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Opening April 2019

Alcohol Detox in Spokane Valley, WA: Preparing You for Recovery

Ever since the moment you decided you were going to try to quit drinking alcohol all together, you felt pretty good about your decision. You might have been a little bit nervous about how you were going to manage, but now that you realize the important decision you’re making for your overall health, you’re ready to find out more information about what you need to do to be sure you don’t relapse.

Here at Northpoint Washington, we are completely focused on helping our patients prepare for a life of sobriety with a smaller risk of relapse. For that reason, we always recommend alcohol detox programs to our patients. In addition, alcohol detox centers are designed to provide patients with a safe environment as they make the transition into sobriety.

If you’re like many patients, you probably have a lot of questions about alcohol detox; especially if it’s something you’ve never really given much thought. You might be wondering:

  • Are local detox centers affordable for me?
  • Why does it matter if I go to alcohol detox?
  • Do I need to go to some other type of addiction treatment after I go through alcohol detox?
  • How do I know I’ve found the best detox?
  • Can Northpoint Washington help me overcome my addiction to alcohol?

If these are some of the questions you have, you’re in the right place to get some answers.

Choosing an Affordable Local Detox Center in Spokane Valley, Washington

Just about everyone who needs to go to alcohol addiction treatment is concerned about the costs associated with it. They’re actually right to be concerned, because at one point, most health insurance providers did not provide any coverage for alcohol detox whatsoever. As a result, those patients were left to fend for themselves, and either forgo it altogether, or pay for it out of pocket.

Now that your health insurance company will help you cover the costs of alcohol detox, here at Northpoint Washington, we want you to know that we’ll work really hard to maximize your benefits so that you’re paying very little out of pocket, if anything at all.

Your Detox for Alcohol in Spokane Valley, WA: Why is it so Important?

It is very important for anyone who is addicted to alcohol to go through alcohol detox prior to going to inpatient alcohol rehab, and there are a couple of really good reasons for this, including:

  • To offer you the support you need as you transition into a life of sobriety
  • To educate you on the dangers of alcohol addiction
  • To introduce diet changes that will prepare your body to eliminate toxins
  • To introduce you to exercise changes that will help even more with eliminating toxins
  • To prepare you for the psychological part of your addiction treatment

The fact is that it is hard to quit drinking, and when you start with alcohol detox, the process is much easier on your body.

Alcohol Detox Centers in Washington State: Your Aftercare at Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

While alcohol detox will help to take care of your physical withdrawal, it’s vital for you to address the psychological part of your addiction, and that occurs at inpatient alcohol rehab. You should receive a referral for follow-up care to help you continue in your recovery.

Alcohol Detox Programs in Spokane Valley, WA: Choosing Northpoint Washington for the Best Detox

Spokane Valley, Washington is supposed to be “a community of opportunity where individuals and families can grow and play, and businesses will flourish and prosper.” However, about ten percent of the 94,000 people who live there struggle with an addiction, and for many of them, their problem is alcoholism.

If you’re interested in an alcohol detox with a small population, a high staff to patient ratio, and caring and concerned staff members who want to help you be successful in your recovery, please contact Northpoint Washington today.

Northpoint Washington: Opening April 2019

Our facilities currently open for services:

Ashwood Recovery at Northpoint

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab and addiction counseling located in Boise, Idaho.

Northpoint Recovery

Our National Medical Detox and Inpatient Addiction Facility.

The Evergreen at Northpoint

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab and addiction counseling located in Washington State.