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Imagine Nampa Reviews, Cost and Program

Imagine Nampa Location: Reviews, Cost and Program Information

The reviews from Imagine Nampa speak volumes about the type of care people receive at their facility. For those who live in the local area, their program is the best choice for addiction treatment and recovery. Both staff members and clients are thrilled with it, and so many people have gotten the help they need as a result.

Imagine Nampa is an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab that is found in Nampa, Idaho. It is easily accessible by those who live in Meridian, Kuna, Middleton, Eagle and many more cities. The staff is always there to provide support to those who are hurting and desperately seeking recovery options. Their program offers the highest quality addiction treatment available, and it is both convenient and affordable.

The reality is that inpatient treatment is not the right option for everyone. So many people cannot make such a long commitment, but they still need to get help for their addictions. The fact that Imagine Nampa offers outpatient treatment provides these individuals with a program they can commit to.

Jennifer says: I highly recommend Ashwood. This is an awesome program to deal with addiction. The counselors are amazing and the group sessions allow you to figure out your addiction issues. Sure is helping me! Thank you Ashwood Recovery!

About Imagine Nampa

At Imagine Nampa, they understand that every addiction is different. They also know that people are individuals with their own, unique experiences. That is why they are careful to offer personalized treatment plans to every client that walks through their doors. Their program is caring, comprehensive, and it aims to treat every aspect of the substance abuse problem.

They offer treatment to both adolescents and adults who are battling addictions, and who want to recover. They offer help for:

Many of the top addiction treatment programs in the U.S. have referred people to Imagine Nampa. Their staff members are all very compassionate people, many of whom have had their own recovery journeys. They focus on maintaining an approach that is effective, based on evidence and diverse.

This testimonial offers tremendous insight into Imagine Nampa’s program:

Ashwood Recovery has two locations; one in Nampa and one in the City of Boise. This alone makes it convenient for anyone to get the help they need to recover. There are other locations as well, that offer similar services.

Northpoint Recovery is an inpatient program that is located in Boise, Idaho. This location is ideal for someone who needs a higher level of care that includes both detox and rehab.

Northpoint Washington is a brand new facility that is opening in 2019. We are located in Bellevue, WA. We also offer an inpatient program that includes both detox and rehab.

Northpoint Seattle is also located in Bellevue, Washington. They offer an excellent outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program that includes intensive outpatient treatment, among other services.

Rich says: I'm very satisfied with the level of treatment I am receiving from Ashwood. It's my first time thru recovery and it's been an eye opening experience. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I give thanks to God for leading me here and to the staff and fellow patients that have been instrumental in my recovery. Thank you Ashwood.

As we mentioned earlier, the staff at Imagine Nampa understand that no two addictions are the same. That is why they make it a point to provide the types of treatment that each client needs, individually.

It is essential to treat the underlying cause of a substance abuse problem; not just the addiction itself. Otherwise, long-term recovery is highly unlikely. Determining what led to the addiction offers hope to clients who are suffering. They can finally get real solutions for their problems.

At Imagine Nampa, they base their program on a holistic approach that includes many services. For instance, clients may be recommended for:

  • Trauma therapy
  • EMDR
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Their 12-Step Program
  • Individual counseling
  • Family therapy

Because everything they do is evidence-based, the clients can rest assured that the type of treatment they receive will be effective. Take just a moment and listen to one mom’s experience after her child began the program at Ashwood.

Ashwood Recovery’s mission is very simple: To provide the same quality of care we would wish for our own families and loved ones.

An addiction is a crisis, and it is one that impacts not only the individual, but everyone around them as well. When someone suffers from a substance abuse problem, they deserve the time and attention it requires to determine the cause. Unless those issues are resolved, the individual is not likely to stop using long-term.

At Imagine Nampa, they strive to be pioneers in fighting addiction and helping families become whole again. So many people believe that it is not possible to recover once someone is addicted. They aim to prove them wrong and help as many people as possible.

Kelli says: I came to Ashwood to continue treatment after attending north point. The staff here at Ashwood really cares about the well-being and success of their clients. They worked hard to prepare me for my next steps in treatment. I would recommend Ashwood to anyone seeking help with their own addictions.

Ashwood Recovery’s staff are some of the best experts in the field of addiction treatment. They may be a small facility, but they have employed people who really have a heart for what their clients are going through.

Contacting a treatment program about getting help can be terrifying for someone who wants to recover. They often do not know what to expect, and the fact that they are reaching out is commendable. The staff at Ashwood know exactly how to help these people feel relaxed and valued. They also know the best ways to assist them in reaching their recovery goals.

Outpatient Services and Programs

Imagine Nampa offers many different services to help people recover from addictions. The staff are very careful to assess each potential client to determine what types of services they might need. As a result, they put together treatment plans that address every person’s individual needs.

As we mentioned earlier, not everyone who needs addiction treatment can commit to an inpatient program. With Imagine Nampa, they do not need to. They can receive a higher level of care on an outpatient basis, and it can be just as effective as an inpatient facility.

Their outpatient treatment program is among the best in the region. It is comprehensive and it provides all the support the clients need to be successful.

Detoxing is one of the essential parts of addiction recovery for many people. In fact, there are several drugs that require detox, and not every program offers this service.

When a client needs to detox, the staff at Imagine Nampa can provide them with a referral for this service. They only refer to programs they know and trust because they want their clients to get the best possible support during this critical time in the recovery process.

Co-occurring disorders are mental health issues that can and often do lead to substance abuse and addiction. Quite often, these conditions go undiagnosed for years, and many people are not aware that they even have them. As a result, they use substances because they make them feel better for a short period of time.

Treating co-occurring disorders is critical because if they are ignored, the individual is likely to go back to using. Every client is assessed for one of these conditions so that they can receive the proper treatment.

Families often suffer so much when someone they love is battling an addiction. They need support as well, which is why family therapy is so critical.

The reality is that addiction often drives a wedge between families. For the client, their loved ones are their main source of support, so healing those relationships is critical. For the family, they often have issues they need to work through as well. Family therapy helps with that, and so much more.

Likewise, co-dependency is something that is often seen in families where one individual is an addict. It is defined as a relationship in which two people are not able to function on their own without the other person.

Treating co-dependency is a very important part of the recovery process. It helps both the client and the other family member in so many ways.

cross addiction means that a person is battling more than one addiction. This is actually much more common than people think it is. People typically form them because they are looking for ways to cope with the first addiction.

Regardless of how many addictions a person has, they need to know that they are probably connected with each other. They also need to be treated at the same time in order to give the individual the best chance for a successful recovery.

For many people, trauma is the driving force that has led to their substance abuse problems. Yet, it is very rare for them to make that connection in their minds. Trauma resolution therapy ensures that those issues are addressed and treated the right way.

Sara says: I can Say with first-hand experience, that the staff at Ashwood Recovery are caring and nurturing people. They were always there for me from the beginning when I reluctantly walked through the front doors for the first time years ago and began my recovery. Not only do they counsel their patients during treatment, but the also teach and educate the patients about what recovery truly means. While I was at Ashwood, I met many people with very different AND very similar struggles. Today, I am still friends with some of those people that I met in my group at Ashwood years ago and we continue to grow in our recoveries together.

I am so thankful that I found Ashwood. I can honestly say that my life today would be much different if I had not walked through those doors and met with Ben and Roberto that day. That day marked the beginning of my recovery and I will always be forever proud to be an alumni member of the family at Ashwood Recovery.

The Cost of Treatment at Imagine Nampa

It is very difficult to determine what the cost of treatment will be for someone who comes to Imagine Nampa without getting more information first. That is because everyone has different needs.

Ashwood Recovery

The staff are very careful to discuss the cost of treatment with every client prior to starting treatment. They want to be sure they are fully aware of the price, and that they do not run into any surprises regarding costs.

Will Health Insurance Pay for Detox and Rehab?

Yes, health insurance will help to cover the costs of detox and rehab, and this is thanks to the Affordable Care Act. People who need to get treatment for their addictions can get more information about their coverage from their insurance companies. Or, they can also rely on the staff at Imagine Nampa to do so for them.

Every person who comes to their facility will have their insurance verified. This allows staff the opportunity to maximize their benefits. Many times, because theirs is an outpatient program, their clients’ treatment is covered in full.

Beginning Treatment at Imagine Nampa

There has never been a better time to get help for an addiction than right now. If you are in need of an outpatient recovery program, contact Imagine Nampa right away.