Addiction Rehab Resources for West Richland, WA

West Richland, Washington Addiction Resources

West Richland, WA Addiction Rehab Resources

Addiction resources in West Richland, WA have helped many people get their lives back.

There is a great need for these resources because addiction is a real problem.

Take opioids for example. They have wreaked havoc on many communities across Washington State and the whole country. It started a decade ago when doctors started prescribing strong painkillers with opiates as the working ingredient. This highly addictive substance was mismanaged by the medical industry, causing addiction among the general population.

Addiction in West Richland, WA

Like many communities around the US, there are addiction problems in West Richland, WA. Opioids were given out as pain management, especially in smaller communities that had no access to holistic care. It doesn’t take long to get addiction to drugs like Vicodin or Oxycontin. Even if doctors didn’t mismanage a person’s prescription, patients could doctor shop in hopes of getting more. Some people have been addicted to prescription opioids for years. 

The government has ensured that it’s not so easy to get and continue use or opioid prescription medications. This has caused some people to look for other means of opioid abuse. Heroin and prescription painkillers are one in the same. This is what many patients did, they turned to heroin on the streets. With Fentanyl on the streets, it is the most dangerous time to be addicted to opioids. Heavy abuse of heroin increases your odds of overdose death. 

If you have an addiction, rehab resources can help you recover. It’s important to get some form of treatment so you have the tools you need to go the distance. Many people will try to quit on their own. They suffer and they relapse, everytime losing more hope.

When you have a substance addiction, it takes over your life. You will spend your time trying to get the substance, being drunk or stoned, or looking for it. Maybe you tried to stop in the past but were unable to after a few days of suffering. When you enter into professional rehab in West Richland, it will be much easier to recover. As you gain the necessary tools to overcome addiction, your confidence in recovery will grow. When you take part in addiction rehab, your odds greatly increase. 

Information on West Richland Types of Treatment

The government has made sure that no matter what your circumstance in life is, you’ll have addiction help in West Richland, WA. It doesn’t matter whether you have private or public insurance, you can get the professional help you need. We have put together this rehab resource guide for West Richland so you know what your options are.

West Richland, WA has different rehab options available. They vary in price, quality, and length of time. There are inpatient clinics you can go to or you can decide on an outpatient clinic where you’ll stay at home. There are about 14 rehab programs close to West Richland. Some might prefer to get further away from home when they do inpatient rehab. There are plenty of high quality options available all throughout Washington State. 

Here are the common West Richland, WA addiction rehab programs: 

Inpatient Rehab Programs 

If you choose a rehab program in West Richland, you’ll be immersing into an intensive program. You stay in a residence on a campus setting and spend the duration of the program there. When you go through admissions, they’ll assess you and your needs. Then a program is designed for you specifically that will include various treatments and therapies. You’ll have one-on-one therapy sessions as well as peer group meetings. 

Inpatient rehab is usually a 28 day treatment. It’s the most expensive option with it’s top quality treatments with addiction specialists. These programs include food and accommodation. Your insurance company may cover costs to make it more affordable.

Private Hospitalization Program (PHP) 

The Private Hospitalization Program in West Richland includes sober living and daily treatments. There are valuable things you’ll learn in rehab first. This program is a transition point from rehab to going home. This is an ideal program if you feel like you can’t go home yet or you’re referred to it. There are complex addictions like dual diagnosis and addiction to multiple substance that may require more time in treatment. The treatments in PHP are at your discretion and you can attend what you want, when you want.

Outpatient Treatment Programs 

There are many different outpatient program in West Richland. Your local government or church organization will likely have a subsidized program if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on treatment. Outpatient programs don’t offer a lot of bells and whistles so they’re low cost. There is a lot of freedom so you can keep working. However, the freedom may put you at greater risk of relapse. An outpatient program is ideal for those who have a mild addiction or who have already been through more intensive rehab.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) 

The IOP is different than an outpatient program. You get high quality treatment with sessions that last longer and are more intensive. You still stay at home but you’ll attend an addiction facility daily and get up to three hours or various treatments. There is flexibility around your work and home schedule. IOP and the treatment is based on an inpatient program but you stay at home which minimizes costs and allows you to continue on with your life.

Detox in West Richland, WA is the first step in addiction recovery. You’ll be getting the substance out of your system which can cause uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. It’s hard to stop using substances once the body has become dependent. With professional detox, you have support. You may need medical detox if there’s a concern for your health. Otherwise, a holistic detox will be the best form of treatment. The process of detox takes up to a week which is usually how long it takes for a substance to leave the body.

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Recovery Meetings In West Richland, WA

You’ll eventually go home from whatever rehab program you choose. Even if you do a PHP for 90 days, you’ll still want to have an aftercare plan. Addiction recovery is for a lifetime and to succeed, you need support. This is especially true right after you finish rehab. There are NA and AA meetings in West Richland, WA available daily. There are meetings available for your family members too. It’s important that they also get the support they need so they can best help you. 

Information on West Richland Alcoholics Anonymous

Here are just some of the meetings available in West Richland, WA.


8:00 pm
Richland Group Fellowship Hall
1924 Saint St
Richland, WA


5:00 pm
Back To Life, West Richland
6095 W Van Giesen St
Richland, WA


10:00 am
Community Theatre
608 The Parkway
Richland, WA


6:30 pm
Northwest United Protestant Church
1312 North Sacramento Boulevard
Richland, WA


7:00 pm
Monday Night Reality Check AFG
Grace And Truth Community Church
West Richland, WA

Crack Cocaine Addiction and Treatment

Is Inpatient Rehab Right For You?

The highest quality rehab you can do is inpatient rehab. It offers you a full program with up to date treatments of the highest quality. You get one on one care and a program that is created just for you. It is the best opportunity you have to fully recovery. With that being said, it might not work for you. Maybe you have a busy schedule at home that you can’t leave. You might choose to be close to your supportive family or maybe inpatient rehab is too expensive. Whatever your reasons are, you have other options. An Intensive Outpatient Program offers you the benefits of inpatient rehab for less money and more flexibility. 

We care about your recover at Northpoint Washington. We understand your struggles and know the challenges you’re facing. Our programs offer you a sense of safety while you get the help you need. We offer all of the most up to date methods of addiction recovery in our modern, welcoming facility. Our addiction specialists are experienced and compassionate. When you’re ready to get the help you need, call us. We can help you with your recovery today.

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