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Dilaudid Rehab in WA State: Specialized Addiction Assistance

One of the problems with prescription medications is that people tend to believe that they’re not dangerous because they’re given by doctors. This fact alone contributes to the danger associated with these drugs. Prescription drugs are just as hazardous as illegal drugs, and they’re definitely just as addictive.

Dilaudid is a prescription medication that’s often prescribed to help with pain. It’s eight times stronger than morphine, and its chemical name is Hydromorphone. Dilaudid causes a sense of euphoria, and even when it is used according to the instructions, it’s possible to develop an addiction to it in as little as two weeks. On the street, Dilaudid is called Dillies, Dust or just simply, D.

If you’re addicted to Dilaudid, it’s important for you to know that this is a medication that can have profound negative consequences on you, both physically and mentally. The short and long-term effects can cause serious issues, which is why it’s so important to get help for your addiction right away through a Dilaudid rehab.

Dilaudid Rehab Centers in Washington State: How a Dilaudid Addiction Forms

When you use Dilaudid, it works by dulling pain in the receptors in your spinal cord and brain. As the pain you’re experiencing is relieved, Dilaudid also causes a sense of euphoria. The pain reliefs and the euphoric feeling that results are both what lead people back to using Dilaudid.

Once you’ve taken Dilaudid for a short period of time, you’re likely to find that you’re developing a tolerance to it. It might take more of the medication to help you feel the same effects, and so you increase your dosage. Doing so can quickly lead to an addiction, which means you’ve become dependent upon Dilaudid just so you can feel normal.

You may have tried to stop using Dilaudid, but found that you weren’t able to because you developed withdrawal symptoms. Once this occurred, you went back to using to get some relief from those symptoms. It can feel like you’re stuck in your addiction, but please rest assured that you’re not. Getting professional help through Dilaudid rehabilitation can help you achieve addiction recovery.

Dilaudid Rehabilitation in WA: Recognizing You Have an Addiction

Maybe you’ve been using Dilaudid for a period of time, but you’re really not all that sure that what you have would be characterized as an addiction that requires Dilaudid treatment centers in order to recover.

Some signs of Dilaudid addiction include:

  • Feeling like your current dosage isn’t working anymore
  • Mixing your medication with other drugs or alcohol for an enhanced effect
  • Experiencing anxiety, insomnia or dizziness when you take Dilaudid
  • You’re purchasing your medication on the street instead of getting it from a prescription
  • You feel like you have to take it just to feel normal

If you can relate to any of the above, it’s highly likely that you need professional treatment. Dilaudid rehab facilities are specifically trained to handle this type of addiction, and everything that goes with all stages of recovery. You’ll be able to get the help you really need.

Choosing Inpatient Dilaudid Rehab in WA State for Dilaudid Addiction Help

Inpatient Dilaudid rehab is recommended for anyone who has an addiction to this medication. A Dilaudid addiction can be very dangerous in the short-term, but as you take it longer, some long-term effects may surface that make it imperitative that you get help right away. Some of the long term effects of Dilaudid may include:

  • Respiratory problems or even arrest
  • Auditory or visual hallucinations
  • Onset of seizures
  • Diagnosis of hypertension
  • Feelings of paranoia

Inpatient Dilaudid rehab is crucial when you want to stop using Dilaudid because you need the higher level of support that you get with this type of Dilaudid addiction treatment. Depending on how long you’ve been taking Dilaudid, and how much you’ve been taking each time, you may find that you need to go through a detoxification period and get weaned off the medication. Everyone’s experience is different, but it helps to be in a controlled medical environment where you can be monitored for withdrawal symptoms and any complications that might occur.


Dilaudid Rehabs in Washington: Northpoint Washington for Dilaudid Addiction Treatment

An addiction to Dilaudid can ruin your health and your life. Perhaps you’ve been addicted to it for a long time, and you’re ready to find out how Dilaudid treatment programs can help you stop. Or, maybe your addiction is still fairly new, but you realize it’s there, and you’re interested in knowing if Dilaudid rehab programs are the right solution for you. It’s important to get your questions answered so you know how to proceed.

Here at Northpoint Washington, we’ve had the opportunity to help many other people who have suffered with addictions to Dilaudid. We’re confident that we can help you, and we’re determined to provide you with all the support you need. To learn more, or to get your questions about Dilaudid rehab cost answered, please contact us.

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Northpoint Washington: Opening April 2019

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