PCP Rehab in Washington

PCP Rehab in Washington State: Your Recovery Options Explained

PCP is a drug that was first developed as an anesthetic to be used during surgical procedures. However, it was found that while patients were in recovery, they often experienced delusions and bouts of mania. As a result, PCP was discontinued as a medication in 1965.

PCP acts a lot like alcohol and tranquilizers in the brain. Today, it is available on the streets, and people use it because of the trance-like state it produces. Many users report having out of body experiences when they’re on PCP, and using it for long periods of time can result in feeling permanently removed from everything and everyone around you. Some of the street names that are used for PCP include:

  • Rocket Fuel
  • Embalming Fluid
  • Killer Weed
  • Wack
  • Ozone
  • Angel Dust

A PCP addiction is very dangerous, both physically and mentally. If you’re addicted to PCP, it’s important to get help for your addiction so that you can stop taking it safely. PCP rehabs offer you the assistance you need so that you can avoid going through an addiction cycle and relearn how to live your life without being dependent on any type of substance.

PCP Rehab Centers in Washington State: What to Look for PCP Rehab Facilities

Perhaps you recognize the importance of PCP rehabilitation, but you’re just not sure what to look for when you’re searching for PCP treatment programs. The following list will offer you some assistance:

  • Look for facilities that will readily tell you what their success rate is
  • Look for facilities that have a high staff to patient ratio
  • Look for rehabs that offer various types of counseling to meet your needs
  • Look for accredited facilities only
  • Look for treatment programs that offer group therapy in addition to individual therapy sessions

PCP Addiction Treatment in WA State: How Much Does PCP Rehab Cost?

Going to PCP treatment centers does not have to be a drain on you financially. Many people still believe that they will have to pay for it out of their own pockets, but if you have health insurance, this is not true at all. Your health insurance may even cover the entire cost of your PCP addiction treatment, which is such a great benefit of the Affordable Care Act.


PCP Rehab Programs in WA: Finding Inpatient PCP Rehab that Works

Going to PCP treatment centers is an investment in your recovery, and so it makes sense that you would want to be sure you’ve chosen the right kind of PCP addiction help.

Here at Northpoint Washington, we understand the serious nature of your PCP addiction, and we’ve been able to successfully help many others stop their use of PCP completely. We would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you about how we can assist you as you make this important, life-changing decision. Please contact us today to learn more.