Quiz: Am I an Enabler?

Am I an Enabler? Take a Quiz to Find Out

Am I an enabler? That may be the question you frequently ask yourself if you have an addicted loved one.

20 Question Quiz: Am I An Enabler?

It can help to take a quiz to learn more about your enabling behaviors. Below, you'll find a quiz of 20 questions. Answer each question honestly regarding your relationship with your addicted loved one. If your answer is yes, mark the box next to the question. If your answer is no, leave the box blank. When you're finished, enter your email address in the box and click the submit button. You'll immediately be taken to your results.

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More Information About Enablers

Most families mean so well, and yet, they falter when it comes to providing support to addicted loved ones. You don't mean to enable your family member, but you could be doing it without being aware of it. If you are, it's important for you to find that out right away. Otherwise, you won't be able to change your behavior.