The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol with Other Drugs

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Mixing alcohol with other drugs is incredibly dangerous. In fact, many people lose their lives because of it. Quite often, people fail to recognize the dangers of mixing alcohol with different types of drugs. Individuals who abuse drugs will frequently use alcohol as a magnifier when they use drugs. Others do so without realizing the ramifications of their actions. It’s important to understand the seriousness of this problem.

Types of Drugs People Frequently Mix with Alcohol

Drug addiction occurs quickly for a number of people. In fact, people will frequently develop drug addictions within a few weeks’ time. Once an addiction is formed, the person has usually developed a tolerance for the drug. This means that it takes more of the drug to get the desired effects. Tolerance levels continue to increase over time. When this happens, sometimes alcohol is introduced as a way to intensify the effects of the drug. It’s very effective, but it’s also quite dangerous. There are many different types of drugs that people will frequently mix with alcohol.

The Effects of Cocaine and Alcohol

Cocaine is an unpredictable drug all on its own. When alcohol is added along with it, its effects become even more unpredictable. People generally experience one of two different effects when they use cocaine and alcohol together. They may find that the effects of each drug are more muted. On the other hand, sometimes the effects of both drugs are increased dramatically. Taking both cocaine and alcohol can easily lead to a cocaine overdose. Cocaine is a stimulant that causes an increase in metabolism. When this occurs, the effects of alcohol hit the brain much faster. It’s almost as if you consumed a large amount of alcohol very fast. One of the dangers associated with taking cocaine and alcohol together is the creation of cocaethylene. Cocaethylene is a substance that causes your body to feel the effects of both drugs more intensely. Cocaethylene can also lead to heart problems or death.

The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol with Heroin

Alcohol and heroin are both depressants. This means that they produce similar effects in the body. When alcohol and heroin are taken separately, they can lead to breathing problems. This generally occurs when higher amounts of each are used. However, when they are used together, this effect is amplified. Also, alcohol leads to impaired judgment when it is consumed. In higher amounts, this impairment becomes even worse. When alcohol and heroin are consumed together, a heroin overdose is a major risk. You may find that you miscalculate how much heroin you have used. This can lead you to use even more. When heroin and alcohol use occur together, the probability of dying from a heroin overdose increases.

The Effects of Alcohol and Marijuana

Many people use alcohol and marijuana at the same time. This is highly problematic for a number of reasons. Alcohol and marijuana are both considered by many to be relatively “safe” substances. Alcohol is considered safe because it is so readily available. Marijuana is considered safe because it is legal in so many states in the U.S. It’s also considered to be non-addictive by most people. When marijuana is used on its own, it has the ability to help with nausea and vomiting. In fact, many who use medical marijuana do so for this reason. When coupled with alcohol consumption, marijuana can also have this effect on a person’s body. This can be very dangerous. When you have consumed too much alcohol, your body’s natural response is to vomit. This is your body’s way of getting rid of excessive alcohol that could cause you harm. For many who binge drink, it keeps them from getting alcohol poisoning. Using marijuana may cause too much alcohol to stay in your body. This can lead to alcohol poisoning, which is a very serious condition. If you drink alcohol and smoke pot at the same time, you may experience other effects as well. These include:

  • Having problems with concentration
  • Feeling like you or the room is spinning
  • Becoming paranoid
  • Having coordination issues
  • Feeling paralyzed in parts of your body

Mixing Prescription Opiates with Alcohol

Opiates are among the most dangerous drugs in the world when they’re used on their own. People often don’t realize this because they’re prescribed by a doctor. When opioid drugs are combined with alcohol, the result can be serious medical complications. There are many prescription opiates that should never be taken with alcohol. Among them are:

  • Oxycodone
  • Vicodin
  • Codeine
  • Percocet
  • Fentanyl

Combining alcohol with these or any other prescription opioids can be devastating to the body. These drugs alone can easily cause slowed or even arrested breathing. When combined with alcohol, these problems are magnified considerably. Other problems that may result include a lower pulse and blood pressure. You may also become unconscious or go into a coma. There is a high risk of death when combining opioid drugs and alcohol as well.

Stimulants Mixed with Alcohol

Stimulants are drugs that are prescribed by a doctor. Therefore, they are perceived as being safe. However, when stimulants are combined with alcohol, the result can be dangerous. Many people take stimulant prescription drugs for ADD or ADHD. These drugs are very helpful for individuals with these conditions. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware that they shouldn’t drink and use stimulants together. Some examples of stimulant prescription drugs are:

  • Adderall
  • Concerta
  • Strattera
  • Ritalin
  • Vyvase
  • Dexedrine

When you take one of these drugs and you drink alcohol, the effects of alcohol on you are hidden. You might not even realize that you’re getting drunk, or even consuming too much. This can lead to you:

  • Making poor decisions
  • Having problems with your coordination
  • Passing out
  • Blacking out
  • Dying

Drinking Alcohol Along with Depressants

Many people are prescribed or addicted to depressant drugs. These are prescription drugs that are usually used to treat anxiety. They can be used to treat other conditions as well. Once again, the perceived safety of depressants is one of the reasons they are so dangerous. Many people aren’t informed of the danger of mixing depressants with alcohol. Some examples of depressants include:

  • Xanax
  • Valium
  • Ativan
  • Klonopin
  • Librium
  • Halcion

Alcohol is also a depressant. This means that the two work together to produce an even more depressing effect on the nervous system. This can have potentially dangerous consequences. Drinking alcohol and taking depressants at the same time can lead to:

  • A loss of sphincter control
  • Memory loss
  • Loss of balance and stumbling
  • Dizziness
  • Potentially, even death

Why is it Dangerous to Mix Alcohol with Other Drugs?

As you can see, it is very dangerous to mix alcohol with any other drug. This is true regardless of the type of drug you’re using. Alcohol is a potent drug in its own right. It often flies under the radar, and it is thought to be pretty harmless. This is definitely not the case. Mixing alcohol with other drugs has the potential to cause you serious harm. To recap, when you mix alcohol with any other drug, you run the risk of:

  • Overdosing on the drug you are using
  • Experiencing alcohol poisoning
  • Falling into a coma
  • Having heart problems and complications
  • Taking major risks with your own life
  • Dying because of an overdose, or because of a substance use complication

Clearly, it is not worth the high to mix alcohol with any other drug; even one that seems benign.

Consuming Alcohol and Other Drugs Accidentally

There are times when people accidentally consume alcohol and another drug at the same time. This is often seen in the news when instances of date rape are reported. You may find yourself in a situation where you think you have accidentally consumed alcohol and another drug. If you do, it’s so important for you to know what to do. You can take these steps to get help:

  • Immediately contact 911. They will send paramedics to where you are. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Don’t leave the area you’re in. In fact…
  • Stay in a group of other people so you are not alone.
  • Tell someone about what you think may have happened to you. Preferably, choose someone in charge to protect your own safety. For example, you should tell the manager if you are at a bar or a restaurant.
  • Remain calm and focus on your breathing until help arrives. This is so important because it may help you stay mentally alert.

Unfortunately, sometimes people do consume drugs and alcohol together. Many times this is done on accident. If this is the case for you, getting immediate help is the key to protect yourself.

Ways to Avoid Drinking and Using Drugs Simultaneously

It can be difficult to know how you can avoid drinking and using drugs without realizing it. This is the case for many college students who end up victims of date rape. Still, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from having this happen to you.

  • If at all possible, make your own drink when you go to a party.
  • Never leave your drink unattended, even if just for a few seconds.
  • If you don’t see your drink being made, refuse to drink it.
  • Don’t consume drinks that come from a punch bowl or a jug.
  • Never attend social gatherings alone. Always go with a few friends you know you can trust.

Are You an Alcoholic and a Drug Addict?

Perhaps you know you consume drugs and alcohol together, and it’s not done by accident. This is often the case for many people all across the country. If you do this regularly, you are frequently putting yourself in a dangerous situation. You could potentially be a drug addict and an alcoholic. Even if you think that your actions are all just in fun, you may have gone past the stage of substance abuse. It is so important for you to know if you are both an alcoholic and a drug addict. You may want to take a quiz to determine if you have an addiction. This quiz may help answer many of the questions you have in your mind about your own substance abuse. If you suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction, you need to get immediate help. In many ways, your situation is even more serious than someone who suffers from just one addiction.

What You Need to Know About Cross Addictions

Cross addictions are when more than one addiction is present at the same time. A cross addiction can occur for anyone. They are likely because people with addictions are prone to additional ones. Quite often, cross-addictions involve being addicted to alcohol and one other type of drug. If you believe you need more than one substance as a part of your life, you may have a cross addiction. This is so important for you to know and be aware of.

Treating Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Together

In order for addiction treatment to be effective, cross-addictions must be treated together. This is so important. When one addiction is treated, and the other left out, a relapse is actually quite typical. This is why when you go to drug and alcohol treatment, it’s important to disclose everything. Only getting treated for one addiction is very likely to not be effective for you at all.

Alcohol and Drug Detox and the Benefits of this Addiction Treatment

The first type of treatment you will probably experience is drug and alcohol detox. This is such an important first step for you to take during your recovery. Detoxifying your body will help it release many toxins that can lead to complications. These toxins like to stay in the body, and they can make recovering very difficult for you. Alcohol and drug detox can also help you avoid serious medical problems that can result when you stop using.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Once you’ve gone through detox, the next step is drug and alcohol rehab. This looks a little bit different for everyone. Most people find that inpatient treatment is the appropriate option for them. While you’re there, you’ll participate in many different types of therapy. Your counselor will help you understand the cause of your addictions. You’ll participate in group therapy, and possibly a 12 Step Program of treatment. You will find your drug and alcohol addiction treatment to be such a rewarding experience. There’s no reason for you to have to recover on your own.

Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Can Play a Major Role in Your Recovery

Most people mix alcohol with other drugs without realizing how dangerous it is. You may have done it for the same reason. Even so, just because you don’t know how dangerous it is, that doesn’t mean it’s not harmful. Mixing alcohol and drugs with each other can be a deadly combination. It’s not something to do in fun, or out of curiosity. It could be a fatal decision with eternal consequences. It’s possible that you regularly mix alcohol with other drugs. You might do so because you enjoy the way it makes you feel. If you’re being honest, you probably can’t imagine your life without alcohol or drugs being a part of it. If that’s the case, you could be addicted to both of them. If you’re addicted to drugs and alcohol, drug and alcohol rehab is the solution. Continuing to mix alcohol with drugs only puts you more in harm’s way. If you’re not addicted to them now, you could form an addiction very quickly. It generally doesn’t take very long. Maybe you’ve been looking for a way to recover from your addiction to drugs and alcohol for quite some time. Your treatment will most likely begin with drug and alcohol detox. This will help to remove toxins from your body. After that, you will progress into alcohol rehabilitation treatment. This will most likely involve counseling, group therapy, and other forms of treatment. You don’t have to remain in your addiction for the rest of your life. You also don’t have to continue being a prisoner of alcohol and drugs. The right kind of help is available for you to recover properly from your addiction. Mixing alcohol with other drugs is so dangerous. Heed the warning and seek out recovery right away.

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