opioid epidemic

5 07, 2019

Is There Going to be a National Opioid Settlement?

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“I think this plan is a really clever way to get a handle on the opioid settlement negotiations.” ~ Howard Erichson, Professor, Fordham University School of Law, Expert on Complex Litigation In mid-June, lawyers representing various cities and counties across the country proposed including all 24,500 American communities in a possible comprehensive national settlement of the more than 1800 [...]

15 04, 2019

Prosecutors Say Suboxone Maker Indivior Lied About Popular Opioid Treatment

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Once deemed the “wonder drug” for getting people off heroin, Suboxone is now under fire. What was supposed to be a solution to help people recover from opioid addiction is now being questioned. It was marketed as a treatment drug that would help people get off prescription painkillers and heroin. Federal prosecutors have now found that Suboxone is prone [...]

31 01, 2019

Heroin Versus Prescription Pain Meds – Are They Really More Alike Than You Think?

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“This epidemic that we are in the grips of is taking a heartbreaking toll on American families. We are in the midst of an epidemic, and sadly, no one is immune, no individual, no family, no community." ~ United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch For the last few years, America has been experiencing what the Centers for Disease Control and [...]

22 08, 2018

Big Pharma, Big Lies: Report Claims Purdue KNEW OxyContin Was Addictive

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What did Big Pharma know and when did they know it? Purdue Pharma has long denied that it knew about and tolerated widescale abuse of their opioid products and that they only learned of the problem in 2000. Officially, the company states that it's business practices have little to nothing to do with the current opioid epidemic. However, a [...]

4 07, 2018

10 Ways Local and Government Groups Are Fighting Against Heroin Addiction in the U.S.

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Heroin addiction and the general abuse of opioids has worsened in the US. As of 2015, there were over 20 million Americans suffering from some kind of substance abuse disorder. Within this number, there were 2 million people abusing or addiction to prescription pain relievers. There were nearly 600,000 people reported to have a problem with heroin. In 2016, [...]

6 05, 2018

Hydrocodone – All About America’s Opioid

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Hydrocodone is a uniquely American drug. Every day, there is a new headline about the ongoing – and worsening – opioid epidemic. But in spite of that, US doctors still prescribe powerful painkillers at rates unthinkable in other countries around the world. Since prescription drugs sparked the opioid crisis, let’s take a closer look at one of the most [...]

12 04, 2018

Can Opiates Actually Make Pain Worse?

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For the past two decades, opiate painkillers have been the doctor-recommended solution for treating acute and chronic pain. But a mounting body of evidence is suggesting that opioid medications like OxyContin and Vicodin may NOT, in fact, be the best pain management options. In fact, opiate drugs may paradoxically contribute to worsened pain. “Get your loved one the [...]