wonder for you as well. If you would like to find out more, please contact us right away.