How Long Does Percocet Stay in the Body?

How Long Does Percocet Stay in Your System?

This is a question that people often need to know the answer to if they are addicted to Percocet. A Percocet addiction is very serious, and it's something that needs professional treatment. Otherwise, recovery is not likely to take place.

You may be contemplating recovering from a Percocet addiction. If so, that may be why you're wondering, how long does Percocet stay in your system?. You may be feeling very concerned about going through withdrawal. Maybe you've experienced Percocet withdrawal before to some degree, and it wasn't a pleasant experience. Recovering from Percocet is difficult, but it is also possible.

First, it's important for you to get an answer to your question.

Percocet and the Body

How Long Does Percocet Stay in the Body?

The addictive ingredient in Percocet is actually Oxycodone. This is the drug that needs to be cleared from the system. Oxycodone is the drug that results in positive drug tests. Still, it is working alongside acetaminophen. That means that both drugs need to be taken into account.

The half life of Percocet is about 3.5 hours. For most people, this means that it takes just over 19 hours for the drug to leave the body. For this to be the case, the use of Percocet has to cease altogether. If higher dosages of the drug are taken, it can remain in the body for longer. This is also true if the drug is being taken regularly.

It is generally recognized that most people have eliminated all Percocet from their bodies within 48 hours. This is how long it takes Oxycodone to be flushed from the system.

Percocet is a drug that can enter the bloodstream very quickly. In fact, when performing a blood test, it can be found within 15 minutes, or even less. Even so, blood tests do lose some reliability in detecting Percocet as time wears on. They are effective if someone is unconscious, or unable to give a urine test.

Urine tests are what are most often used to detect Percocet in the body. These tests are non-invasive, fast, and very easy to use. In just a few hours, Percocet will show up on a urine drug test. These tests will remain positive for as long as two days afterwards.

Law enforcement officials will frequently use saliva tests to check for drugs. These can even be done in the field, and then tested on a device later on. The Oxycodone in Percocet shows up very quickly on saliva tests. You may continue to produce a positive saliva test for Percocet for a few days afterwards.

In asking the question, how long does Percocet stay in your system?, you may be wondering about withdrawal symptoms. Percocet withdrawal can be very difficult to deal with. This is the reason why many people refuse to stop taking this medication. They're afraid of what they may encounter when withdrawal sets in.

Perhaps you can agree with that, but you're not sure what to expect with Percocet withdrawal. Common Percocet withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Having muscle aches
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Pain all over the body
  • Running a high or low fever
  • Problems with sleeping at night
  • Having a runny nose
  • Getting painful headaches
  • Other flu-like symptoms

These symptoms tend to start out being fairly minimal. They generally increase in severity as time goes on.

Percocet withdrawal can last for several days. It usually hits a peak around the third day, and then begins to decrease in severity.

What is Percocet?

Additional Percocet Questions:

Percocet is a drug that is often prescribed for short-term pain. Occasionally, it is prescribed to treat long-term pain. It is a combination of Oxycodone and acetaminophen.


  • Percocet
  • Endocet
  • Roxicet
  • Tylox
  • Primlev
  • Xolox
  • Magnacet
  • Xartemis XR

Percocet abuse is not the same thing as Percocet addiction. It's important to understand the differences between them.

For someone who is abusing Percocet, that person may be using it recreationally. However, this isn't always the case. Percocet is a prescription drug. Many people abuse it without knowing they are. This can happen when they take too much of the drug at once. It can also happen when they take it for too long. Many Percocet addictions happen by accident because someone abused the drug. Because it is a prescription drug, it is considered by most to be safe.

Percocet abuse always precedes an addiction to this drug. It is not something that immediately causes addiction, but with enough time, it can.

Someone who is a Percocet abuser does not need to go to rehab for Percocet. However, that doesn't mean that absolutely no treatment is necessary. Quite the contrary, actually.

There has to be a reason why the individual is abusing this dangerous prescription drug. It's possible that the issue lies in extreme pain. Sometimes pain is best treated using other methods besides medications. Other times, the individual enjoys the way that Percocet makes him or her feel. It is a drug that is often abused by those with mental health issues. These conditions - no matter what they are - need to be treated professionally. By doing so, a Percocet addiction can be avoided.

If you're abusing Percocet, you need to know that. If you are, find out why in order to head off a potential addiction.

Half-Life of Percocet

Severe Percocet Withdrawal Symptoms

Symptoms of Percocet Addiction

Are You a Percocet Addict? Learn the Symptoms of Percocet Addiction

You may wonder if you have an actual Percocet addiction. It's not uncommon not to know for sure. Many people don't even believe they can become addicted to Percocet. They think of the drug as being fairly safe because it came from a doctor and a pharmacy.

If you have an addiction to Percocet, you should be able to notice some very specific signs. Some of the more common signs of Percocet addiction include:

  • Having a low blood pressure
  • Having problems with walking and coordination
  • A reduced breathing rate
  • Problems with sleeping - too much or too little
  • Severe mood swings
  • Becoming depressed
  • Experiencing confusion

The signs of addiction to Percocet are not all physical. There are also some very clear behavioral signs that point to this problem as well. These can include the following:

  • Going to multiple doctors to obtain prescriptions for Percocet
  • Ordering Percocet online illegally
  • Stealing money in order to pay for the drug
  • Stealing Percocet from friends or family
  • Forging prescriptions for the drug
  • Filing false police reports in order to obtain more prescriptions from pharmacies

Do any of these signs of Percocet addiction apply to you? If they do, you may have an addiction that needs to be treated.

It's possible that even after going over these symptoms, you're still not sure you're an addict. You may have been taking Percocet for a long time, but your use doesn't seem out of control.

Many people feel the same way that you do. It can be helpful to go a little bit more in depth about your Percocet use. You may find it helpful to take a prescription drug addiction quiz. This quiz will go over a lot of your behaviors and physical signs of abuse. It will ask you very detailed questions. At the end, you'll have immediate access to your results.

Remember, if you do have a Percocet addiction, all hope is not lost. You can get professional help to recover.

Percocet Rehab Can Help with Recovering from This Dangerous Addiction

It's possible that it has never crossed your mind to go to Percocet rehab. However, now you're thinking about how long it takes to Percocet to leave your body. You're worried that you do have an actual addiction. If that's the case, Percocet rehab is certainly what you need.

There's no need to worry. Percocet treatment will provide you with everything you need to recover from this addiction successfully.

You may need to go through a period of detoxification. If you do, this will only help you through the withdrawal symptoms. It will make the time you spend recovering from the physical addiction so much easier for you.

At Northpoint Washington, we offer Percocet rehab for those who need it. This is not a drug that should be stopped abruptly. You made need a period of weaning off it to be successful. This will further minimize withdrawal for you as well.

Did we answer your question about how long it takes for Percocet to leave the system? Do you have additional questions about Percocet addiction or treatment? We can answer all of them for you. Please contact us.

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