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Alcohol Detox in Washington State: Recovery from Alcoholism is Possible

Washington State is one of the most beautiful states in the nation. Its population has grown significantly with every passing decade, and it now boasts a booming population of more than 7 million people. It's a state that is filled with so many great communities, and it's home to people from all different walks of life. Seattle, Spokane and Tacoma are the largest cities in Washington, by far, and the people enjoy their growing economy.

While the State of Washington might be a wonderful place to live for individuals and families alike, alcoholism continues to be a serious problem. In fact, according to the most recent statistical reports:

  • Binge drinking has increased dramatically in Washington over the last two years, alone
  • Heavy drinking has been on the rise in Washington State since 2004, while the national average has remained relatively the same
  • Approximately 1 out of 5 high school students between 10th and 12th grade have reported being drunk at school during the past year
  • By 12th grade 1 out of 5 students drink six or more days during the course of a month
  • Last year, more than 36,000 people were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol

Alcohol is a very powerful drug, and it affects countless lives every single year. In Washington State, alcohol detox can be the most instrumental part of an alcohol treatment program, and it's been proven to increase success rates substantially.

If you're suffering from alcoholism, and you've tried to quit on your own in the past, it's possible that alcohol detox could be the solution you're looking for. Here at Northpoint Washington, we're excited about being able to assist the people of Washington with their addiction treatment needs. Our alcohol detox program is exceptional, and we're confident that you'll find it assists you with meeting your recovery goals.

How Can You Find an Affordable Alcohol Detox Center in Washington State?

For years, any type of addiction treatment wasn't nearly as accessible to people as it is now. Even so, most people don't realize that they even qualify for getting treatment for alcoholism. In fact, a lot of them don't realize that alcohol detox is even an option for them, prior to starting alcohol rehab.

Alcohol detox programs don't have to be expensive, and in most cases, they're actually quite affordable. This is mostly due to changes in the healthcare laws under The Affordable Care Act. You may have noticed some changes to your insurance plan over the past few years, but unless you researched their addiction treatment coverage, you might not know what benefits they offer. All insurance companies are now required by this new law to provide at least partial coverage for addiction treatment, and that includes alcohol detox treatments. This is excellent news because it means that so many people who need to get help for their addictions are now able to do so. Your insurance plan might cover the entire cost of your alcohol detox, or it might only cover it partially. Either way, you stand to save a lot of money, and any coinsurance amounts or copayment amounts are generally quite minimal.

Which Insurance Covers Alcohol Detox Programs in WA?

If you have medical insurance, then you have substance abuse treatment coverage in Washington State. However, it can be different for each insurance plan. Trying to understand your benefits can certainly be a daunting task, but when you're contacting Northpoint Washington, you won't need to worry about that at all. You will speak with an addiction specialist who will help you every step of the way.

Your conversation will begin with a discussion about your addiction history. You'll talk about how much alcohol you have been consuming on a regular basis, and you may also discuss whether or not you were taking other drugs at the same time. Once your addiction specialist gets an idea of your addiction history, he or she will make a recommendation for your treatment. Most of the time, alcohol detox is highly recommended for those who are battling alcoholism, and it's because there are so many negative withdrawal symptoms that can result when you quit. Once you have gotten a recommendation, your specialist will offer to contact your insurance company to get the details about your benefits. If you need a prior authorization, that can be obtained at that time as well.

How is Alcohol Detox in Washington Different from Quitting Cold Turkey?

As you're reading this, it's possible that you're still not sure. In your opinion, you feel as though you can quit on your own. Maybe you've even been successful at quitting for a short time in the past, and you're sure you can reach that goal again. Quitting alcohol on your own comes with a lot of warnings from some of the top experts in the State of Washington, and there are a few different reasons why they always advise against it. Quitting on your own puts you at risk of developing some significant withdrawal symptoms. You may crave alcohol for a few weeks, or even a few months. You may also experience withdrawal symptoms such as severe headaches, nausea and/or vomiting, shaky hands, anxiety, or insomnia.

In some cases, more severe withdrawal symptoms have been reported when quitting alcohol abruptly, and these are often made worse if you already have a history of certain types of medical problems. People have been known to have Grand Mal seizures, heart attacks, strokes or other medical complications.

Quitting alcohol cold turkey is rarely the answer. It can help to have the support of qualified staff members when you are ready to quit. Not only are they trained to understand all of the challenges you're going to face during the early part of your recovery, but they're also able to assist you in the event of a medical emergency. Alcohol detox is absolutely the wisest thing to do when you're ready to quit drinking.

What Can You Expect by Going to a Washington Alcohol Detox?

If you've never been to any type of alcohol treatment center before, it's normal to be a little bit nervous about what you can expect to happen while you're there. Different facilities have various approaches they use when they're providing this type of substance abuse treatment to their clients. Some utilize a medical detoxification approach that involves providing medications to clients that speed up the process of those harmful toxins leaving the body. Others utilize a holistic detoxification approach, and this involves a more natural way to expedite alcohol out of the body.

Here at Northpoint Washington, our approach is a holistic one, and we've chosen that approach because it has proven to be so affective during the entire detoxification process. Holistic drug detox involves:

Nutrition: You might not realize it, but many of the cravings you currently experience for alcohol are probably actually feelings of hunger for food. It's common for people to misinterpret hunger signals for alcohol cravings, and so many of them don't actually give their bodies much food at all. When they do eat, they're not eating food that's filled with the vitamins and minerals their bodies require. Nutrition is so important because it helps to speed up the detox process.

Physical exercise: Another key component of alcohol detox is exercise. Exercise improves the way you feel in general, and sweating can actually remove harmful toxins from your body even faster than nutrition alone. When you exercise, your heart is strengthened, your lungs become stronger, and you just feel better in general.

Spirituality: At Northpoint Washington, we feel that the spiritual component is vital to improving how you feel, as well as how you approach your recovery. We incorporate Yoga as a part of our regular program, which is an excellent way for you to get in touch with your spiritual side, as well as get the exercise you need at the same time.


What Makes Northpoint Washington's Drug Detox Programs in WA So Much Different?

At Northpoint Washington, we've worked with so many people through the years who have struggled with their addictions to alcohol. They were facing some of the same challenges you're currently facing. We work hard to create personalized treatment plans for our clients, because your addiction experience is unique to you. We're confident that you'll find our facility to be a refreshing take on addiction treatment, and we only have 35 beds available at one time. Keeping our population small is important, because we want you to get the attention you need from our caring and dedicated staff members.

If you have questions about alcohol detox, or if you're ready to talk with one of our addiction specialists to go over your insurance information and receive a recommendation for alcohol detox, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us right away.

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