Flakka Abuse, Addiction and Finding the Best Treatment

Flakka Addiction, Abuse, Detox and Rehab: It is Time to Think About Recovery

Flakka abuse and addiction have gotten extremely popular in certain parts of the United States. A lot of people view this designer drug as being harmless, but professional treatment may be needed for recovery. Going through detox and rehab is a critical step for many people who start using this drug without realizing how addictive it really is.

Flakka has been called a drug that is more dangerous and addictive than even methamphetamine. Many of the stories of people using it have come out of Florida, but make no mistake, it is present in Washington State as well. A lot of people may be curious about its effects, which is why they decide to try it. But it can have serious consequences, and having an “it won’t happen to me” mentality is not the way to avoid them.

The bottom line is that Flakka is dangerous, and there is still so much that we do not know about its effects. It is important to understand what might happen in the short and long-term with continued use of it. But we also want people to realize that if they are addicted, they are not alone. The right treatment can change their lives for the better, and we are here to help.

What is the Flakka Drug?

Flakka is a drug that is still relatively new to the drug scene. It is often sold under the name Gravel, and it’s a synthetic drug that is actually quite similar to crystal meth and bath salts. It contains Alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone, or alpha-PDP, and it is a stimulant drug that is very addictive.

Flakka is usually derived from methamphetamines and a number of other substances. That means that users don’t always really know what they’re getting when they purchase it and use it. It is generally used in electronic cigarettes and vapes, but it can be smoked, snorted or ingested.

If you have a Flakka addiction, or you’ve been abusing it, it’s important to understand as many addiction facts as possible. Once you know more about Flakka, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not you need to get professional help for an addiction to it.

Flakka Addiction Information

How do People Get Addicted to Cathinone Drugs?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Flakka acts in the brain very similar to the way cocaine acts. However, it is believed to be about 10 times stronger. When someone takes cathinone drugs, they’re taking a drug that acts on dopamine and adrenaline in the body. It results in an incredible rush that’s irresistible. The increased dopamine in the body causes a sensation of euphoria. The increased adrenaline gives people a feeling of strength. They feel as though they can do anything, and that they’re unstoppable.

The drug also leads to hallucinations and violence, which experts refer to as excitement delirium. Once the drug begins to leave the body, it results in a crash. This causes people to feel down and depressed. They have intense cravings for it, even after just one use. Their sleep gets disturbed, and some people may even become psychotic without it. The urge to use it again is very strong. Because of these issues, it is possible to become addicted to Flakka even after just one use.

In world where doctors are cracking down on opiates, and prescribing less of them, Flakka may serve as a substitute. This drug is easily found online, and one dose may be as low as $5. This is one of the scariest parts about it. It’s very easy to get and it’s cheap.

Flakka Drug Statistics in the United States

When the Flakka designer drug first appeared, it was a big problem in Florida in Broward County, primarily. In 2015, the DEA cited the following Flakka statistics:

  • In 2014, there were 477 cases analyzed by crime labs in the county.
  • The next closest to that were in Chicago’s Cook County, and they had 212 cases.
  • Broward had a rate of 27 for every 100,000 residents, and there were 1.8 million people living there.
  • The DEA believes that the crackdown on opiates is what led to the rapid increase in Flakka.
  • In all of Florida in 2014, there were 870 Flakka cases.

Since 2014, the use of Flakka in other parts of the country has increased. It was scheduled as a controlled substance by the DEA during that same year.

Yes, Flakka is Available on the Streets of Washington State

Without a doubt, Flakka has become one of the most feared drugs on the streets. It is cheap, which is what has earned it its nickname, $5 Insanity. When users take it, it increases their body temperatures to dangerous levels. This can result in paranoid hallucinations, and it can also make them very strong.

In Florida, a man who was high on Flakka ran naked down the street. He tried to have sexual intercourse with a tree, and at some point, the police were called to investigate. When they arrived on the scene, he told them his name was Thor.

Stories like this one have been all over the news in recent years. One man believed he was being chased by dozens of cars. He attempted to break into a police station. Another became so paranoid and afraid that he tried to climb a security fence and ended up impaling himself.

Acting special agent, Doug James, of the Seattle DEA office says, “Flakka is a combination stimulant and hallucinogen so it’s a cross between methamphetamine and PCP. You’re playing Russian Roulette when you take this drug. Absolutely destroys the human body.”

Several cases that involved Flakka were sent to the Washington State Patrol Lab for testing. Getting the drug is simple enough. It can be purchased online and delivered through the mail. But there are many dealers who have been offering it to people as well.

What is Flakka Abuse?

Flakka use is on the rise in certain parts of the country, and the number of Flakka-related incidents has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Abuse refers to the act of using the drug in any way to get high. It is a substance that is really popular because it’s much cheaper than crystal meth, and it produces a high that’s quite similar.

Abuse always precedes addiction, but you don’t have to be using the drug for very long in order to become addicted to it. In fact, it’s possible to form an addiction to Flakka after using it just one time.

What is Flakka Addiction?

Flakka addiction refers to a situation when you’re using it regularly, but you also feel as if you have to have it to feel normal. As we mentioned previously, the users of this drug will typically experience negative symptoms when they stop. They may become depressed and they have intense cravings for it. These are both signs of a Flakka addiction.

Once you’re addicted to a cathinone drug, you don’t feel complete unless you’re using it. The body quickly adapts to the feelings of having that dopamine surge. Dopamine is the chemical in the body that makes you feel happy, safe and secure. Your body starts viewing an increase in dopamine levels as being normal for you.

Know the Signs and Symptoms of Gravel Addiction

If you’re concerned about your own Flakka use, or if someone in your family is using this dangerous drug, it can help to know some of the addiction symptoms you should be looking for to determine whether or not there is a serious addiction present. Signs might include:

  • Having intense cravings
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms after not using Flakka for a period of time
  • Stealing money for the purpose of purchasing more of the drug
  • Feeling a need to use more Flakka in order to experience a better high
  • Having difficulty managing your life because of your dependence upon Flakka

Flakka is a drug that can cause devastating short and long-term effects on the body. It’s possible to suffer from lung damage, hallucinations, paranoia, psychosis, and even muscle tissue damage. If you do have an addiction, getting professional help should be the very first step you take so that you can recover from it.

Flakka Abuse Carries Risks – Know What They Are

According to WebMD, one of the biggest concerns with Flakka is the crazed behavior the drug results in. There’s no denying that there are major risks that come with taking this substance. It’s important for you to know what they are; both in the short and in the long-term.

The Side Effects of Short-Term Flakka Abuse

As you know taking Flakka results in a flood of dopamine in the brain. The drug also blocks the reabsorption of that excess dopamine. This is what contributes to the intense euphoria that users experience when they take it.

When people use the Flakka drug, they’re using it for some of the short-term effects that result. These include:

  • Feelings of euphoria
  • Becoming more alert
  • A rapid heart rate
  • Heart palpitations
  • Aggressive behaviors
  • An increase in blood pressure

Once the drug begins to wear off, people can feel fatigued and depressed. This results in a desire to use the drug again to feel better. Of course, this also contributes to the abuse cycle. It becomes a vicious sequence that only gets worse without professional intervention.

The Side Effects of Abusing Flakka Long-Term

Flakka is one of the newer drugs on the street, which means the long-term effects haven’t been closely studied. However, there is research that suggests that using it for a long time can have serious consequences. This drug has been known to be toxic to the kidneys. It’s possible that it could cause renal failure.

When a Flakka user takes this substance, they usually form a tolerance to it very quickly. That means they need to take more of the drug to feel its effects. With higher doses, your body temperature is going to increase. There have been instances where someone’s body temperature got as high as 106 degrees. This could result in serious health complications, and even death.

Finally, there are many concerns about how the Florida Zombie Drug may impact a long-term user mentally as well. It’s a known fact that this drug leads to hallucinations, delusions and psychosis. It’s unknown how much of these effects can be reversed or treated. It’s possible that a long-term user could be dealing with some degree of them for life.

Treating Flakka Addiction the Right Way

Quitting Flakka isn’t going to be easy, even if someone is new to using the drug. It tends to take quick control over people, and the experience of the substance is difficult to escape from. The best way to stop is to get professional addiction treatment. This will include going through a period of detox and then going to a rehab for more treatment.

It’s very important to get professional help if you’re addicted to Flakka. If you don’t, you’re likely to suffer from a relapse, and this could potentially be fatal. The right drug treatment approach is critical for anyone who is addicted to this substance. Let’s talk in more detail about what you might experience.

Is it Necessary to Detox From the Flakka Designer Drug?

Yes, it is going to be necessary for you to go to a drug detox when you quit using Flakka. You’ll notice that once you quit, and the drug leaves your system, you start to feel bad. This is called going through withdrawal, and we’ll talk more about those symptoms in just a moment. They’re caused because your body has gotten used to you using the drug regularly. Once you stop, your body doesn’t know how to respond. It’s as though it has forgotten what your true “normal” really is.

For cathinone drug users, their bodies are filled with toxins from their drug of choice. Those toxins wreak havoc on your health, and they’re hard to remove on your own. Detoxing is going to help you with that process so that you can feel better faster.

Can You Detox on Your Own Without Professional Help?

It is not recommended for anyone to detox from Flakka on their own. There really is no safe way to detox from drugs at home. This is especially true where a drug like Flakka is concerned. If you attempt it, you could be putting yourself in serious danger. It’s possible that you could experience a multitude of complications, such as:

  • Becoming suicidal from your severe bouts of depression.
  • Starting to have seizures.
  • Kidney damage.
  • Becoming malnourished or dehydrated.
  • Experiencing heart problems.

Remember, this is a very serious drug that produces extreme effects on both the mind and the body. Your Flakka addiction is not something to be taken lightly. When you detox in an approved synthetic detox program, they can keep you safe. The treatments you’ll receive will decrease your risk for complications.

Understanding the Florida Zombie Drug’s Withdrawal Symptoms

Once you stop using Flakka, you will experience some form of withdrawal. This is to be expected, and the severity of symptoms is different for everyone.

Some of the more common Flakka withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Becoming very anxious
  • Experiencing symptoms of depression
  • Becoming easily irritated
  • Gaining weight
  • Excessive sweating
  • Problems sleeping at night

Sometimes people do have severe symptoms, such as hallucinations and psychosis. It’s not uncommon for people with depression to develop suicidal thoughts. Fortunately, Flakka detox can help you avoid these issues completely.

The Drug Detox Process for Alpha-PDP

If you have never been to a rehab before, you may not have ever been through the Flakka detox process. It’s important for you to know what you can expect once you begin your treatments.

You’ll meet with a doctor to discuss your addiction and the type of treatment that will work for you. They will assess your medical situation and ask questions about your history. If there are minimal risks, you may be placed on medications. While there are currently no medications that are approved to treat Flakka withdrawal, there may still be options.

Medical detoxification is commonly used during Flakka detox. You may be given a benzodiazepine medication to calm you down and help you sleep at night. Whether or not you have a history of depression, you may be given an antidepressant. If your doctor is concerned that you may have seizures, you may be prescribed an anticonvulsant.

You may also be subjected to holistic or non-medical Flakka detox treatments. This form of care doesn’t involve the use of any medications. Instead, it focuses on improving your overall health.

Most people who use Flakka aren’t healthy. They may not eat much at all because they are focused on getting high. They rarely get exercise, and the combination leads to poor health and well-being.

When you receive holistic treatments, you will meet with a nutritionist for nutrition therapy. They will help you get on a diet that will make you feel better. Getting the right vitamins and nutrients is going to improve your health both in the short and long-term. Your kidneys and liver will be much more prepared to remove toxins from your body when you’re eating correctly.

Exercising will also be important because your body sheds toxins through your sweat. It might be difficult, but you will come to enjoy the “natural high” that results from regular exercise.

Once you have been through the detox stage, you’ll be ready to move on to the next phase of your recovery. This involves going to a Flakka rehab to get more help. Please keep in mind that you might be tempted to skip this step. Many addicts love how they feel after they’ve detoxed, and they say they’re ready to get on with their lives. Please don’t think that you don’t need to go through the rehabilitation process. You do because it serves a very important purpose in your life.

The goal of rehab will be to determine the cause of your abuse and addiction. Do you know what it was that made you start using Flakka in the first place. Occasionally people do, but most people really don’t. There are a lot of different causes for addictions, such as:

  • Excessive stress
  • Problems in relationships
  • Problems at work or school
  • Mental health issues
  • Excessive sweating
  • Family history or genetic causes

You need to find out what it was that led to your Flakka addiction. This is one of the most important things you’ll learn during your rehab stay.

How Therapy Can Help You Recover

You’re going to find that you’ll experience many types of therapy while you’re in Flakka rehab. First and foremost, you’ll meet with a counselor regularly. At first, you may even see them every day for one-on-one sessions. Their goal will be to determine what the cause for your addiction is, and then treat that cause. Many people are surprised to learn that they suffer from co-occurring disorders as a part of this process.

A co-occurring disorder is a mental health condition that can quickly lead to addictions. There are many that people often suffer from, such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic disorder
  • PTSD

For people who use Flakka, they typically tend to suffer from depression. They use the drug as a way to help themselves feel less depressed. In this way, they are self-medicating their symptoms away. This might be the case for you as well.

Group therapy, family therapy and other forms of treatment will be a part of your treatment plan too. It’s important that you receive a very well rounded treatment plan. This will help to address all aspects of your addiction the right way.

What are the Benefits of Choosing an Inpatient Program for Flakka Addiction Recovery?

There are several options available for those who are interested in recovering from Flakka addiction. Both inpatient and outpatient programs can be very beneficial, but such a powerful drug usually requires a higher level of treatment. That is why we always recommend inpatient treatment as the first step.

Today’s outpatient programs have come a very long way. Many of them offer intensive outpatient treatment, which can provide excellent care. But for someone who is addicted to Flakka, they typically need more. The temptation to use and return to that old way of life can be so great, and it can be difficult to resist. In addition, not everyone has a supportive family at home to help them stay on track with recovery.

Inpatient programs provide a high level of support, which is desperately needed when recovering from this addiction. Detoxing is a critical part of recovery with this drug, and that should only be done on an inpatient basis. During rehab, patients receive the help they need at all hours of the day or night. Their stay is a time to really concentrate and focus on themselves and doing what they need to do to heal.

The 28-Day Addiction Recovery Program at Northpoint Washington

At Northpoint Washington, we offer a 28-day program that has helped many people recover from Flakka addictions. It is an inpatient program that includes both detox and rehab services. We are located in Edmonds, Washington, and we are in-network with many of our state’s top health insurance plans.

Our patients all receive careful assessments when they first come to us for help. The first one is done over the phone, and it gives us an idea of the type of treatment the individual needs. When we meet them in person, we talk to them at length so we can put together an effective treatment plan for them personally.

The patient begins by going through detox, and then they transition into rehab. Because this is done at the same location, there are no breaks in treatment. This allows for continuous care throughout their stay. We address co-occurring disorders, cross addictions, and any other issues that need to be treated.

Flakka Addiction Treatment

Learn More About Flakka Abuse, Addiction, Detox and Rehab

Recovering from a Flakka addiction can be very difficult. So many people abuse this drug without giving any thought to the consequences. At Northpoint Washington, we are invested in our patients’ recovery efforts and goals. We want nothing more than for them to be successful, and our staff members provide them with all the support they need.

If you or someone you love is addicted to Flakka, we want to encourage you to get help. It may seem hopeless right now, but the right treatment can completely change your life.

Do you have questions about Flakka addiction or abuse? Can we answer any questions you might have about our detox and rehab program? Please contact us today.
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