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Androdrol Addiction, Abuse and Recovery Options

Chasing an ideal body with increased muscle mass is the dream of many bodybuilders. So much so that they may begin using supplements and steroids to try and achieve their goals faster. Anabolic steroids like Androdrol are often only available by prescription. If a person abuses Androdrol and eventually becomes addicted, they may only be able to break the addiction at an Androdrol addiction treatment program.

If you or a loved one struggles with Androdrol addiction, there is no shame in seeking help. Contact us at [Direct] today to enroll in our Androdrol addiction treatment program.

What is Androdrol?

Androdrol is an anabolic steroid that causes the body to increase muscle mass quickly. Doctors typically prescribe Androdrol to treat delays in puberty or decreased muscle mass caused by another illness.

Many athletes and bodybuilders, both male and female, seek it out to help enhance their performance in the gym and on the field. Many athletes may obtain it illegally since Androdrol is available by prescription only.

Using a prescription against the directions or that was illegally obtained is substance abuse. Getting Androdrol illegally and taking even one dose is a form of drug abuse and, when chasing increased performance, can very easily cause addiction.

Androdrol Addiction Information

Side Effects of Androdol

Androdol may have mild side effects at any dose, but as someone begins to abuse the drug in more significant amounts, they are more prone to severe consequences. The steroid is unique compared to many addictive substances because it does not produce a euphoric high.

Even short-term use of Androdol can cause:
  • Paranoia
  • Intense jealousy
  • Extreme aggression and irritability
  • Delusions
  • Impaired judgment
  • Bouts of mania
The long-term effects are even more concerning. They include all of the above, as well as:
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver damage
  • Heart enlargement
  • High blood pressure
  • Cholesterol changes
  • Heart attack
  • Blood clots
Women may experience:
  • Excessive body hair or facial hair growth
  • Decreased breast size
  • Baldness
  • Changes in menstrual cycles
  • A deeper voice
  • An enlarged clitoris
Men may experience:
  • A decreased sperm count
  • Male-pattern baldness
  • Increasing breast size
  • Decreasing testicle size
  • Prostate cancer

Since Androdrol is an anabolic steroid, it heavily impacts hormone production in people who take it. Men and women may experience very different reactions because of their differing hormones.

Even after experiencing adverse side effects of Androdrol, people dependent on the drug may continue to abuse it. This is one of the most significant signs of addiction.

Signs of Androdrol Addiction

Substance abuse and addiction are not the same. Addiction only occurs after a period of substance abuse has left someone dependent on the drug. People who become dependent on Androdrol may have a tough time quitting because they will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms.

Some of the more common signs of Androdrol addiction include:
  • Struggling with concentration.
  • Experiencing frequent mood swings.
  • Exhibiting violent or aggressive behaviors.
  • Believing that they need to use Androdrol or they will not feel like themselves.
  • Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal after missing a dose.

Androdrol can be just as dangerous to quit taking as many other illicit substances. Withdrawal symptoms are not only uncomfortable but can be dangerous. Sometimes, unsupervised detoxing can even cause death.

Androdrol Withdrawal Symptoms

Breaking the cycle of addiction starts with detoxing from the abused substance. Trying to detox alone can be problematic and increases the chance of relapse.

The first few days after quitting Androdrol, withdrawal symptoms will usually peak before they get better. The earlier the person struggling with substance abuse gets help, the more likely they will recover successfully.

Withdrawing from Andrdodrol may include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Heart problems, including changes in heart rate

Androdrol treatment centers help monitor the initial detoxification phase of Androdrol addiction, which can make coming off this anabolic steroid so much easier physically and mentally.

After detox, the road to recovery continues with rehabilitation. Many rehab centers use a variety of therapies to help build the skills needed to stay sober.

Androdrol Addiction Treatment

Androdrol Treatment Programs at Northpoint Washington

Our inpatient detox and rehabilitation programs help you succeed in sobriety. After your withdrawal symptoms are over, we help you transition into an extended rehab program where you will begin to learn the skills needed to put Andrdrol abuse behind you.

  • Strength-Based therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy

If you are ready to start the road to recovery, contact us at [Direct] today.

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