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NA Meetings in Spokane Valley, Washington

Every day may not be good…but there is something good in every day.

When you suffer from a drug addiction, it can feel as though you’re entire life has been taken over. No matter how hard you try to stop using, you’re just not able to, and that can be frustrating.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. NA org is an organization that is available to assist you, and Narcotics Anonymous offers support groups to those who need the encouragement to help them refrain from using drugs. It is possible to stop with the right support.

What is NA?

Are There Narcotics Anonymous Meetings Near Me in Spokane Valley, WA?

There are actually several Narcotics Anonymous meetings near you in and around Spokane Valley, Washington. You’ll find NA meetings to be very rewarding for you as you work through their program. The people there are all just like you. They’ve all faced similar challenges and bumps along the way. Many of them have tried to stop using drugs before on their own, and they’re attending meetings because they needed to find a different means of getting help.

The Benefits of NA

The Benefits of NA, 12 Steps Programs and Support Groups in Spokane Valley in WA State

There are so many benefits to going to NA and participating in 12 Steps programs. First of all, you’ll realize that you’re truly not alone in your struggles. Drug addictions happen to people in all walks of life. Perhaps you’re a professional who started using drugs as a way to cope with stress. You’ll find others whose stories are very similar to your own. You may be a mom who has small children at home, and you became addicted to drugs. You’ll find other moms you can connect with. Together, you’ll build each other up, offer each other encouragement and help, and you’ll grow together as you recognize the steps you need to take to stay away from using drugs altogether.

Is There an NA Meeting Locator that Can Help Me Find Meetings?

Are there NA meetings near me? That’s a question we hear all the time, and we’re happy to provide you with many different meeting locations in Spokane Valley, through the use of our NA locator.


Our Club
Sundays at 12 noon
1102 West 2nd Avenue
Spokane, WA

Mid City Concerns
Sundays at 7pm
1222 West 2nd Ave.
Spokane, WA


All Saints Lutheran Church
Mondays at 8pm
315 South Spruce St.
Spokane, WA

Our Club
Mondays at 12 noon
1102 West 2nd Avenue
Spokane, WA


FOF Church
Tuesdays at 8pm
706 West Nora Ave.
Spokane, WA

Our Club
Tuesdays at 12 noon
1102 West 2nd Avenue
Spokane, WA


Foothills Mission Church
Wednesdays at 8pm
5108 Elk
Elk, WA

Our Club
Wednesdays at 12 noon
1102 West 2nd Avenue
Spokane, WA


United Church of Christ
Thursdays at 7pm
10 East Webster St.
Chewelah, WA

Deer Park City Hall
Thursdays at 7pm
316 West Crawford St.
Deer Park, WA


Harvest Celebration Church
Fridays at 6pm
708 Logan St.
Davenport, WA

Fridays at 7pm
222 East Crawford
Deer Park, WA


Peaceful Valley Community Center
Saturdays at 10am
214 North Cedar St.
Spokane, WA

Alano Club
Saturdays at 8pm
1700 West 7th St.
Spokane, WA


Online NA Meetings: You Have Many Options

It’s very easy to find NA meetings online, and if you’re searching for some, there’s no need to look any further. 

  • NA Recovery: This is a website that offers many different opportunities to connect with others who are recovering from drug addiction. They have NA meetings every day during the morning hours. They also have a chat feature and many other resources available on their website. 
  • NAChatroom.net: This website hosts two different NA meetings every day of the week. They also have a chat room that is available for participants to chat with each other at any time. There is no registration required to participate. 
  • Miracles in Progress NA Group: This website has several NA meetings during the week, and their website also contains a chat feature that is always available for members. You’ll find plenty of additional opportunities to connect with others, and many other resources here too. 
  • Narcotics Anonymous Chat Room: This website is primarily a chat room site that has many members from all over the country. Members are encouraged to participate as soon as they feel ready to do so. They also offer many other resources.
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