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Addiction Rehab Resources for Duvall, WA

Duvall, WA Addiction Rehab Resources

Rehab resources in Duvall, WA are important for addicts looking to recover successfully.

With the opioid epidemic, it’s created a greater need for addiction recovery support. It started over a decade ago when doctors over prescribed pain killers without understanding how addictive they could be. On top of that, there are also addiction problems with alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and meth. These are all addictive drugs, making it hard to stop on your own. Duvall is within Seattle which means there’s greater access to street drugs.

This is the importance of addiction rehab resources as well as aftercare maintenance. We have put together this page so you understand what kind of options you have. Regardless of your financial state or how much money you have for rehab, there is help available. We have included addiction resources in Duvall such as detox, inpatient and outpatient detox, and 12-step meetings.

Addiction in Duvall, WA

Duvall is within Seattle city limits which exposes it to more illicit drugs. On top of that, there are many people also suffering from addiction to prescription opioid painkillers. Washington substance abuse statistics are among the highest in the country. Heroin and meth are easy to get on the streets as is cocaine. For some who have become addicted to prescription painkillers, they may resort to heroin because it gives them the same effect.

Addiction is challenging to do on your own but it is a treatable disease. You just need to know the tools to make addiction recovery successful. This is why professional help is so necessary. The government has created new regulations that ensure everyone can go to addiction rehab in Duvall and throughout the country. This is because rehab has proven to be more effective towards recovery than trying to manage it on your own. Rehab helps you to understand what addiction is and how it relates to you. You get tools to help you past the triggers and the cravings. Most importantly, you get much needed support.

Addiction rehab is available as an inpatient or outpatient program. The costs and quality of treatment vary depending on your needs. Know that if you have a family member you suspect is an addict, you can get professional intervention help. Many times, an addict isn’t willing to get the help they need so it might be up to you.

Rehab Recovery Options in Duvall, WA

Inpatient Rehab Programs

An inpatient rehab program in Duvall gives you full spectrum addiction treatment. You are in a residential setting that allows you to focus on recovery. You will go through one-on-one therapy sessions based on your needs. You also have peer group therapy sessions daily. As you’re on a campus, you have no way to obtaining substances even when you have cravings. Instead, you learn how to work through the emotions.

They will start you off with detox which gets rid of the substance in your body completely. This can cause uncomfortable symptoms and it’s best to go through this under professional care. From there, you can transition into the rest of rehab treatment which is where you’re dealing with psychological reasons for your addiction.

PHP in Duvall is more of a transition program than something you’d start with. After rehab, you may not be ready to go home. This is where a program like this comes in. You get intensive treatments daily. Most PHP programs offer up to 6 hours of treatments daily. You usually go into a clinical or hospital setting to get this treatment. You have the option of being in a sober living environment where you have support from other recovering addicts around you. This program is most beneficial for those with complex addictions such as dual diagnosis or who don’t have a supportive home life.

An outpatient rehab program is common as they cost the least amount to run. This is why government or church run organizations will usually host these types of rehab. When you go through an outpatient program, you will be able to stay at home. There’s a lot of flexibility in an outpatient program which you may need if you’re continuing to work. It doesn’t cost as much as other programs but you also don’t get high quality treatment. It’s a good step down option from other, more intensive programs.

Intensive Outpatient Programs are a hybrid of inpatient and outpatient rehab. The treatment sessions are similar to what you’d get if you went to an inpatient program. However, you go to a facility during the day to get your treatments and are free to work and stay at home throughout the IOP. These programs cost less than inpatient rehab. There is an obligation to do 3 hours of therapy, 3-5 times per week. This is a good step-down program for those with more complex addiction issues.

Detox centers in Duvall can help you with the first step towards recovery. As mentioned, you can do detox if you’re attending rehab programs also. The detox process takes 5-7 days and you’ll either have holistic or medical detox options. This depends on the kind of substance you used and how intense your addiction was. When the substance leaves the body, it causes uncomfortable to deadly withdrawal symptoms. Being monitored throughout the process and getting help when you need it improves your chances of getting past detox successfully.

Our Addiction Treatment Facility

Our alcohol and drug rehab treatment facility is located in Edmonds, Wa. Duvall, WA to Northpoint Recovery is a 30 minute drive.

Our Closest Inpatient Location:

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12-Step Meetings In Duvall, WA

Once you’ve come home from rehab, it will be important to have a maintenance plan. This can include an addiction counselor in Duvall if you need one-on-one therapy still. There are also many 12-step meetings that bring you together with a welcoming community of recovering addicts. Family support is available through groups like Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, and Alateen.

Here are some meetings available in Duvall, WA.


9:30 am
Duvall Sunday Morning
Duvall Visitor Ctr
15619 Main St NE
Duvall, WA


6:00 pm
Duvall Big Book Study
Duvall Train Depot
26225 NE Stephens St
Duvall, WA


8:00 pm
Duvall Candlelight
Holy Innocents Catholic
26526 NE Cherry Valley Rd
Duvall, WA


7:30 pm
26227 Stephens Street NE
Duvall, WA


12:00 noon
Broadview Community Church
325 North 125th Street
Seattle, WA


12:30 pm
106 5th Ave, Room 21
Kirkland, WA


10:00 am
6400 108th Ave NE,
Kirkland, WA

Crack Cocaine Addiction and Treatment

Is Inpatient Rehab in Duvall, WA Right For You?

An inpatient rehab program does offer the highest quality treatment. Staying in a residence helps you avoid any triggers during your most vulnerable time. There are a lot of benefits to going through an inpatient program but that doesn’t mean it’s right for you. If you have obligations at home you can’t get away from or you don’t have the money to do inpatient rehab, there are other options. If it’s a financial concern that’s holding you back, you can check your insurance to see if you’re covered.

Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs may suit your needs better. You can stay at home and the programs cost less. What’s important is you get professional help and support to ensure you recover from addiction.

At Northpoint Washington, we care about your recovery. Our compassionate and professional addiction staff have helped thousands of people get past addiction. We also help bring loved ones back together because we know how essential their support is to your recovery. We use the most up to date methods when it comes to addiction treatment. We’re ready to help you get started on your recovery when you’re ready for help. Call us today.

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