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Meth Addiction Quiz: Are You an Meth Addict?

When people first start using meth, they're usually doing it out of curiosity. They may wonder what the high is like, and how it compares to other drugs they've used in the past. It's common for people to tell themselves that they'll only use meth once or twice and then they'll stop. Unfortunately, that's not the way it always works. Usually, people find that once they begin using it, they can't stop.

20 Question Meth Addiction Quiz

The best way to get some insight on your use of meth is to take a meth addiction quiz. For all of the questions below, if your answer is yes, check the box beside the question. If your answer is no, leave the box blank.

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More Information About Meth Addiction

Meth which also goes by the names Crystal Meth, Glass and Ice is a very dangerous drug. Methamphetamine is used in some prescription drugs for the treatment of ADHD. However, in its crystal form, it is illegal, and it is regularly abused as a recreational drug. It is a powerful stimulant that can quickly take over your life. It's even possible to become addicted to it after the very first time you use it.

At Northpoint Washington, we know how dangerous meth is, but we also know the best way for you to get treatment. If you are addicted to crystal meth, rehab can help you.