Lexapro Rehab in Washington

Lexapro Rehab in WA State: Relearning Life with Recovery

Lexapro also goes by the name escitalopram. It is an SSRI that has been around since 2002, and it’s used to improve mood and reduce anxiety. Doctors prescribe it when patients present with depression or anxiety, and it can also be used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder. Lexapro can also be sold under the brand names Nexito and Cipralex.

Lexapro is normally not considered to be an addictive drug. For that reason, doctors will frequently keep their patients on it for a very long time if they feel they’re benefiting from it. Those who have mental health disorders are also at a high risk for addiction, so it makes sense that many of them can form a psychological addiction to this drug.

Perhaps you can relate to that, and you’ve found yourself feeling as though you need Lexapro in order to feel normal during the day. You may have even tried to increase your dosage on your own, without consulting your doctor first, or even crush the pills to snort them and get faster results. These are all indicators of a Lexapro addiction. Help is available for you if you’re suffering with a Lexapro addiction through Lexapro rehab programs that are designed to specifically treat it.

Lexapro Treatment Centers in WA vs. Quitting the Drug on Your Own

Stopping Lexapro on your own is never recommended because it can cause withdrawal symptoms that are difficult to manage. Sometimes these symptoms can be relatively mild, but as the recovery period progresses, they often increase in intensity. Lexapro withdrawal symptoms might include:

  • Body aches and pains like you have the flu
  • Dramatic changes in your mood
  • Difficulty sleeping at night and fatigue during the day
  • Rebound symptoms of anxiety or depression
  • Cravings for Lexapro to get relief

Stopping the use of a medication like Lexapro can be accomplished, but it’s something that should only happen under the watchful care that’s available at Lexapro treatment programs. That way, the drug can be tapered down and any serious withdrawal symptoms can be managed appropriately.

Lexapro Rehab Cost in Washington State: Will Insurance Cover it?

Fortunately, many Lexapro rehab facilities are starting to accept a multitude of health insurance policies. However, it’s important to find out how much your health insurance will cover. Everyone in the United States should have health insurance, and each policy now has benefits that cover this type of addiction treatment. This is due to healthcare law changes over the past few years, and these changes have made it possible for so many people to get the help they need.

In order to determine your level of coverage, it’s wise to talk with someone from a Lexapro rehab center to begin the process of admission over the phone. Quite often, they are able to maximize your benefits so that you end up paying very little for it on your own.

Relearn Your Life in Inpatient Lexapro Rehab in Washington

Because Lexapro is often prescribed for long-term use, it’s probably very difficult for you to imagine living without it. That’s one of the reasons inpatient Lexapro rehab is recommended for those who want to stop using it so they can recover from the addiction.

It’s challenging to relearn how to live your life without being dependent upon any type of medication; especially one that you’ve been taking for quite some time. Although, it is possible. Lexapro rehab centers offer you practical guidance and solutions to help you learn what your life looks like without an addiction, and this is done through:

  • Group counseling and therapy sessions
  • One-on-one counseling sessions with a therapist
  • Family sessions with your loved ones
  • Relapse prevention guidance and treatment
  • Therapeutic activities and events

Lexapro Rehab in WA State Offers Hope for Recovery

For the longest time, you may have felt like any hope you once had for a successful recovery from Lexapro was gone. However, that is not the case at all. There is hope for your recovery, and whether you’ve always wanted to go back to school and finish your degree, or you’re interested in having the ability to begin working in a new career field, you can get the help you need to accomplish your goals.


The Best Lexapro Addiction Treatment in Washington is Found at Northpoint Washington

There is a very good reason why Northpoint Washington is considered to be one of the top Lexapro rehab centers in the region. We have taken a lot of time to create a Lexapro rehabilitation program that speaks to the needs of our patients. We understand how you feel if you became addicted to Lexapro on accident, and now that you want to stop taking it, you might be afraid of what could happen.

In the hands of caring professionals, your Lexapro recovery is possible, and we’re committed to working closely with you to make it a reality. If you would like more information about Lexapro rehabs in Washington at Northpoint Washington, please contact us today.