Ritalin Addiction in Washington

Your Ritalin Addiction: Facts About this Prescription Drug

Ritalin is an amphetamine that is usually prescribed for the purpose of treating ADHD. It helps to improve chronic concentration issues and hyperactivity, and it works by helping people calm down and focus on tasks. There are those who rely on Ritalin in their everyday lives, and it has been determined by a doctor that they need it to live normally. However, far too often, Ritalin is abused by adults and college students who want to use it to improve their performances in their classes.

Ritalin is available on the streets, and it goes by a few different street names, such as: 

  • Diet Coke
  • Vitamin R
  • Skittles
  • Smarties
  • Kiddie Cocaine 

Ritalin abuse is a very serious problem, and it can easily lead to a Ritalin addiction. Perhaps you’ve been abusing Ritalin yourself for quite some time, and you have to wonder whether or not you have formed an addiction to it as well. You may be wondering: 

  • What is Ritalin abuse?
  • What is Ritalin addiction?
  • What are the signs of Ritalin addiction?
  • What negative effects can this prescription drug have on Ritalin addicts?
  • If you’re a Ritalin addict, where can you find help for recovery? 

Because Ritalin is a prescription drug, there is a lot of Ritalin information out there that states that it must be safe to use. This is not the case at all. In fact, there are many circumstances in which Ritalin use is actually very dangerous. Getting the right Ritalin abuse facts is a critical part of gaining more understanding of this drug and the impact it can have on your life.

Ritalin Addiction Information

The Ritalin Abuse Definition and Ritalin Addiction Explained

Ritalin abuse statistics indicate that as much as 3.4% of all students currently abuse Ritalin, or have in the past year. This statistic is quite astonishing; especially when you consider the fact that most people don’t realize that Ritalin abuse is even possible. If you’re abusing Ritalin, please understand that this is much different than addiction. Ritalin abuse refers to the use of the drug without a doctor’s prescription, or in dosages that have been increased without his or her approval.

When you have a Ritalin addiction, you feel like you need the drug to feel normal. This occurs because continued exposure of Ritalin to your brain has resulted in deep beliefs that you need it just to survive. That’s why it’s so hard to stop taking Ritalin once you have become addicted to it.

Understanding the Ritalin Addiction Symptoms

When someone is addicted to Ritalin, they exhibit a number of Ritalin addiction signs. These might include:

  • Claiming to hear voices
  • Becoming paranoid or delusional
  • Experiencing an increase in aggressive behavior
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Complaints of stomach pain 
If you’re concerned about whether or not you may be addicted to Ritalin, you can look at your own Ritalin use to determine whether or not you:
  • Have increased your dosage without your doctor’s approval
  • Find that your current dosage isn’t working for you like it once did
  • Experience symptoms of withdrawal when you stop taking Ritalin
  • Feel like you need Ritalin to feel normal
  • Have been told that you should consider getting professional treatment for an addiction

Know the Short and Long-Term Effects of Ritalin

Even though Ritalin is a prescribed medication, it can still have a profound effect on the body and mind when it is being abused or when there is an addiction present. Some short-term effects of Ritalin include: 

  • Feeling dizzy
  • Getting consistent headaches
  • Changes in your libido
  • Becoming nauseated
  • Becoming depressed 

If Ritalin use is continued, some of the more common long-term effects might begin to develop, and these include:

  • Bouts of confusion
  • Experiencing severe anxiety
  • Having visual hallucinations
  • Experiencing stunted growth
  • Heart problems and chest pain 

Even though Ritalin may have a reputation of being safe, in the wrong hands, or used in the wrong way, it can be an incredibly dangerous drug.

Ritalin Addiction Treatment

Ritalin Addiction Treatment Programs in Washington State Can Help You

Each year, thousands of people across the U.S. attempt to stop taking Ritalin on their own. What they don’t realize is that the symptoms of withdrawal that can result from doing so are quite dangerous, and it’s very likely that they will go right back to using this prescription drug again. Ritalin’s withdrawal symptoms can become very severe, and if you believe you’re addicted to it, you’re wise to seek out professional help so that you can stop using it safely. Quitting your use of Ritalin is a process that should be monitored by professionals who are able to quickly intervene in the event of an emergency medical situation.

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we applaud you for wanting to take the steps to leave this harmful addiction behind for good. We would love to partner with you in your recovery and assist you in learning how to live your life without being dependent upon Ritalin. If you would like to learn more, please contact us today.
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