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18 Addiction Recovery Blogs We Adore and Think You Will Too

We hope you love to work we do on the Northpoint Washington blog. We work really hard at bringing you interesting, useful content that we think you’ll absolutely love. But that said, we’re only one blog. There are plenty more places for you to get good info on addiction and recovery from around the web. Here are 18 of our favorites for you to check out.

1. Some Assembly Required

This blog featured on Psychology Today features content on addiction and recovery, as well as related topics like mental health and chronic pain. Author Dan Mager holds a Master’s degree in social work (MSW) and has published two books in the field. It’s one of the better blogs you’ll find for entertaining reading by a trained professional.

2. The Fix

A fully-featured blog about addiction, The Fix features news, information, and even art and poetry about addiction. More than just being an informative source about addiction, The Fix is a real resource for expression about the addiction recovery community. It’s a source of inspiration as well as information.

3. SMART Recovery Blog

SMART Recovery is one of the best-known support groups for non-spiritual addiction recovery. Their blog is updated regularly and features a range of useful content. Many of their posts are self-promotional, talking about the SMART Recovery organization itself. But they also feature some very useful blogs about anxiety, dealing with cravings, and any number of other addiction-related topics. They even promote volunteer opportunities.

4. Cathy Taughinbaugh

Cathy Taughinbaugh is a mother who has had to deal with addiction in her children, and she now works to reach out to others going through the same difficulty. Many of her posts deal with addiction and recovery in general, but she really resonates for people who are trying hard to support loved ones with addiction, be they children, parents, spouses, or friends.

5. Intervene

Despite a recent internal spat involving a former editor, Intervene is still an interesting pool of articles and information on a variety of topics. They accept guest posts and cover all sorts of addiction topics, from alcoholism to Facebook addiction.

6. Breaking the Cycles

This aptly-named blog is written by Lisa Frederiksen, who boasts four addiction-related e-books published on Amazon. Much of her work focuses on the effects of addiction on relationships, as well as the brain science of addiction. That said, she covers a wide variety of topics across the blog.

7. Ashwood Recovery Blog

Ashwood Recovery, a sister site of ours in Boise, Idaho, features a blog similar to Northpoint Washington. Like this blog, it is frequently updated with a variety of addiction and recovery-related content. However, it’s worth checking both out – there is no republished content between the sites. Some of the content is specific to the Boise area, but most is unique content that is broadly applicable no matter where you’re located.

8. Changing Lives Foundation Blog

While not the most intuitive to navigate, the blog for the Changing Lives Foundation is another good one that focuses on the loved ones of addicts. One particularly strong post is a recent one about the value on consequences, and how it is important to avoid enabling addicts by sheltering them from the consequences of their mistakes.

9. Heroes in Recovery

It’s hard not to be inspired by reading Heroes in Recovery. This is a blog that truly drives home the idea that recovering addicts are just everyday good people who fell victim to an awful disease. This blog shares the stories and perspectives of those who are in, or have gone through, recovery. It puts its authors and characters front-and-center on its pieces, further humanizing them as everyday “heroes” who understand what the struggle of addiction is like.

10. The Northpoint Seattle blog

Another Northpoint sister site blog, this one (as with all Northpoint blogs) also has completely unique content from Northpoint Washington. If you like what you’ve been reading here, and want more like it, give Northpoint Seattle a shot. Better yet, because Northpoint Seattle is a Washington-based center, even the locally-focused articles will be of interest, since most will specifically deal with addiction and recovery in Washington State.

11. Addiction Land

A cleverly-named and designed blog, Addiction Land allows people to create and maintain their own blogs about addiction, but it also features a number of high-profile guest bloggers. These guest bloggers are some of the most renowned experts on addiction today, and the site also features numerous recovery resources and show multiple paths to recovery. In a particularly helpful design choice, Addiction Land also sorts its blogs by topic, from alcoholism to gambling addiction to co-dependency.

12. Tommy Rosen

Tommy Rosen may not appeal to everyone, but he is one of the most notable figures in addiction recovery today. He is mostly notable for his work incorporating yoga into addiction therapy, and has focused primarily on holistic recovery methods and overall wellness. He is a recovered drug addict himself, and while his decidedly Eastern tenets of overcoming addiction through transcendence may not resonate with some, his is still an interesting perspective that has helped a number of people.

13. Recovery Reflections

This is a different type of blog than any of the others we’ve listed here. This description of the site is already longer than nearly every entry on Recovery Reflections. This is a site in which people post a quick reflection on their addiction or recovery. They’re short, to-the-point, and artistic, often no more than a single sentence. But they show a variety of unfiltered perspectives on addiction that are sure to inspire and intrigue you.

14. Jagged Little Edges

The blog of recovered addict Lorelie Rozanno is elegant and looks more like a professional publication than a personal blog. She updates reliably a couple times a month with topics that are compelling and written well. Much of her work focuses primarily on the effects of addiction on families, especially children.

15. International Quit and Recovery Registry Blog

The Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute’s Quit and Recovery Registry is all about learning from successful addiction treatments to better refine future treatment methods. Their blog, however, is a bit different from others on the list. It features very little original content. However, it works as a great aggregator of addiction-related content from other sources, like The Fix, and CDC and NPR. It’s a recommended follow if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest addiction information.

16. Northpoint Recovery

The blog of Northpoint’s original branch features all-original content, just like Ashwood and Northpoint Seattle’s sites. As much care is taken to ensure that content is entertaining, engaging, and informative as at any other site, and both blogs cover a wide range of topics. As we said before, if you like the content on Northpoint Washington, take a look at Northpoint Recovery for more content in a similar vein.

17. Reach Out Recovery

Reach Out Recovery is an absolutely massive addiction resource that covers everything from trending topics to individual substance addictions (including a few you probably haven’t even heard of) to recovery basics. ROR is a 501c3 nonprofit that is an invaluable resource on addiction. They even have information on different 12-step programs around the country, as well as programs that are specifically not 12-step based. Check out “The Recovery Daily” for everything from expert bloggers to entertainment and comedy.

18. Chipur

Despite not being technically an addiction or recovery-related blog, Chipur still deserves a shout on this list because it deals with mental health. Given the rate with which depression, anxiety and bipolarity intersect with addiction and become co-occurring disorders, this is surely a useful resource for many, if not most, recovering addicts.