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Yakima, WA Drug Rehab: Why is it Necessary and How Can it Help You?

During the 2010 census, the population of Yakima, Washington was just over 90,000, and experts believe that since that time, it has probably approached the 100,000 mark. It is located in Yakima County, and it is the ninth largest city in Washington State. The Yakima Valley is actually a major agricultural area in our country, and it is responsible for almost 80% of all hops that are grown here. It's also known for its apple crops and for wine production.

The Yakima River is one of the most beautiful parts of this area, and is frequently used by fishermen, and for recreational purposes. It's also home to a walking and cycling trail, a park and a wildlife sanctuary, which makes it the perfect place to come and relax for both families and individuals. Yakima, Washington also has a wonderful, cultural atmosphere, and they often hold events throughout the year. These events celebrate everything from the arts to the soda fountains of the 1950s.

For those who live in Yakima, WA, they are undoubtedly fortunate to reside there. Many of them probably aren't aware of the serious drug problem that lurks beneath the shadows, but if you're reading this, chances are pretty good that you're aware of it because you've become a victim of drug addiction yourself. So many people - either by choice or by accident - fall into the trap of drug addiction, and they feel powerless to work their way out of it. Fortunately, this is not a struggle that you have to handle on your own, and you have many different resources available to you to help you.

Let's talk in more detail about how drug addiction has affected the beautiful community of Yakima, Washington, and then we'll discuss why it's so important to find a professional, drug rehab program that can help you recover.

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Washington State Drug Rehab: Addiction Statistics

The addiction statistics in Yakima, Washington, as well as elsewhere in Washington State are pretty astounding, and they will most likely surprise you. It's clear that drug addiction is a serious problem in this area, especially when you consider that:

  • Close to 11,000 people in Yakima, WA use some type of illicit drug on a regular basis
  • Marijuana use is prevalent in Yakima, with almost 1,800 people admitting to using it regularly
  • The number of deaths because of heroin overdoses has increased 58% since 2015
  • Close to 1,500 people currently use and are addicted to cocaine in some form in Yakima, Washington
  • Prescription drug addiction is a major problem in Washington State, with many people turning to heroin when their prescription drugs can no longer be obtained
  • In Yakima, WA, the use of hallucinogens such as LSD and Ecstasy is on the rise

These statistics are quite eye-opening, and they indicate that something has to be done about the addiction problem in this part of Washington State. So many people are unaware of the options they have available to them for drug treatment, and so, they continue living with their addictions and fail to seek out professional help.

Here at Northpoint Washington, if you're an individual who has been battling an addiction for a few months or several years, we want you to know that you are not alone. You don't have to try to quit on your own, and you can rely on our staff to assist you as you work toward recovery.

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Find free or low cost healthcare on this Washington State Health Care Authority website. You can apply for or renew your Apple Health MAGI Medicaid coverage here.

Yakima County Resources

A great list of resources for drug and alcohol treatment provided by the Yakima Valley College website.

Yakima Area Helplines

Useful helplines and other drug and alcohol recovery resources that you can use to get the help you need.

Drug Rehab in Yakima, WA: Why is Drug Treatment Necessary for Recovery

It's possible that you're wondering why you would need to go to a formal drug rehab program in order to recover from your addiction. Many people ask this question, and a lot of them actually do try to quit on their own. There are several reasons why this is not a good idea.

  • Withdrawal symptoms can be severe, and some of them can even be life-threatening. Trying to quit on your own is dangerous, even if you don't have any serious medical problems.
  • Relapse most often occurs because the issues behind the addiction are not dealt with, such as traumas or life-changing events.
  • It generally requires some time spent in drug detox for withdrawal symptoms to be minimized. Drug detox makes them much easier to cope with, and studies have shown that those who go to drug detox first tend to have higher success rates.
  • Most people need a major amount of support before they're able to quit using drugs successfully.
  • Quitting on your own robs you of the support you could gain from your peers in a group therapy setting, which has been found to be crucial for a successful quit.

As you can see, there are so many reasons why it's never a good idea to attempt to quit using drugs on your own, and these are only a few of them. More often than not, people who try to quit using drugs cold turkey end up giving up because they're just not equipped to handle all of the changes their bodies go through during the process. Going to drug rehab assists with those changes, and it serves to better prepare them for what they will encounter.

Drug Treatment in Yakima, WA: What if You're Not Sure You're Addicted?

It is very common for people to feel very much in control of their addictions. Most of them believe that they started using drugs because they wanted to, and so they should be able to quit using drugs because they want to. It would be so much easier if that were the case, but unfortunately, it's not. Maybe you're one of the people who believe they're really not addicted to drugs to the point of requiring professional help, or even being a candidate for drug treatment. Here is a checklist you can use to determine whether or not finding a drug rehab treatment is the right choice for you.

Do you:

  • Find that you are experiencing health problems that are directly related to your drug use?
  • Ever experience withdrawal symptoms (even mild ones) when you haven't been able to use drugs in a while?
  • Have family or close friends expressing their concern to you about your drug use?
  • Struggle to make ends meet because of the amount of money you're spending on drugs?
  • Have problems with your job or at school because of your drug use?
  • Find that family members or friends are distant from you since you began using drugs?
  • Try to hide your drug use from people who are close to you?
  • Ever try to isolate yourself from people so that you can avoid explaining your drug use?

These are all very common indicators that you have an addiction, and many people continue to live in denial that they have a problem for years and years. It's important for you to realize that answering positively to even one of these questions means that your drug use has become an addiction. The good news is that you don't have to face this challenge all on your own. You can find the help you need at one of the many drug rehab centers in Yakima, Washington, and here at Northpoint Washington, we want you to know that we are here for you every step of the way.

How do Drug Rehab Programs in Yakima, Washington Address Your Needs?

For those who need to go to drug rehab, their needs are many, and they're also very different. Here at Northpoint Washington, we have found that it's necessary to look at each of our patients as an individual, which means each patient gets his or her own personal treatment plan. Our drug rehab program is carefully designed to address specific needs, and we want to help you in the most personal way possible.

When you come to Northpoint Washington, you're always assigned a counselor. Your counselor will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss your addiction and the behaviors that led to your admission. He or she will talk with you about your past, covering any possible scenarios that may have contributed to your addiction. Many patients have found that they actually suffered through traumatic events when they were young, and these events resulted in suppressed memories that were very painful for them. In an attempt to self-medicate against their pain, they chose to use drugs. Understanding the root of your addiction is crucial, and your therapist will help you work through the emotions you experience as you heal.

Group therapy is another way we meet your needs, and attending support groups is highly recommended during your recovery. While you're there, you'll meet people who have all been struggling with addiction in the same way you have. You'll identify with many of their stories, and you'll learn some really good information about yourself in the process. You will most likely even help many of them as well.

How do Drug Rehab Centers in Yakima, WA Support Patients' Families?

Patients' families need a lot of support, both prior to, and during drug rehab. It's very common for families to contact us here at Northpoint Washington because they're feeling frustrated that their loved ones are refusing to go to addiction treatment. They want them to get help so badly, but they feel as though there's nothing more that they can do.

Fortunately, we have a solution. Interventions are often very helpful in communicating how you feel if a loved one is struggling with a drug addiction. Staff members from Northpoint Washington assist with the intervention itself, and you'll invite key people who are a part of your loved one's life. Each person will take a turn talking about how they've been affected by the addiction, and then at the end, your friend or family member will have the option to begin drug treatment right away.

For those families with loved ones currently in drug treatment, family sessions are often a very important part of the recovery process for the patient as well as for them. Here at Northpoint Washington, we enjoy offering family sessions to our patients as a way to allow them to reconnect with their families and rebuild relationships that may have been damaged. It also allows family members to talk about any concerns they may have.

What Happens After Addiction Treatment in Yakima, Washington?

Once your inpatient addiction treatment has been completed, it's vital for you to remain connected to some type of professional support system. You will be evaluated for the level of care that's found to be appropriate for you. This might include a traditional outpatient setting or an intensive outpatient setting. During outpatient treatment, you will attend appointments once or twice a week, and you'll participate with support groups and meet with a therapist.

Intensive outpatient treatment is a little more involved. It requires for you to go to appointments three to five times a week, based on your individual needs. Like outpatient, you will meet with a therapist and work with a support group, and your appointments will be a few hours at a time. These follow-up appointments are very important because we want you to continue in your recovery. Remember, recovery is a lifelong process. It's not something that can be achieved in a month's time. However, it's also not something you have to do on your own.

Finding the Best Drug Rehab Center in Yakima, Washington

Here at Northpoint Washington, we offer the best drug rehab services in Yakima, Washington. We've worked with people from all over Washington State to help them put their lives of drug addiction behind them. We would like to do the same thing for you.

If you would like more information about finding an affordable drug treatment option, we'd like to talk with you. Please contact us today about how we can help.

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