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Methadone Rehab in WA State: The Methadone Addiction Help You Need

In the 1930s, Methadone was developed. It is a synthetic opiate drug that works much like morphine and heroin. It’s used to help with chronic pain, but it is also useful in treating addictions in those who are dependent upon opiates. Methadone is sold under several different brand names, including: 

  • Diskets
  • Methadose
  • Dolophine 

Methadone works by changing the body’s threshold for pain, and it’s one of the go-to choices for this purpose because it’s much more affordable than other options and because the effects of Methadone can last a very long time. As far as its addictive capacity goes, Methadone is very addictive, and the probability of becoming addicted to it increases the longer you use it. For this reason, Methadone should only be used in the short term, and when it’s used long-term, it’s very easy to build up a tolerance to it. When this occurs, people may find that they’re not getting the relief they once were with the medication, and so they will increase their dosages on their own, or take the next dose sooner than they should. 

Methadone is a very dangerous drug when it’s taken long-term, and if you’re addicted to Methadone, it’s possible that you didn’t mean for addiction to happen at all. Many people get addicted to this particular drug purely by accident, and much of the time, it’s because they didn’t realize that the risk of addiction to it was so high. Going to a Methadone rehab can help you if you’re addicted to this dangerous medication.

Methadone Treatment Centers in WA: How to Tell if You’re Addicted to Methadone

For some people, addiction is a gray area. It’s possible to be unsure as to whether or not you’ve developed an addiction to Methadone, and it can be helpful to know what to look for in someone who is addicted to it. 

You may be in need of Methadone treatment programs if you: 

  • Have experienced an increase in your heart rate when you take Methadone
  • Have had difficulty with your memory when you take Methadone
  • Have ever used Methadone in a way that’s contrary to its prescription
  • Have noticed that your dose of Methadone doesn’t seem to be working for you as well as it once did
  • Have tried to stop using Methadone but found that you couldn’t 

If you can identify with even one of the items on this list, it’s probable that you have an addiction that requires Methadone rehabs in order for you to recover from it.

Methadone Addiction Help in Washington: Is Inpatient Methadone Rehab Right For You?

The idea of going to an inpatient Methadone rehab might seem a bit scary to you, and if it does, that’s OK. There are a lot of people who feel nervous about the thought of going away to get treatment for their addictions. However, this method of Methadone rehab is in place for your safety.

When you’re addicted to a drug that’s as powerful as Methadone, the risk of relapsing and overdosing is very high. It’s essential for you to get the professional support you need during this time so that you’re protected against a possible relapse and overdose. In addition, inpatient Methadone rehab gives you access to treatments that will aid you in your recovery, such as:

  • A 12 Step Program to help walk you through the steps to a successful recovery
  • Group therapy based on your unique needs as a patient
  • Individual therapy with a counselor who can help you identify and heal from the source of your addiction
  • Treatment for any co-occurring disorder that may make it hard to recover from an addiction
  • Family support to help your family understand your recovery goals and progress

Methadone Rehab Facilities in Washington State: What Does Methadone Rehab Cost?

It’s possible that you’ve thought about going to Methadone addiction treatment in the past, but you always put it off because of how much it costs for that kind of care. You may remember a time when people had to pay for Methadone rehabs out of their own pockets because their health insurance plans would not cover it, but those days are long gone. Now, all health insurance companies are mandated to provide coverage to help people pay for Methadone addiction help. This is such a great chance, and it’s resulted in so many more people getting the professional help they need for their addictions.

Methadone Rehab Centers in WA State: Should You Try to Quit on Your Own First?

You may be tempted to try to quit using Methadone on your own first, without professional help, but this is highly discouraged. Methadone withdrawal symptoms can become severe, and they are usually difficult enough to cause someone to relapse. Some of the more common Methadone withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Stomach cramps, nausea or vomiting
  • Becoming extremely paranoid
  • Intense cravings for Methadone
  • Chills and sweating

It’s best to not attempt to stop Methadone on your own, and instead, choose Methadone rehabilitation to guide you and help alleviate these and other withdrawal symptoms.


Choosing Methadone Addiction Treatment in Washington at Northpoint Washington

When you have an addiction to a drug like Methadone, it’s always best to get professional help when you’re ready to quit. Methadone is such a potent drug, and it’s very effective when it’s used properly. Whether you’ve become addicted to it without realizing it, or you’ve been knowingly abusing it for a long period of time, Methadone rehab programs are designed to help you overcome your addiction.

Here at Northpoint Washington, we’ve had the privilege of offering Methadone rehabilitation to so many people in the State of Washington. We use a comprehensive and targeted approach that is designed to meet your unique needs as a patient. We’d love to talk with you about how we can help you overcome this powerful addiction. Please contact us to learn more.

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