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Percocet Rehab in WA: The Importance of Recovering from this Addiction

Percocet is a medication that is created by mixing acetaminophen and oxycodone, which is an opiate. Percocet is generally used to relieve severe pain, and it’s often given after surgical procedures or because of serious injuries, such as herniated disks in the back. Percocet is much stronger than Vicodin, and it is supposed to be prescribed for a short period of time only. Percocet is a drug that produces excess dopamine in the body, which leads to sensations of relaxation, euphoria and a state of calmness.

Percocet is known as Percs on the street, and even though it’s available by doctor’s prescription, it is also possible to get it illegally. Abusing Percocet usually means using more than the prescribed dosage, chewing the pills, crushing them and snorting them, or dissolving them and injecting the liquid to get a faster high.

Maybe you’re addicted to Percocet, either because you became addicted by accident, or because you have been abusing it knowingly. Either way, if you want to stop using Percocet, it’s so important to do it in the safest way possible. Percocet rehab services are available for those who want to stop using Percocet and recover from their addictions to this dangerous and often abused medication.

Percocet Rehab Programs in Washington State: How Does Addiction Happen?

In most cases, addictions to Percocet happen in the most innocent way. You’re prescribed the medication because you had surgery, or because you went to the doctor and you’re in pain. His job is to relieve your pain, and so, he prescribes a very powerful pain medication to take the edge off. You start taking your medication with very little care about what might happen when you do.

As time goes on, your medication seems to be working well for you, but then one day it doesn’t. You take a larger dose to get some relief, and it works. This occurs because you’ve developed a tolerance to your medication, and that means you’ve become addicted to it.

Addiction happens this way for many people. For others, it happens because they choose a different way to take their Percocet that’s contrary to the way it’s prescribed. Your brain begins to look at your medication as being necessary to your survival, or at least to your wellbeing.

Percocet Rehab Centers in WA: What are the Signs of Addiction?

Like many people, it’s possible that while you know you probably take too much Percocet, you’re not really sure that you’re addicted. In fact, you actually feel in control of your Percocet use, and you’re sure you can stop taking it if you really wanted to. There are some signs you can look for to determine whether or not you should consider Percocet rehab facilities so that you can recover. These include:

  • You’re crushing and snorting, or injecting your medications
  • You’re taking too much Percocet at one time to get some relief from your symptoms
  • You’re doctor shopping in an attempt to get more of your medication
  • You’re purchasing Percocet illegally
  • You’ve stolen Percocet from someone in your family, or from a friend 

Any one of these indicates that you have an addiction, and you should seriously consider Percocet rehabs in order to recover.

Percocet Addiction Treatment in WA State: Why is Inpatient Percocet Rehab the Best Option?

Recovering from a Percocet addiction means stopping the medication, but this should never be attempted on your own, outside of medical supervision. Doing so can result in serious withdrawal symptoms that are difficult to manage on your own. Some examples of common Percocet withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Difficulty sleeping at night
  • Having an almost constant runny nose
  • Aches and pains in your muscles
  • Onset of restless legs
  • Stomach cramps, nausea or vomiting

These and other withdrawal symptoms usually cause people to go back to using because they don’t know the proper way to relieve them otherwise. Going to a Percocet rehab can help you by protecting you from relapsing and possibly overdosing, but it can also provide you with relief for these uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Percocet Rehab Cost in Washington: How to Find Affordable Percocet Treatment Programs

When it comes to getting Percocet addiction treatment, one of the reasons people hesitate to act is because they’re concerned about how much it costs to get professional help for their addictions. Many people would love to go to Percocet rehab, but they don’t have the money to pay for it.

What you may not be aware of is the fact that your health insurance company is required to provide benefits to help cover the cost of Percocet rehabs. This is a fairly new development because of the Affordable Care Act, and it’s certainly something that has been needed in the addiction treatment industry for a very long time. If you would like to know what your benefits are for Percocet rehabilitation programs, it’s best to contact a facility and ask them to do an intake with you over the phone.


Choosing Your Percocet Rehabilitation in Washington State at Northpoint Washington

When you’re addicted to Percocet, it can feel as though your entire life is ruled by this dangerous drug. Percocet addictions happen to thousands of people every single year, and many of them feel as though they’re stuck with no way out.

Here at Northpoint Washington, we don’t want that to happen to you. There’s no reason for you to feel trapped by your Percocet addiction, and the right Percocet treatment centers are available to help you stop using it the right way, and with a much better chance of recovering than if you were to stop taking it on your own.

We would love the option to talk with you about getting Percocet addiction help. If you have questions about Percocet rehab cost, or anything else pertaining to your recovery, please contact us today.

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