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Barbiturate Rehab in Washington State: Contemplating Recovery

Barbiturates are medications that can be prescribed by a doctor to help with anxiety. They are sedative or hypnotic in nature, and they have also been used to manage seizure disorders. There are times when they are used prior to operations as a sedative. At one time, barbiturates were used regularly to treat conditions such as chronic headaches and insomnia, but this practice has mostly ceased because of how addictive they can be.

The most commonly prescribed barbiturates are:

  • Luminal (phenobarbital)
  • Seconal (secobarbital)
  • Fiorinal (butalbital)
  • Brevital (methohexital)
  • Butisol (butabarbital)

When barbiturates are prescribed, it is necessary to consistently check bloodwork to ensure that not too much medication is being given. People become addicted to them because they’ve either taken them for too long, or they’ve increased their dosages on their own because of the euphoric effects that can result.

An addiction to barbiturates of any kind can be very dangerous, and if you have been taking them and you believe you may be addicted to them, it’s so important to consider whether or not a barbiturate rehab might be right for you.

Barbiturate Rehab in Washington: The Nature of the Addiction

Barbiturate addiction begins with barbiturate abuse in just about all cases. Even so, not all people who become addicted to these powerful medications intend to get addicted. For many of them, they don’t realize just how addictive they can be, and they may increase how much they take to get relief from their symptoms. Of course, there are those who desire the high that barbiturates can produce, and for them, addiction is intentional.

A barbiturate addiction usually happens in steps, and not all at once. You increase your dosage because you’ve developed a tolerance to the medications, and when this occurs, you’re teaching your body that it needs barbiturates to survive. Like many people, once you realize you’re addicted, you attempt to stop taking them, but it’s too late. Barbiturate rehabilitation is needed at this stage in order to get off these medications without a lot of withdrawal symptoms and side effects.

How Inpatient Barbiturate Rehab in WA State Can Aid in Recovery

A great deal of support is needed when stopping barbiturates because it is a difficult addiction to overcome. It’s important to realize that these types of medications often cannot be stopped all at once, and so, tapering down your dosage may be required. Inpatient barbiturate rehab is the best place to stop your use of them so that you can be closely monitored. There are a lot of benefits to barbiturate rehab centers, and these include:

  • Giving you time away from home to rest and focus on your recovery
  • Providing you with a counselor to help you understand the source of your addiction
  • Forming friendships with others who understand where you’re coming from
  • Giving you the tools you need to avoid relapsing in the future
  • Offering you professional support and monitoring

Barbiturate Addiction Treatment in WA vs. Stopping on Your Own

Going to barbiturate rehab facilities can seem like a hassle to some people, and so the alternative is to try and stop using them on their own. There are many websites that give tips about how to do this, but it should never be attempted by anyone.

Barbiturate treatment centers are very knowledgeable about how to stop these types of drugs properly, and at any given moment, even the mildest withdrawal symptoms can become rather severe in nature.

Withdrawal symptoms that are likely to occur include:

  • Muscle shakiness and tremors
  • Difficulty sleeping at night
  • Feelings of anger or agitation
  • Vibrant hallucinations
  • Dangerous increase in body temperature

There is also a risk of coma, seizures, or even death.

Barbiturate Rehab Cost in Washington State

Barbiturate treatment programs are no longer as expensive as they once were because of changes in healthcare laws in the United States. Few health insurance providers offered coverage for barbiturate rehabs, which meant far too many people attempted to stop using them on their own. This is all very different now, and health insurance providers are required to provide benefits.

These changes in our country’s healthcare system have been so helpful to so many people, and a lot of them are surprised to find that their barbiturate rehab is covered in full.


Choosing Washington Barbiturate Rehabilitation at Northpoint Washington

Here at Northpoint Washington, we recognize the dangers associated with an addiction to barbiturates. These medications are extremely powerful, and yet, despite how dangerous they can be, many physicians continue to prescribe them because they can be helpful. Unfortunately, they often lead to addictions that require barbiturate rehab programs in order to stop them safely.

If you’re addicted to barbiturates, please don’t attempt to stop taking them on your own. Doing so can be hazardous, and it can easily result in an overdose. Barbiturates addiction help is available for you so that you can recovery properly, and with fewer risks. To learn more, please contact us.

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