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Reviews of Northpoint Seattle and Costs and Comments

Northpoint Seattle Reviews, Cost and Comments

After looking at hundreds of positive Northpoint Seattle reviews and seeing the difference in the Northpoint Seattle, we have discovered why addicts and critics rave about the outpatient program at this facility.

Northpoint Seattle is located in Seattle, Washington. They offer help for those in need of drug and alcohol rehab. They also offer support and assistance for the families of addicts or alcoholics. Their services are provided on an outpatient basis.

For many alcoholics and addicts, inpatient treatment is not an option. They need an alternative type of treatment that will help with their recoveries. For this reason, Northpoint Seattle offers them hope. So many with addictions feel that their inability to commit to an inpatient setting means they can't recover. This simply is not the case.

Are You Searching for Northpoint Seattle Reviews for Outpatient Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab?

Northpoint Seattle Can Help You

You may know that you need something to change in your life. You may even think that you need alcohol or drug treatment, but you just don't know where to begin. Northpoint Seattle can point you in the right direction.

It all begins with being assessed for what your individual needs are. It's important to understand what type of treatment you need for your recovery. Their goal is to offer you personalized help to meet your sobriety goals.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services with Northpoint Seattle

Northpoint Seattle offers many different services that patients seeking recovery need. These include:

  • Addiction Assessments and Testing
  • An Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
  • Counseling for Addiction
  • DUI Assessments
  • Help for Families of Addicts
  • Referrals for Other Types of Alcohol and Drug Rehab
  • Continuing Care for Those with Addictions

Northpoint Seattle offers accredited treatment services which are similar to what you would expect to receive with an inpatient program but with more flexibility. It's also less expensive, which can be an important consideration for many people.

The ultimate goal of the center is to help people overcome their addictions and get their lives back. Each patient is treated with an individual care plan that is customized for their needs. No two addicts are the same. They come with unique circumstances, backgrounds and issues.

The center provides a safe place to begin recovery which will develop a foundation to create a successful future of drug-free living. Each addict receives respect and empathy while giving them the tools they need to rebuild their lives.

The Benefits of Attending Northpoint Evergreen

Northpoint Evergreen provides an intensive outpatient program or IOP for addiction. An IOP is an outpatient program that offers more intense help and resources than many traditional outpatient centers. Addicts can live at home, work a job or care for their family while seeking treatment for their addiction.

The benefits of attending this type of program include the following:

  • High-quality rehab for those living or working in the Bellevue, WA area
  • Individual care, which is tailored to each person
  • Numerous therapy groups for support
  • Empirical program
  • Modern facility that is comfortable and clean
  • Holistic approach to treatment

These features come together to create a safe, inviting center that is focused on ensuring you get the help you need.

The goal of Northpoint Seattle is to help cultivate four guiding principles for each person who receives treatment at the facility. Thee principles will guide recovering addicts to a new life.

First, there is autonomy. As patients reduce and eliminate their dependence on addictive substance, they can once again take control of their lives. Second, they can once again live with integrity and honor as they remove temptation. Third, they begin to see hope because they are no longer under the control of addictive substances. Fourth, they can begin to thrive with goals and dreams as they learn how to become successful not just in treatment but in life.

One of the main keys to success for a drug rehab facility is the staff. They are the ones who provide support and education to those seeking help with addiction. The staff must be professional while exhibiting an attitude of compassion and caring. The team at Northpoint Seattle embody the vision of the center as they work with patients.

While there are several reasons that make Northpoint Seattle unique, one of the distinct features about the center is the understanding of addiction from a personal point of view. The founders have developed innovative ways of dealing with addiction rather than just following a patented formula that doesn't always work for everyone.

In the past, drug addiction treatment was seen as an option only for those with the money to afford care. It was expensive and the average person who hadn't held a job and had no resources couldn't afford to get help. Thanks to the changes in health care, money is usually no longer an issue.

The Affordable Care Act made it so health insurance companies were required to pay for drug addiction treatment. Sometimes there is a small copay while other times, the insurance pays 100 percent. This enables more people to get the help they need. If you don't have health insurance, you may qualify for assistance in The Marketplace, which makes health care affordable for more people.

Northpoint Evergreen accepts many kinds of insurances and will help you determine if you qualify. The staff will verify your insurance and let you know if you have any expenses to pay for out of pocket. This can take away a lot of stress and worry about getting treatment for your drug addiction.

Treatment at Northpoint Evergreen

Addiction is a complicated and often dangerous condition that impacts the addict and the people around them. It's not a simple task to stop using whatever addictive substance has taken control of them. It requires professional help and medically-backed treatment for the person to overcome their addiction. Before considering a drug rehab program, you should find out exactly what is treated at the facility.

At Northpoint Evergreen, all forms of addiction are treated. It doesn't matter whether someone is suffering from alcoholism, heroin addiction or meth abuse. They may be taking prescription medications or street drugs. No matter what substance they are abusing, addiction impacts each person in a unique way. You can't just follow a prescribed treatment plan. Instead, it must be tailored to the individual to help them begin the process of overcoming addiction.

Alcohol addiction is one of the most well-known and common forms of addiction. It's common because alcohol is readily available and legal to purchase and consume. In fact, it's often a celebrated part of activities and events, which can make it even more difficult to overcome an addiction.

Drug addiction is a generalized term for all kinds of medications and drugs that lead to addiction. It may include opiates such as Methadone or Oxycodone as well as the illegal opiate, heroin. Cocaine is another addictive substance that requires professional treatment along with meth and marijuana.

Northpoint Evergreen recognizes that many people who suffer from addiction also have a mental health disorder. In some cases, it may have been diagnosed, but it's often undiagnosed because the person is too afraid or embarrassed to seek help. This leads to co-occurring disorders as the person self-medicates through alcohol or an addictive drug to mask symptoms.

If only the addiction is treated and not the mental health issue, the chances of long-term success is very low. At Northpoint Evergreen, the whole patient is treated to increase the chance of success and to allow them to live a normal, happy, productive life.

There is more to substance addiction treatment than just getting the person to quit using. They must resolve the other issues that led to the addiction to increase the likelihood of success. They also need the support of caring professionals to help them as they make changes in their lives and work towards a future.

How Addiction is Treated at Northpoint Evergreen

When people think of addiction treatment, they often consider inpatient rehab. However, that solution isn't right for everyone. In fact, in many cases a person's responsibilities prevent them from getting help through inpatient care. Instead, they can turn to outpatient programs like the one at Northpoint Evergreen, which allows them to continue to manage the other aspects of their lives while receiving the help they need.

Northpoint Seattle

Many times, a person will attend Northpoint Evergreen after going through an inpatient program. They may be referred by the inpatient center for continuing treatment. Others may feel they still need support beyond what a group meeting can provide. They elect to go to outpatient treatment even though they have successfully completed an inpatient program.

By continuing treatment with an outpatient program after initial inpatient care, the recovering addict increases the chances that they will maintain sobriety for the long-term. Outpatient and inpatient drug rehab isn't necessarily an either-or decision. They can work together to help addicts maintain sobriety, especially for those who have been addicted for many years or using heavily.

At Northpoint Evergreen, the focus is on intensive outpatient programs. An IOP provides similar treatment to inpatient care but in an outpatient setting. With an IOP, the person attends therapy for several hours each week. The sessions are often scheduled in the evenings to allow the person to continue to work or go to school. As the person progresses in their plan, the sessions are reduced.

There is no way to say how effective a program will be for one person. While the staff will work to create an individualized plan to help a person be successful, it is up to the individual for the results. They must put effort into the program. It takes hard work and dedication, but you can be guaranteed of having a support system behind you who will work with you towards your goals.

Treatment at Northpoint Evergreen focuses on helping you stop using in the first place. Then, it works with you to build your ability to fight temptation by recognizing when it exists and developing strategies to beat it.

Your Connection to Drug Rehab Resources

Northpoint Evergreen is an outpatient drug addiction treatment facility, but the staff understand this method of care isn't the only one available. The staff will conduct a thorough assessment of each patient to determine the level and type of care they need. For those who need a different type of care, the staff will direct them to the best services in the area.

Even though the center doesn't provide detox services, they know the best facilities for detoxification. They will provide recommendations based on individual needs. For those who complete the program at Northpoint Evergreen, they will recommend ongoing support through groups and other resources to help the person adjust to their new life and avoid relapsing.

The center has a vast network of resources, which is one of the many reasons why they are an exceptional drug rehab facility. Patients aren't forced to fit in a cookie-cutter plan or left to their own resources if they don't fit the model addict. Instead, the center works with them to achieve their goals even when Northpoint Evergreen isn't the best option.

Outpatient rehab isn't always the best option for drug addiction treatment, even if it's an IOP. You must be committed and able to stick with sobriety while learning how to deal with addiction. It's best if you can remove yourself from the environment which led to your addiction.

You can trust Northpoint Evergreen to select the best plan of care for your situation. They won't leave you to fight this battle on your own even if an IOP isn't the right option for you. Instead, they will refer you to qualified treatment centers where you can get the help you need even if you live outside of the Bellevue area.

What People Say About Northpoint Evergreen

When trying to decide which facility is right for you, it can be helpful to hear what others have to say. Those who have been through the treatment program can provide unique and valuable insight into the facility, the team and the resources available to you.

One of the aspects of the facility that patients value is the staff. The fact that there is a high staff to patient ratio which allows for better care and more individualized attention helps patients feel more supported. Former patients recognize the passion the staff has for what they do. They are not only knowledgeable but dedicated to helping those who come to the center for help.

In addition to the staff, former patients appreciate the new facility which is clean and modern. The design is inviting and relaxing, allowing the person to focus on recovery in a beautiful place.

Northpoint Seattle starts at the top with its philosophy of caring and compassion as leaders and managers treat employees with respect, which then translates into the way they treat the patients. The vision and guiding principles aren't just words included to make the facility sound good. Instead, they are embodied in the people who work with patients and leaders of the facility.

Many people have gone to Northpoint Seattle after trying to get clean from other treatment programs and relapsing. It was only as they found success with this center that they were able to achieve long-term sobriety.

Northpoint Seattle has received numerous reviews from Facebook users and Google reviewers. In each of those areas, the center was given five-star ratings, which testifies to its outstanding reputation. In fact, many reviewers echoed the same sentiments, such as the following:

  • Best decision ever made
  • Kind and caring staff
  • Supportive staff
  • Staff was knowledgeable and understanding
  • Treated with respect
  • Saved my life

Should You Get Help at an Outpatient Treatment Center?

You may wonder if you might possibly be addicted to a substance, but you're not sure. Maybe you don't look like what you consider a typical addict. You might still have a job and never miss a day at work. Your children are cared for and you even make it to all their games or activities. Even though you are using drugs or drinking too much, you think you have it under control because it hasn't ruined your life. Yet.

You can contact the staff at Northpoint Evergreen to get an assessment and determine if you are an addict. They will evaluate you and help you decide if you need help. If you're still able to manage your life even with an addiction, you may be a good candidate for the program at Northpoint Evergreen.

Perhaps you aren't addicted to a substance, but you know you're using it more than you should. You may suffer from drug abuse, which can lead to drug addiction in time. You don't have to wait until it becomes a full addiction to get help. You seek out treatment for drug abuse and deal with the reasons behind the use.

Identifying Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse

Drug abuse usually comes first. You may use a prescription drug more than what it was prescribed or continue using it after you should have stopped taking it. You may have more drinks than what you should or start drinking earlier in the day. You might even experiment with illicit drugs at a party or with friends.

At this point, you're not addicted, but you like the way the drugs make you feel. You can stop any time, but you don't want to. The drug makes you feel better or stop feeling bad. You can usually function normally, going to work, taking care of your family and being involved in other activities.

Over time, your body becomes dependent on the drugs. It adjusts the chemicals in the brain to allow the drugs to take over the system. When the drugs are gone, the body craves more. It sends warning messages to the brain that you need more of the drug. These warnings come in the form of withdrawal symptoms. They get worse until you use some more of the drug to get relief. At this point, you can say you have become addicted.

Outpatient programs can be the ideal choice for someone with a drug abuse problem or a new drug addiction. It can also be helpful for someone with a long history of addiction who has gone through inpatient rehab, but they aren't ready to be on their own.

If you see the need to get help based on information you've read here or what others have said to you, it might be a good idea to contact a drug rehab center like Northpoint Evergreen. The staff can help you decide the best course of treatment even if it's not at their facility. They can offer direction and recommendations so you can get the help you need to overcome your drug abuse or addiction problem.

Are you interested in getting more information about outpatient drug and alcohol rehab? Please contact Northpoint Seattle right away.

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