Centralia, Washington Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources in Centralia, Washington

Even small, historic towns like Centralia, Washington are not untouched by drug and alcohol addiction.

If anything, those who are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse may be more reluctant in seeking help. After all, they may not want everyone in the small town to know that they have a problem. They may feel embarrassed by how far they’ve let the addiction progress.

Drug addicts and alcoholics in this town should not let their addiction fester and worsen. The truth is that there are many addiction resources in this area. The only issue is that many people don’t know where to look.

Check out this guide to learn more about the drug and alcohol rehab facilities in the area, as well as the different recovery meetings that are available. Knowing what’s available and where to look for help is the first step in getting sober.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Centralia, Washington

Trying to overcome an addiction alone at home is not a good idea. It’ll usually lead to some poor results. Alcohol and drug abusers have completely different neurochemical levels in their brain than normal people. They need professional addiction treatment services, like medical detox, to get sober. 

There is only one inpatient treatment center in Centralia, Washington, but there are plenty more options available in surrounding areas. It’s possible to find outpatient programs within a short drive away. Let’s take a look at the differences between inpatient and outpatient programs: 

  • Inpatient programs. This level of care is the most intense. Clients will pack a bag and move into the addiction treatment facility for 28 to 90 days. There, they will be under constant supervision and will also gain access to a wide range of addiction treatment services, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and group counseling.
  • Outpatient programs. This level of care offers the most flexibility. Clients can get treated only once a week if they desire. Those with a more serious condition should seek treatment every day of the week. With outpatient treatment programs, clients don’t live at the rehab facility; thus, they can get treated while still going to work or school. 

Narrow down the options by considering which rehab facilities offer the specific treatment approaches that clients are interested in. Also, consider which rehab center has Joint Commission Accreditation, and which one has an environment that feels most comfortable. It’s always a good idea to check out the facility before making a decision.

Centralia, Washington Recovery Meetings and Support Groups

Mutual support groups and recovery meetings can make a huge difference in one’s recovery. Those who go to meetings regularly tend to feel more supported. They are usually able to better deal with any negative emotions or thoughts that may come their way. These individuals also tend to feel as if they are part of something big. These feelings may encourage these individuals to keep going even when they want to quit.

Treasure sobriety and avoid relapse by going to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. These faith-based meetings offer recovering alcoholics a place to call home. They can find a shoulder to lean on while they talk about the issues that they are facing. These meetings are a type of 12-step program that will teach members how to become more self-aware of their actions and how to right their wrongs.

Grupo Vuelva a la Vida
Time: Everyday @ 7:00 PM
Group name: V.A.V.
Location: 1736 Harrison Avenue

Oakview Grange
Time: Sunday @ 6:00 PM
Location: 2715 N Pearl Street

First United Methodist Church
Time: Wednesday @ 6:00 PM
Location: 506 S Washington Avenue

Many recovering drug users will seek support from others at Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. These faith-based support groups have adopted the same twelve principles and steps as AA. The only difference is that these meetings discuss topics related to drug abuse. Members can be addicted to any type of drug. Some members may even struggle with polysubstance abuse. NA helps them work through their emotions and have faith in their recovery.

Gather Cafe
Time: Monday @ 6:00 PM
Location: 408 North Main Street
0.19 miles away

Denny's Restaurant
Time: Sunday @ 8:00 AM
Location: 1052 Harrison Avenue
1.42 miles away

Yardbirds Shopping Center
Time: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday @ 7:30 PM; Monday to Saturday @ 12:00 PM
Location: 2100 North National Avenue, Chehalis
2.31 miles away

It’s difficult to learn that a loved one may be an alcoholic. Many family and friends of alcoholics often blame themselves for the addiction. They feel as if they should have seen the signs from a mile away. Al-Anon meetings are faith-based programs designed to help loved ones of alcoholics. Members practice the same twelve steps in every 12-step program in order to reclaim their lives from the addiction.

Unity Center
Time: Tuesday @ 6:00 PM
Group name:Fellowship In Unity AFG
Location: 800 S Pearl Street
0.9 km away

St. Mark's Lutheran Church
Time: Thursday @ 7:00 PM
Group name: Rochester Thursday Night AFG
Location: 10000 Highway 12 SW, Rochester
15.8 km away

Hope House First Presbyterian Church
Time: Sunday @ 6:00 PM
Group name: Hope House AFG
Location: 125 Central Ave E, Tenino
17.5 km away

Family and friends of alcoholics are not the only people who suffer. Those who are close to drug users will also suffer in the same way. These individuals should consider going to Nar Anon meetings, which is a type of faith-based support group. There, family and friends of drug users can spill their fears and frustrations to others in similar situations. They can also learn how to reclaim their lives from the addiction by mastering the twelve steps of the program.

St. John's Episcopal Church
Time: Tuesday @ 7:00 PM; Saturday @ 6:00 PM
Group name: Hope For Today
Location: 114 20th Avenue SE, Olympia
21.9 miles away<

Manitou Park United Presbyterian Church
Time: Monday @ 6:30 PM
Group name: Just For Today
Location: 6613 South Cheyenne Street, Tacoma
39.6 miles away

1414 Club
Time: Tuesday @ 4:30 PM
Group name: You Are Not Alone
Location: 1414 12th Avenue, Longview
39.9 miles away

Young children and teenagers often have a difficult time fitting in at Al-Anon meetings. They face different obstacles, have different responsibilities and are at different maturity levels. Alateen meetings are faith-based, 12-step programs like Al-Anon. The only difference is that these meetings are for those between the ages of 8 to 21. These meetings help young individuals learn more about addiction and learn how to reclaim their lives from addiction.

Redeemer Lutheran Church
Time: Tuesday @ 7:30 PM
Group name: Tuesday Night Survivors Alateen
Location: 1001 Princeton Street, Fircrest
(For ages between 10 to 18)
67.1 km away

Many people are now starting to see the merits of science-based meetings. Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) meetings are 4-point programs aimed at helping addicts manage addictive behaviors. Members spend most of their time learning how to master various recovery skills, like the ABCs of REBT for urge coping and how to practice Unconditional Self Acceptance (USA).

VA Puget Sound Health Care System
Time: Sunday @ 3:00 PM
Location: 9600 Veterans Drive S.W. Lakewood, WA 98493 USA

Tacoma Rainbow Center
Time: Tuesday @ 5:15 PM
Location: 2215 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, WA 98402 USA

Alta Counseling
Time: Saturday @ 10:00 AM
Location: 1712 6th Ave Ste 400 Tacoma, WA 98405, USA

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