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Capitol Hill, WA Addiction Rehab and Recovery

Addiction Recovery and Rehab in Capitol Hill, WA

For recovering addicts in and around Capitol Hill, Washington finding help is not hard. Whether it’s an inpatient or outpatient rehab program, online addiction therapy, or a 12-Step meeting, these resources are a short distance away.

Addiction can be isolating for those who are struggling with it. It can be hard to see the way out, and even more challenging to take the first step to ask for help. But knowing where to turn for treatment and support can change everything. We have spent a large amount of time compiling addiction rehab resources in the state of Washington. On this page, we’ve put together some of the top resources in and around Capitol Hill.

The Addiction Problem in Capitol Hill, Seattle

Capitol Hill is a diverse part of Seattle. It’s packed with hip bars, clubs and more. Visitors often travel here for its rich nightlife. It’s also the unofficial center of Seattle’s LGBTQ+ community, and is perhaps one of the liveliest communities in Seattle. There’s almost always something going on here.

Due to its rich nightlife and its popularity amongst the LGBTQ+ community, it’s no surprise to find that drug and alcohol abuse rates are fairly high here. It’s easy to find illegal drugs and alcohol in this part of Seattle, and many residents of this area struggle with an addiction. Those who are just visiting will also be able to easily access and find party drugs, like cocaine, ecstasy and molly.

Seattle is the drug capital of the US, and Capitol Hill surely contributes to the rising abuse and addiction rates.

Those who are struggling with an addiction should no longer hide in the shadows. It’s time to break free from the addiction by getting help. This guide will outline the addiction resources that can be found in Capitol Hill of Seattle.

Capitol Hill Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

Without the right recovery tools and tactics, it’s almost impossible to overcome an addiction. Many addicts who try to quit on their own will find themselves relapsing. They simply don’t have the right type of support and help needed to handle the withdrawal symptoms and to cope with the cravings. 

Those who are willing to take the first step in seeking professional help from a drug or alcohol rehab center should consider the type of care that they need. Most rehab programs can be separated into two distinct levels of care: 

  • Inpatient care. Residential inpatient treatment programs require patients to take an extended leave of absence from work or school and move into the facility. Most treatment programs run for 28 to 90 days. Patients will receive medical detox, behavioral therapy, counseling and more at the treatment center. They will rebuild themselves before they leave. This level of care is most ideal for those who are likely to relapse and likely to experience dangerous withdrawal symptoms. These patients will be under constant medical supervision.
  • Outpatient care. Outpatient treatment programs are able to offer optimal flexibility and freedom. These programs don’t require much commitment in most cases. If they do, patients can choose when they would like to receive treatment. Outpatient programs are often used as a transition from inpatient care to independent living. It’s also a good choice for those struggling with a mild to moderate addiction. 

There is one outpatient treatment center in Capitol Hill that also offers medical detox services. There aren’t any inpatient drug and alcohol rehab facilities. Those looking for this level of care will need to travel to other areas of Seattle.

For long-term sobriety, recovering addicts must stay motivated. One of the key components of long-term sobriety is peer support within the community. While having supportive family and friends is important, it can be difficult to get them to understand the complexity of the situation. After all, they can’t understand how an addiction may affect the addict’s way of thinking and overall life. 

Those who go to three or more support groups each week tend to have the most success. Those who are fresh out of a rehab program may even want to consider going to recovery meetings every day. There are many different types of support groups to choose from. Popular choices include 12-step programs, like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

There are several rehabilitation centers that offer the option of going to rehab online. The staff at these facilities recognize the fact that for some people, physically attending a treatment program can be a hardship. Some people work long hours, or they have other obstacles that make it hard for them to get the help they need.

Telehealth has been instrumental in making it possible for these individuals to get professional treatment. They are able to work with a therapist and sometimes may even get to participate in group therapy online.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Founded in 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has had decades of experience in helping recovering alcoholics stay sober. There is no fee for joining an AA meeting. The only requirement is a desire to get and stay sober. AA meetings are faith-based and follow twelve specific steps and principles. These meetings help members get connected to a power greater than themselves. 

There are quite a few AA meetings in Seattle. Check out some of the AA meetings that are in and around Capitol Hill below.

Time: Sunday @ 5:00 PM
Group name: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sweetie)
Location: 1520 Bellevue Ave #100

Seattle First Baptist
Time: Wednesday @ 12:00 PM
Group name: Wings
Location: 1111 Harvard Ave

All Pilgrims Church
Time: Friday @ 7:30 PM
Group name: Pilgrims On Broadway
Location: 500 Broadway E

There could be many reasons why a person might not be able to physically attend AA meetings. They may have health issues or other problems that make it impossible. But the good news is that there are AA meetings being held online.

The Greater Seattle Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous has scheduled several AA meetings online. They are being held several days each week. Also, the Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous has a web page that lists many virtual AA meetings. Many of them are being held through Skype or Zoom.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) was founded shortly after AA. These meetings focus on drug-related topics, but they have a meeting structure and style that is the exact same as AA. These meetings give recovering drug addicts an opportunity to talk to other people who are in similar situations. This can help them feel less alone. 

There are quite a few NA meetings in Seattle. Check out some of the options that are closest to Capitol Hill.

Central Lutheran Church
Time: Monday @ 7:00 PM
Group name: NA Regulars
Location: 1710 11th Ave., Seattle

Time: Tuesday @ 12:00 PM
Group name: It’s Your Day
Location: 115 15th Ave E., Seattle

Recovery Cafe
Time: Friday @ 6:00 PM
Group name: Generation Rx
Location: 2022 Boren Ave., Seattle

It is possible to attend online NA meetings, which may come as a relief to those who are unable to make it to in-person meetings. Narcotics Anonymous of the Seattle Area has several meetings listed, and they take place every day of the week. Also, the Narcotics Anonymous website has hundreds of online NA meetings to choose from.

Al-Anon Meetings

The effects of addiction can affect more than just the addict. Loved ones will also often get dragged into the cycle of abuse. They may spend all of their time and effort trying to help the alcoholic recover. Some loved ones may even see their entire lives flash by as a result. Al-Anon meetings helped loved ones of alcoholics learn how to deal with the situation. 

There is one Al-Anon meeting in Capitol Hill. Check it out.

St. Mark’s Cathedral
Time: Monday @ 12:00 PM
Group name: Capitol Hill AFG
Location: 1245 10th Ave E, Seattle

Capitol Hill, WA Treatment Options for Addiction and Alcoholism

Nar Anon Meetings

Much like Al-Anon meetings, Nar Anon meetings are designed to help loved ones. Instead of helping loved ones of alcoholics, Nar Anon helps loved ones of drug addicts. With that said, these meetings are very similar to Al-Anon meetings. Loved ones learn more about drug addictions and what they can do to help loved ones get started on recovery. 

There are quite a few Nar Anon meetings in Seattle. Check out some of the ones that are closest to Capitol Hill.

St. Paul’s Church
Time: Thursday @ 7:00 PM
Group name: Ballard Nar-Anon
Location: 6512 12th Ave W., Seattle

Luther Memorial Lutheran Church
Time: Wednesday @ 7:00 PM
Group name: Hope Lives Here
Location: 13047 Greenwood Ave N., Seattle

Alateen Meetings

Teens who are living with an addict may lead troubled lives. They may develop mental health issues or may be forced to grow up too quickly. They may need to take on more responsibilities or may not be able to enjoy their childhood as much. Alateen meetings help them understand how to move on from the addict. These meetings are for teens between the ages of 13 and 18. 

Some young people may find that they need additional support. There are also Alateen chat meetings, and these are available for teens between the ages of 13 and 18.

Check out some of the Alateen meetings near Capitol Hill below.

Time: Wednesday @ 8:00 PM
Group name: Courage To Be Me Alateen
Location: 2400 8th Ave W., Seattle

Time: Monday @ 7:00 PM
Group name: West Seattle Alateen
Location: 3940 41st Ave SW., Seattle

While there are no official Nar-Anon meetings online, there are ways to chat with others within the organization. Nar-Anon chat meetings can instantly connect with their peers online and get support electronically.

SMART Recovery Meetings

Try a science-based support group like Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) meetings in the event that the 12-step programs don’t seem to work. These meetings follow a 4-point program that teaches members how to solve problems logically and how to manage any type of addictive behavior. Check out some of the SMART meetings in and around Capitol Hill below.

Seattle Public Library
Time: Thursday @ 6:00 PM
Location: 425 Harvard Ave E., Seattle

Sacred Heart Church
Time: Monday @ 6:00 PM
Location: 2nd Ave N. & Thomas

Good Shepherd Center
Time: Thursday @ 12:00 PM
Location: 4649 Sunnyside Ave N. Seattle

About Northpoint Washington

Northpoint Washington is an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program located in Edmonds, Washington. Our program runs for 28 days and it includes both detox and rehab services.

We participate with many health insurance companies because we want to keep our patients’ out of pocket costs as low as possible. We also work with Cobra plans for anyone who has lost their job, gotten laid off, or who has been furloughed.

In addition to our rehab program, we also offer treatment online for those who need it. We use telehealth to connect us with our patients virtually for individual sessions and other forms of treatment.

How to Pay for Rehab in Capitol Hill, Washington

A lot of people do not realize that their health insurance policies include benefits to help pay for the cost of detox and rehab. Of course, each policy is different, which is why we always verify our patients’ insurance before their treatment starts.

It can be challenging to go to rehab without health insurance, and it is a good idea to check to shop for a policy. But for those who cannot afford health insurance, there are other ways to get the treatment they need.

SAMHSA offers grants to people who cannot afford to go to rehab and who do not have insurance. Other ways to pay for treatment include taking out a loan, using a credit card or even starting an online funding campaign.

At Northpoint Washington, we are committed to helping our patients who struggle financially. We want them to get the best treatment possible, and we are willing to assist wherever we can.

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Embrace the Journey to Sobriety

The road to recovery will take some time. Sobriety is a lifelong adventure. To get started on this new journey, seek professional assistance from a drug rehab or alcohol rehab. It’s never too late to get started on your recovery. The journey may seem daunting, but recovery is definitely possible. All you need to do is take one step at a time.

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Northpoint Washington is committed to helping you get sober. Our team of addiction experts understand what you’re going through. Many of them are recovering addicts themselves. Check out our 28-day drug and alcohol detox and rehab program to get a better idea of the level of care that we can provide. If you have any further questions, reach out to us. We have a team of specialists available around-the-clock to answer your questions, concerns and general inquiries.

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